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    Please do the translation yourself. You can also talk to Madmax for badfor.

    You do realize you're on an international (english/american) server ? You can at least paste the text instead of screenshots... There's characters there that aren't even in our keyboards.

    Trying to tilt your plans to fit some numbers at certain days is often a trap (if you are inexperienced).

    Make the most optimal choice every day and ensure you are putting yourself in the best position to produce the most is far better way to consider it than all the arbitrary numbers.

    Completely agree, these numbers are just to indicate the "ballpark" you should aim to.
    Choices of what you should do and motives of why you should do it, on the other hand, are a different subject.

    Your proportions are way off, almost the same amount of heads as swords, its just unrealistic, what I did was take myself and other teammates as an example on day 60 of a 1x server that was running during the time of my answer and decided what was realistic. It is an absolute FACT as you said that most players will have 2-8k swords, but it is also an absolute fact that people have 5-8x more by then too :p If we go full hardcore and take people who have 3 or even 4 hammer villages we can easily go way above those numbers! As we can see with the website you gave us, we could make over 1k swords per day with a 15% helmet, obviously absolutely nobody will have barracks and great barracks queued and at level 20 from day 1 so we have to take progression into account too, I am definitely not saying the 50-70k swords would have been made in one village (at least 2 on day 50) :p

    It's obviously possible then, but i don't know if i would ever advise that. Since i was talking about a single hammer numbers, my words are still valid.

    Talking about WW hammers, i would never advise to start making infantry first. You want to start farming asap and that is a task more suited to horses.
    By a considerable margin too. You are slower at start, but can sustain heavy queues way earlier than if focusing on infantry or not focusing at all.

    By this philosophy, my numbers aren't "way off", since horses is where you would start first, so it takes swords a bit of time to fill the gap.


    I also believe you shouldn't even start to train Haeduans to farm in main off. It's much more rewarding to make 6-7k TTs first, and then switch to Haeduans when you have a good rythm going on.
    Same goes for mission hammers. If you have 6-7k baseline TTs you most certainly can afford to keep regular and great queues running easily, and even afford secondary hammers.
    If you are a gold user it's definitely worth it in the medium-long run.

    My definition of hammer is inf + cav + siege. A few horses or infantry to help farm/feed main off is just a farming force, or raidhammer, in my book at least :)

    That was a bit of a crappy answer imho.

    15k swords, day 50, is not easily doable imho for an "average" player.
    Especially not for "below average" players, who may still have something ranging from 2k to 8k swords.

    Honestly, swords shouldn't even be your main concern at start.
    Focus on Fields/Infra at start, then Stable lv20 24/7, Cavalry helmet always gemmed/maxed, then Workshop lv20 24/7, then Barracks lv20 24/7.

    Use this ( to calculate how much resources you'll need to run a particular setup, and try to farm/trade as much in your hammer villa.

    For an "above average" and active player, i believe you're looking at 10-15k Swords, 8-10k Haeduans and 2k+ catapults.
    If he's very active, he should focus more on secondary TT raidhammers, much more savvy investment than greats... don't run them until day 80-100.

    To make a WW hammer you just need to be active and farming/raiding as much as possible.
    Ideally 24/7... at least 16h every day.

    Nice banter and memes, some mildly funny, some truly great.
    Probably because there's no Empire or Empire's proxy cheater kingdoms here :D

    Have a great round guys!

    Damn, this is bad :(

    I suspect we aren't fully understanding the true meaning of this post... i can't believe ALL next servers will be Night Truce servers, it's just impossible and not coherent with the core values of Travian game.
    I believe it was poorly worded, please fix and make the announcement more clear Georgi

    I didn't just complain, i also proposed a feasible solution to balance raiding limitations for all tribes, if limitations are to be.

    I will play teutons, but i know i'll have way more problems than with gauls because they're even more of a pain in the *ss then what they should already be, that was my argument.
    I never said we top raiders can't farm lots of resources, more than anyone else, i played gauls last round and averaged 20-25mill /week at your stage Jak so believe me i know it very well. I didn't know where to put all the res at one stage so i just dumped them to nearby players and to useless buildings, but to keep Teutons running all military buildings is simply impossible.
    I also get all your points and i must agree with everything you said.
    But, if you aren't farming then it's you who aren't putting your troops at good use intentionally.
    I would, but they can't because of limitations.

    Also, Teuton hammers are the biggest only because they take ridiculously less training times than all other tribes, and most of the very big ones are duke/king hammers, who don't even farm at all.

    Still, no answer from the staff.
    Let's see how much time they take to even reply to this post, if they will at all.

    I completely agree with everything LooWee said, and he's posting actual numbers to prove his arguments.
    BTW i'm fairly sure GameDesigners will never pop out here, this subject doesn't interest them, they care too much about new useless features and aesthetic updates that no one really asked/wants instead and are transparent to all balancing requests from people that actually play this game competitively and spend a lot of time and money.

    I guess all WW hammer builders and offenders should just play defense from now on, and stop spending money.
    Maybe, if they won't able to pay their staff/servers and their beautiful offices anymore, they will find the decency to actually listen to us / give us a feedback.

    i shared just before Jallu and it is now the record army in Gaul section for Swords, TTs and Catas, and Crop as well (governors).
    I must say i lost an awful 80-90% too around day 70 so then i just kept all buildings running 24/7 until the end (being top raider with Gauls was "easy")
    you can see the post here

    [..] swords didnt die too much

    Nice looking sword numbers!
    Was it Spawn WW hammer or 2nd/3rd village?
    I built 3/4th of the server with the Cavalry Helmet and only changed to Infantry when i had like 35k TTs, i too lost a bunch to spikers, but i'm grateful you were king so my record stays xD

    BTW, @Rashidix, you think that is a big Teuton WW hammer? Picking up the Raids discussion here too xD

    Rashidix and Ariakus,

    1. If it's so few accounts as you tell us, then i don't see why it would cause problems to the server to have more than 999 raids for said few accounts, hence i don't see why it should be capped... some clarifications by the Game Designers on this matter will be much appreciated.

    2. If you don't know how to raid, or don't have the time to raid more, that is solely your problem. Not everyone's, and not of the "Power Farmers" either, keep this in mind.

    3. "Limitations have to be set somewhere" is a really dumb sentence, by itself and in this context, since what i'm proposing (if limitations can't be lifted because of technical reasons) is calibrating those limitations on the Tribe features, rather than having all the Tribes live with the same limitation that influences them in different ways.

    4. What you consider a reasonably successful hammer is only your opinion.

    My opinion is that Teutons are very much limited by this "feature" in building huge hammers (For example: running Great Barracks and Great Stable in late mid-game) because of the relatively slow speed of their farming troops (TK and Clubs) with respect to the other Tribes (Romans have EIs and Gauls have TTs/Haeduans).
    This slow speed makes it very very easy for them to hit the cap and to not be able to run Great Barracks and/or Great Stable, even while being the biggest army holders of the entire server. That, i think, is NOT fair.
    If you ever played them competitively you would know this and agree with us.

    I get only negativity from your comments, not ONE suggestion of what can be done for this matter that IS felt like a problem from players that would play Teutons (Me and Jallu for example) if this limitation was not there or was calibrated to actually allow them to play on a balanced field with all the other tribes.

    Playing Teuton right now is playing with a limitation that caps your army growth harder than it does to other tribes' armies, hence it's a Nerf.

    I have not read yet a single understandable AND coherent reason of why my proposal of calibrating this limitation isn't acceptable.
    I can't come up with one either and this is exactly what led me to open this thread in the first place.
    Please keep posting comments that are relevant to the suggestion i'm making.

    P.S: No staff person has even replied to this thread. I really don't understand why anyone from TravianGames wouldn't weigh in on this matter, that affects the top players (and payers) of his community.

    It is already unfair that if i have a shit-ton of troops i can't use them all because there's a limitation.
    If you add to that that said limitation is also unbalanced because not tweaked on the Tribe features, it just becomes more unfair.

    If you say that every off account, regardless of Tribe, is more or less balanced in the end-game, then why def accounts aren't balanced too?
    There must be unbalance from Tribe to Tribe regarding offensive and defensive stats and capabilities, but not regarding income since that is what makes the unbalance possible in the first place, and makes it possible for 2 people that put similar amounts of energy/time/money in this game to reach similar goals.
    I don't know if i delivered my point here, i'm a bit tired, please excuse me if i made everything more difficult by shifting the subject.