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    You saying half your players of last server have defected? Yet decided to land on the same server in the same area and play with the same player names and fight along side you & are nothing to do with you?

    c'mon .... i'm not even playing com1 & I can see it

    How dare you tell stories? No proof! Liar! :D

    I almost forgot: hyperboles and contextless popular sayings also pretty hot among them! ^^

    btw, since they like muddying up: as i said MULTIPLE times, they have BvB do the dirty work. Check out BvB on GT ;)

    Don't even bother trying to get them to admit anything. It's just their style.

    A: "It's obvious you are cheating."

    B: "Who? We? Cheating? No, you are master of telling your own stories. Anybody can say this of anyone. Others are cheating!"

    A: "But hey, why did 20+ accounts with zero prestige you menhired inside your kingdom get banned after being reported, including your king (zero prestige)?"

    B: "You're a noob, this is just stories. No proof, don't listen to him, he's a liar, get lost whiner."

    When really... you don't even have to trust what i say. You just need to look at GT and see who their members were (BvB in particular, aka the cheater proxy kingdom of Empire, working for them) and how much prestige they had. How they pull countless governors (even a king, because their old one "wem26" with no prestige was banned with other 5-6 accounts after being reported by me) out from a cilinder, like magicians would do with rabbits.

    This is the only way they know how to play.
    Embarassing, really. And then, on top of that, they have the guts to criticize/ridicule others :D
    On, and on, and on... like a broken record. Classic post-truth propaganda bullshit.

    Hey, free entertainment ;)

    (also, just ignore them. I'm in the wrong by giving attention to them, everybody should just ghost them and don't pay the slightest attention, keep playing like they're not even there, they thrive off of all this)

    A baby crying, then a noob, then a liar, then a whiner.
    Guess who trained as gov 7k imp, 10k ei, 2k rams and 1k cata on day 50, while being inside enemy territory, 1 tile away from a teuton multi duke?

    Unfortunate to get caught, would've loved to raze your dogs to the ground ;(
    Won't get me to shut up though, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Rott is funny . They have half the Kingdom playing on multiaccounts , and he is constantly looking for them from others. So far, the results show that their Kingdom is weak. Now you are showing that You can only blame, show us a cool game .

    Classic russian deflecting. You don't even get how friggin stupid you sound from outside your culture. Enjoy playing this server :P
    If you need someone that actually knows how to play without cheating hmu, my records prove what i'm worth.

    Remember who's the cheater, who has 20 accounts banned in their kingdom, and who does not.
    Rott vs 40toh is 1 - 0, and i still have a hammer, while being governor vs duke :P
    Keep embarassing yourself, i hoped at least 10k clubs (at the end of the day it's the cheapest unit in the game)

    One can't even go out for a beer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Btw: i deffed your hammer with half my hammer and still killed your little baby army, who's the noob again?

    Oh yeah, me... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Nice banter and memes, some mildly funny, some truly great.
    Probably because there's no Empire or Empire's proxy cheater kingdoms here :D

    Have a great round guys!

    Rott is funny . They have half the Kingdom playing on multiaccounts , and he is constantly looking for them from others. So far, the results show that their Kingdom is weak. Now you are showing that You can only blame, show us a cool game .

    Report me then, or even better stop lying. Shrug never cheats, members that do are insta kicked and reported.

    I report all your low prestige multiaccounts as well, and they always get banned, including your ex-king... i wonder why?

    I barely have time for my own account, since i have to work.

    It's time to come up with new stories. Enough to make the Empire what kind of conspiracy.

    Relative to the server date, these are small hammers

    Facts =/= stories.

    You can make up new stories, personally i don't care too much about them, i just tell what i see.
    Remember, as every other round, it's not Shrug playing and coordinating with cheaters and multiaccounters, it's you guys :/ (are you playing with Empire btw? idk who you are ingame sorry).
    Nobody can "unsee" such a pattern, but you guys surely like your post-truth and propaganda. Whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I want to add: i couldn't care less if we lose or win... as long as we play fair, we'll always be superior to cheaters.

    Enjoy continuing this discussion, i said everything i had to say, Rott out :thumbsup:


    If they randomly attack little empty treasuries with little kid hammers because they don't have the "cojones" that's what happens:
    A couple little hammers get obliterated, maybe one goes through and steals a couple hundreds treasures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    At least those are legit (maybe :/) hammers, not the ones we've seen by their friends and notorious russian cheaters, BvB (as well as their masters... the russian Kingdom that shall not be named).

    Also, you know what they say... "If you hang out with cripples, you learn how to limp".
    Maybe Zlf will come with more troops when they've learned their friends' way, who knows 8)

    Edit: Everyone is so tough here with their big hammers, you're so cool! I want to be cool like you!

    Damn, this is bad :(

    I suspect we aren't fully understanding the true meaning of this post... i can't believe ALL next servers will be Night Truce servers, it's just impossible and not coherent with the core values of Travian game.
    I believe it was poorly worded, please fix and make the announcement more clear Georgi

    This is very concerning to us (Shrug), since we know for a fact this is just a cheating and multiaccounting proxy kingdom working for the kingdom "Empire" (all Russians, surely a coincidence? xD) to interfere in our development. We lost many troops fighting attacks sent by their royalty and also their governors (mainly heroes... is this coincidence too?), and as soon as the things will heat up we will lose more valuable troops, and they will just menhir away to the Empire kingdom, as i understand has been done countless times on other servers.

    Also, accounts like this ( abuse the quest rewards and gold, probably get raided by allies and just re-register in the same server with another tribe and get menhired in the same kingdom, to do the same over and over and over and over, abusing game mechanics and throwing game balance out of the window. (See this for confirmation:
    What's above proves the Royalty accounts' (BvB and satellites/confeds) complicity in abusing the game rules by hand of their "governors" (just multi accounts of them).

    This has been happening since the start of the server and only 3 accounts were banned, some were UN-banned as well (why would that ever happen?).

    No supervision from admins and no real checks or investigations are being undertaken.
    Pretty disgusting behaviour by these cheaters, the game is so easy you shouldn't have to cheat.

    No meaningful response from the Travian Team AS USUAL, it is just becoming a sad round for me.