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    Dámy a Pánové, přinášíme Vám záběry přímo z bunkru Veteránů ihned po dokončení (ne)úspěšné akce proti Ebrietas.

    Je příběh pravdivý ano či ne? Věřte nevěřte.

    Morsiho i Polyho screen je z průzkumníka / malování. Co se týče Tkey tak za toho mluvit nebudu. Ale asi to nebude mene... Tuším ale že jsme se hecovali že mu dáme všechny vesky na 0.

    Je to tak, Polyho věštící koule. Ještě před založením vesnice věděl že na něj půjdete... xD

    Tak toto video som chcela použiť ja na vá ma predbehol :)))

    aspoň viem, že to, čo som doň chcela dať bolo úplne pravdivé

    lebo toto video som dala u nás do chatu - takže hrajte si to ďalej tak ako hráte a fakt

    tu už nebude žiadna cz sk komunita, lebo nikoho to nebude baviť a zázračne každý

    bude hrať svôj "posledný" server .....tak ako Elán robil svôj posledný koncert :))

    Sorry ale tohle video je neznámější meme na světě u nás na chatu to postovali ať na to něco vymyslím s Polenem po té vaší akci, takže nebuď paranoidní.

    And how can you know if it's some random kingdom less guy or coordinated effort when first thing people do when they red farmlist icon is to go to forum and cry how much spikers ruin game for everyone?

    On com2 few of our deffers coordinated with our farmers to spike greys around kingdom BM. We lost next to none off/farming units and had great returns on our def, but that doesn't matter cause not even an hour after def landed entire BM kingdom was crying on forum how spiking is a bs and we should be banned for that action.

    It's NEVER seen as a valid strategy/tactic.

    Because I and my teammates are very experienced and played a lot of hours per day. I wrote here how to find spikers. If you are useless, you never find the spikers and you never know if that is coordinate action or one sad boy, who just sent his little army to a few grey little villages. Guys, here you're the best. You use the most genius tactic on Travian Kingdoms = "JUST CRY ON FORUM" :D

    Don't hurt me guys, please. :S

    BTW: Very important. Only very active players and experienced players make farming as a "micro farm" and that is only helpful income for making more troops. So if your only one incoming resources are from "micro farming" you are probably mad or very mad. Micro farming is not the main essence of this game! 8|

    Sure, if it's a single disgruntled guy with 100 pop then that's easy, what if its one of top players from top kingdom. Are you gonna try to zero his villages? Cause sure as hell his kingdom is gonna stand behind him and it will be VERY costly for you.

    If he sent def to random grey villages without cooperating with his teammates from kingdom who farm a lot, he will have problems with them as well. But if he cooperates with other teammates we can speak about the tactic, not "spiking" as such. In the first case it's clear how to proceed. The second is hard to say, maybe just create a thread on the forum and start crying.

    Well, here goes problem of finding WHO is spiker.

    You can read all pages of defender points to try to find who spiked, but other than that, you have no chance to find spiker. Even then, sometimes you cant be completely sure you found right player.

    Maybe for one man, but for a group it's easy to find him and punish him afterwards. Everyone can screenshot each page of defenders and send attacks to villages with the spike. Every time we find spiker, we punish him right away. This game is about cooperating. It is hilarious how people are sending farmlists 8-16 hours per day in 10-30 min intervals and have a problem find one or two people who are sending def to grey villages. Very impressive. :/