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    If you keep start dates a bit more spread out instead of 3 starting in the same month, you will have more kingdoms fighting over the win.

    Instead of starting (seemingly) random servers, start a com server at regular intervals. It does not have to be a fixed date, but restart the server maybe 30 days after it has finished. That way, bigger kingdoms can prepare and fight each other. Players in such kingdoms want a challenge. So give us the time to prepare and servers will be more of a challenge.

    I get that you need to draw a line if it comes to punishments/cashbacks/...
    But winning gold from a contest, and then having to ask to be able to transfer it to an account where you are dualling from day1 is not logical. I would understand it not being possible for a newly registered dual, but for someone registered 100+ days it should not be questioned.

    Since we are discussing dual's rights, is it possible to move the location of the dual accounts? To just above the sitter accounts.
    Also: can duals get the achievements collected on the dual account too? Hard to see all that work done on a server, and not getting a server medal after server is over is hard.

    Right now, there are maybe 40 active players for each kingdom. The rest just plays along, profits from the defense a kingdom gives. Putting limits on the kingdom members will ensure those smaller players (who play just for fun and when they have time) will no longer have a place in a kingdom.

    Kingdoms is all about the idea that every player, even the small ones, can play their role in a kingdom and get protection

    If you limit the amount of players that can join a kingdom, it means that the smaller weaker players will remain without kingdom, since Kingdoms is based on your location of the map.

    Or: people will start wings with those small players, communicating via SS or discord or something else. Move treasures from wings to main kingdom and force a win in this way.

    Which worlds will get a holiday truce? Last year rounds with an active ww-race were excluded from cease-fires. But with easter, these rounds did get a cease fire.

    Why not? What is the point in building a big hammer if you cannot feed it? It is not the resources which holds you back while building the biggest hammer possible. It is your ability to feed it. That is why some teutons prefer axes over clubs. Yes, clubs are stronger when compared (keep in mind: they build faster than axes), but you have to build so much more of them. Same for romans: building EI or EC will simply depend on your ability to feed those EC.

    Has this idea been given any attention?

    Duals should at least get the medal awarded at the end of the server and some of the prestige. Otherwise it is like not playing at all.

    I have been looking but I have not found it. What are the difference between being king and being vice king? The only thing I found was that a vice king is not able to close all threads in the forum. Are there more differences? Is there a difference in tributes? Can both king and vice king collect tributes from all 4 dukes or is it from their "old" dukes?