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    It is very interesting to read your posts) Because of the blocking of several players BvB accuse absolutely everyone of fraud. You claim that you have no facts and evidence, but for an active game, you still consider all the players of the Empire not experienced players, namely fraudsters, from the first days of the game.

    You have an interesting approach to your neighbors. BvB specially settled down to you to prevent you from developing fields and building houses. I will tell by secret: the whole server sits around you and prevents you from developing, creates competition)


    I didn't accuse Empire of "fraud". I don't have a single proof of them cheating.
    I just contested Dimer3x lies and got fed up with his way of discussing and probably ran my mouth a little bit too much, sorry if i offended you somehow.

    Empire, from the outside perspective, looks like a very skilled group of players.
    They're contending the lead with lower numbers, better strategy, more commitment, high resilience and on and on and on...
    If their gameplay is legit i truly commend them. They're succeeding against all odds.

    Since i see you like to identify with others to understand their approach/thought, try to go a bit "further" here with me:

    Can't you see how a pure, immaculate Kingdom (Empire) that associates with another Kingdom (BvB) that cheats a lot (factual) triggers a "they might be cheaters too" response in outsiders/competitors minds?

    If they associate with cheaters, lie about it when confronted, deflect accusations and ultimately proved unfaithful, it don't look good.

    People then might start thinking they probably don't see "cheating" as something so bad/wrong to do... their buddies do it all the time, it's just "good fun" to do.

    It's not a serious strategy of course, but somewhat acceptable.
    Now take that, and put it with the fact that they're succeeding against all odds and numbers.
    It's easy to assume they cheat here and there to make the game a little bit easier, the hammers and anvils a little bit bigger, the development a little bit faster, etc

    So please, don't act like it's the others being paranoid and bringing all these unjust accusations on you. We just have eyes.
    Of course, it's difficult/almost impossible to prove my "prejudices" wrong. Do like us, Shrug™ it off and don't care about it too much xD
    No ill sentiment ;)

    Good day to all. That's right, there was our little def there, part of our players are playing there who are playing their game and who have lost the war against shrug. These are facts and no one argues. We play our game and fight the Polish kingdom. We do not deny that we helped protect our players. Well done shrug, have a good operation

    I appreciate your intellectual honesty here a lot, really. Not the compliments, those i don't have use for, but i thank you for your kind words anyways.
    We can move on.

    I agree with King Twisty, our only "grudge" is against blatant cheating that ONLY BvB has been doing (at least as far as what we can prove with facts and proofs).
    My personal grudge was against 40tohh, who has been cheating, was also banned a couple times, and attacked me multiple times. I served my vengeance and i'm satisfied.

    Your diplomatic representative, though, as well as some other people i don't know, straight up lied to everybody here, and stated there was no co-op between your two kingdoms (Empire and BvB), while it was obvious they played with no end goal and no strategy, except hindering our development as much as possible, and very soon in this server you sent fake waves to us, to help them during an op we were having on them.

    We can't say Empire is cheating, or bad at this game. I think that, but i don't have proof, so that is only my humble and questionable opinion.
    You're clearly skilled, since you're contending the lead with much less players than the other top kingdoms, so you must be either very skilled or very good at cheating. I can't say which one of the two, but i have my own idea. I won't accuse without proof, though.

    What is 100% true, and 100% indisputable here, since it has been demonstrated by simple plain facts here, today, is that you cooperated with a kingdom that blatantly cheated his way onto this server.
    How do you respond to this "accusation"? Will you reply with the "It's all lies, stories and propaganda by these crazy people" shtick, again?

    ребят удачи Вам в следующих боях, может быть Вы научитесь играть, но не в этом раунде.Ваши сливы я даже выкладывать не буду, они жалки

    Says the Teuton Duke off located 1 tile away from the Roman Gov off who just solo-killed his 15c Treasury Capital.
    You can share the "plums"... i don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I just fulfilled my promise to you.

    I'm very sorry your baby hammer was killed, again ;(
    I suggest you try again, maybe next time you will be more lucky ^^

    That move is obvious, who wants to have a kingdom with negative attitude, with decent hammers 2 weeks from the WW and 6 hr away ?? On top of that we are on the international server where only 5% of russian players, and everybody can see BvB having a tough time. So it is some sort of homie solidarity, to help them survive the round and see the team again. Empire and BvB independent kingdoms with independent politics, not even 1 treasures was moved from one kingdom to the other. However, I understand you feelings, BvB has destroyed your ambitions for the round( didn't let to you create other meta kingdom with +200 players, because people simply didn't want to join kingdom with neighbors.), and you kinda feel oppressed and you need someone to blame for it.

    lol, even your propaganda is pretty lame xD

    Please do the translation yourself. You can also talk to Madmax for badfor.

    You do realize you're on an international (english/american) server ? You can at least paste the text instead of screenshots... There's characters there that aren't even in our keyboards.

    maybe shrug decided to expand towards the edge of the map since there's less resistance in that direction? but let's not say they are "shrinking". call it "pivoting" instead it sounds cuter

    Surprise surprise, we're not huge meta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [...] they found out the reals from fakes every single time. now some of this is due to spies but cmon... what ever "strategy" they pull to find out 10~15 real hits out of 80~100 must be a pretty good strat :D and this was just one op on them

    That's totally doable and not so hard btw, if your attackers are far enough, not top tier organized, and you have a high TS scout village.

    It's just a tedious matter of precision, and commitment.
    The russians use the strategy i'm talking about all the time.
    You don't even need scout hammers or spies, but of course these can be useful in case your enemies are not too good with scouts or too cautious about releasing sensitive info.

    Trying to tilt your plans to fit some numbers at certain days is often a trap (if you are inexperienced).

    Make the most optimal choice every day and ensure you are putting yourself in the best position to produce the most is far better way to consider it than all the arbitrary numbers.

    Completely agree, these numbers are just to indicate the "ballpark" you should aim to.
    Choices of what you should do and motives of why you should do it, on the other hand, are a different subject.

    Your proportions are way off, almost the same amount of heads as swords, its just unrealistic, what I did was take myself and other teammates as an example on day 60 of a 1x server that was running during the time of my answer and decided what was realistic. It is an absolute FACT as you said that most players will have 2-8k swords, but it is also an absolute fact that people have 5-8x more by then too :p If we go full hardcore and take people who have 3 or even 4 hammer villages we can easily go way above those numbers! As we can see with the website you gave us, we could make over 1k swords per day with a 15% helmet, obviously absolutely nobody will have barracks and great barracks queued and at level 20 from day 1 so we have to take progression into account too, I am definitely not saying the 50-70k swords would have been made in one village (at least 2 on day 50) :p

    It's obviously possible then, but i don't know if i would ever advise that. Since i was talking about a single hammer numbers, my words are still valid.

    Talking about WW hammers, i would never advise to start making infantry first. You want to start farming asap and that is a task more suited to horses.
    By a considerable margin too. You are slower at start, but can sustain heavy queues way earlier than if focusing on infantry or not focusing at all.

    By this philosophy, my numbers aren't "way off", since horses is where you would start first, so it takes swords a bit of time to fill the gap.


    I also believe you shouldn't even start to train Haeduans to farm in main off. It's much more rewarding to make 6-7k TTs first, and then switch to Haeduans when you have a good rythm going on.
    Same goes for mission hammers. If you have 6-7k baseline TTs you most certainly can afford to keep regular and great queues running easily, and even afford secondary hammers.
    If you are a gold user it's definitely worth it in the medium-long run.

    My definition of hammer is inf + cav + siege. A few horses or infantry to help farm/feed main off is just a farming force, or raidhammer, in my book at least :)

    About farming inactives you say:

    "Repetitively. Without thinking. Without planning. There's zero thinking / decision making involved."

    Does spiking requires lots of skill, thinking, planning, decision making?
    No, and you're being very hypocritical.

    If farming inactives requires no skill, spiking inactives requires even less, and you don't even need to be an active player to do it.

    You just need a village with fields, warehouse, barracks and 2 clicks.

    Also, "gathering the army"... why do you even see that as a problem?

    Offenders don't attack every day, they need to replenish troops lost and grow their army between attacks.

    If Offenders attacked every day without farming, we would have armies of 2k troops, instead of 100k.

    Spiking is like russians cheating... an obnoxious behaviour that won't go away.
    Just because lots of people can play fair, doesn't mean all people will.

    Spikers imho are just failed players that aren't active enough to build a hammer, but they wished they could do it anyways, so they lash out to those that are doing it.
    Basically, 12 year olds.

    Rant about Farming Inactives and Farm Lists being a strategy:

    That was a bit of a crappy answer imho.

    15k swords, day 50, is not easily doable imho for an "average" player.
    Especially not for "below average" players, who may still have something ranging from 2k to 8k swords.

    Honestly, swords shouldn't even be your main concern at start.
    Focus on Fields/Infra at start, then Stable lv20 24/7, Cavalry helmet always gemmed/maxed, then Workshop lv20 24/7, then Barracks lv20 24/7.

    Use this ( to calculate how much resources you'll need to run a particular setup, and try to farm/trade as much in your hammer villa.

    For an "above average" and active player, i believe you're looking at 10-15k Swords, 8-10k Haeduans and 2k+ catapults.
    If he's very active, he should focus more on secondary TT raidhammers, much more savvy investment than greats... don't run them until day 80-100.

    To make a WW hammer you just need to be active and farming/raiding as much as possible.
    Ideally 24/7... at least 16h every day.