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    Just put more time and dedication on this beautiful game. The game might actually flourish.

    As soon as a decent structure is in place you will know how to fix the cheater problem yourself, just don't understaff it and use it as a moneysink.

    TK is a great game, in almost every way it's (potentially) better than TL (and arguably the best browsergame there is), it just-really-needs-some-love! It'll pay off. You will get more players and won't have to rely on income from suspicious individuals.

    Proud to be part of the Mystics team. We had a NAP with Triangles. The cooperation didn't go much further than that.

    We were not working with Doping, Zombies or any other teams. We fought with Smurfs at the start, who put up a good fight. Together we moved on and battled Unreal. I think we did well. We couldn't beat the endless stream of treasures brought in by Unreal wings & friends.

    Tribe has minimal value over how much you can raid. Sure, gauls have Thunders, Romans have Equites Imperatoris (both fast horses), Teuts can afford to send 2-5 clubs everywhere (cheap unit so seeing a few drop here and there doesn't matter). Every tribe has its merits and downsides. Teuts are slow but cheap. Gaul Thunders are fast but aren't that strong. Roman horses are fast but expensive.

    In the end it all comes down to how resourceful you are.

    Therefore, to any beginner; it does not really matter which tribe you pick. What you should do is gather data. Watch what happens around you. Check population increase. Scout. Being first in finding a new farm is key. Exploit it before others can. Use data publicly available (e.g. engintools) and install a few duals/sitters that can assist you in constantly sending farm lists.

    Keep in mind that it's beneficial to use several villages to farm from. Since there is a server limit on 1000 outgoing attacks per village, you will easily reach this stage and need another army to farm with.

    There's countless things to think of to become a decent farmer. Tribe, however... is just a personal preference.

    Real Life vacations are usually planned months before a server is announced. If you have to leave for 7 days or more just don't play the round. Or find a replacement dual and/or 2 sitters.

    However, this is not really On Topic nor do I think vacation mode really is linked to oasis ranks.

    Oasis ranking is one of the systems that I think work really well in kingdoms. Total population / distance related to other players wins, which is a pretty decent system in my opinion.

    If you have a crucial cropper oasis, try to think ahead and settle villages around it before others do.

    And well... if others do the same, try to reach an agreement. If said player is on vacation and doesn't reply, forcing the oasis temporarily may be the only "real" solution.

    In the case of oasis is outside borders, maybe change the system so troops actually do produce influence

    I also think there should not run three comx at the same time.

    One is too few though. There should be a chance for smaller kingdoms to compete on less competitive servers.

    Closing down the "main account" on a server impacts big time. Since the cheater drains his multi accounts by friendly farming,so they can build insane hammers on their own account, leaving the multi's useless other than resource grunts.

    Banning and removing only the slave accounts, leaving the main account intact, is a bad method to get rid of the actual problem

    I believe the trapper should get an upgrade too. Whenever someone with bad intentions enters the square, this person will get trapped.

    But whenever a friend comes.... OBVIOUSLY the traps don't work .. :)


    I would refrain from posting if this happened to a test server.

    Really, pause this server is the only acceptable solution because playing is not a lot of fun this way. Plus a waste of money too. Plus bonuses already paid but days are lost this way...

    Game over for me if this is how servers are going to be played. And I will not be alone. Massive drop in activity from english speaking players is my bet.