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    I set out to play the server as a governor, have fun, learn the game. I played back on the Alpha, but since then I haven’t paid much attention to the changes (and I barely stuck around past v2 on that server). Aside from experiments, this is my first shot at Kingdoms. As a T4 guy, it’s very different, but I think it could be awesome. But I see some big problems as well, and hopefully this little walkthrough will expose some of them. I quickly realized the way kingdoms work is incredibly flawed -- and you can work the system to your benefit. I’m writing this down so that you’ll all hopefully go out and do this (because it’s plainly the most efficient and low risk way to secure a large kingdom). Some of you won’t, that’s okay. But I think most will see it’s the way to go until things change. If everyone does this, it’ll wreck the way kingdoms are currently designed.

    Please note this was accomplished with an average of once-per-day NPC trades, plus, production bonus, and and the starter package. Increased gold usage will grant faster results (like with a gladiator helmet). One note about the hero is that I switched him back and forth every 1-2 days from all Fighting Strength to all Resource Production. Adventures and robbers -- sitting at home. On the surface this would look like a small boon -- but it’s critical. I never needed to switch gold over to silver, so I assume most will not need to do so as well.

    In the beginning...
    All of this revolves around the culture point expansion slot for what is normally a third village (10,000 CP requirement). Due to the quest rewards, you’re best off pushing your resource fields to level 8’s, with one of each to level 10 (then upgrade the bonus building to level 3). You can get away with all of your wheats to only level 7, but pushing them to 8’s may pay off; however, it’s not a big deal. Along with that, plenty of quest rewards give a strongly profitable return, so there are a great deal of nice quests. As a governor, you’ll need to build troops. This can differ on your strategy and race, so I won’t go into that in detail -- but build enough so that you can cheaply clear the robber camps and hideouts.

    In short:
    -All fields level 8, one of each to level 10
    -Finish quests for things like Warehouse and Granary or Academy level 5
    -Build PALACE level 1

    The palace is the most important part about this. Without it, you will not be able to accomplish this trick. Build it for now, and trust that it will pay off later.

    Sim for the city that your inner noob has always dreamt of!
    For real, upgrade your marketplace to level 16 -- your main building too. Push a stonemason to level 14. Upgrade anything that you don’t have to wait to upgrade. Also, build five crannies and upgrade them all to level 10. Upgrade that palace to level 5 (the quest will boost it to level 10!). Keep upgrading until you get to 500 population -- then the fun will begin. Be sure to trade on the market, put those merchants to work. Raid if you have time, it doesn’t really matter. Just tend to the robber camps and keep growing.

    Upgrade to a city (around day 9/10/11)
    This is the fun part. You should be producing well over 1k of each resource per hour and you can now upgrade to a city. Do it. Why? Because your CP production is about to go from about 300 per day to 1300 per day. Upgrade to a city and be sure to have a town hall level 1. Start throwing parties. Where you would have normally only gotten 300 population, your village now produces over 800 per day and your parties reach the 500 CP limit on party value. The hard part is just beginning however. Do these things in this exact order.

    1.Party nonstop (do not stack up parties after 3 days into this)
    2.Build 3 settlers
    3.Palace level 15
    4.Build 3 settlers

    Palace level 11-15 is cheaper than residence lvl 11-20. By far. Along with that, you can now settle twice out of this village. The question remains: Why does it matter if I can settle twice if I don’t have CP for it?

    Down the rabbit hole… (around day 14/15/16)
    When your settlers land, you’ll get two rewards that are very important, so timing matters. Prior to this settlement, you need to hold your previous party so that you are able to throw a party immediately after settlement. So your settlers land, you get the “Found new village” reward (resources). That is replaced by “Construct a Town Hall,” which gives 800 CP. After accepting that reward (which you should do immediately), that is replaced by “Small celebration” (500 CP).

    Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write this down: your daily CP production and the travel time to your planned settlement location. Your CP production is probably around 350 per day by this point. We will assume the travel time is 12 hours, which is long.

    I’m assuming you’ll produce 350 per day, so in 12 hours, you’ll produce 175 CP. You will get 1300 from rewards, and 350 from the party you throw immediately after settlement. That’s a total of 1825 CP. Subtract that from 10,000 CP -- that gives you 8175.

    Still with me? Hang on, it’s about to make sense. At 8175 CP, you downgrade your city to a settlement. Demolish that stonemason if you can’t party with anything else. There should be plenty to get rid of. Once the city is below 1000 population, send your first 3 settlers to the destination 12 hours away. When they land, you’ll hit exactly 10,000 CP and you’ll be able to have settled two villages in less than a day.

    Kingdoms Application
    Any king with a strong friend that can play as his lead duke -- and both could begin as simple governors. Each player grows fast from robber income, and waits until their time. When they are ready, they can land 4 villages with active treasuries -- invade an area, take over a blank space, there are many possibilities. Teutons could probably do it all the fastest (I was Roman). But I did this precisely on the server I'm on now, and my second set of settlers leave tomorrow morning. No one on the server has three villages as of right now -- so either I’ll be the first, or just as good as first to 3 villages. Barely any raiding (I might send out the farm list once a day with 30-50 EIs), very controlled NPC usage, and lots of spamming the Help Center with my loophole questions about this trick got me here. Anyone can replicate this.

    It would be insanely easy to port over the Scattered Empires style from T4. That is a end game that everyone has loved so far. Creates fights all server long and every team has a chance for 80% of the server.

    Very neat additions, but you're still going to have a hard time getting t4 folks over because the end game of Kingdoms is very boring it seems. All I hear from the experienced players here is how bored they are. I appreciate the cool changes to the game, but I think you're going to have a hard time retaining people if you focus on this kind of thing rather than the actual purpose of the game.

    My two cents.


    I know there isn't a table out yet, but I wanted to ask (again). What is the cost and time per level of the hero? Is it the same as T4 outside of the discount in the 5 days following his death (and the first discout).

    I simply don't have the gold to buy stuff in the auction. So if I don't, and I don't know the hero revive cost, I'm just stuck?

    EDIT: the main thing is, he's lvl 11, if I kill him will it take a day to get him back? Or less? Because that's a lot of production to miss out on if it's a day.

    That's insane. I can't raid when I use the app? If there were only one thing I could do on the app, raiding would be more important than anything else. I can't believe this function hasn't been added yet.

    You don't know what you're talking about Daniel. Just because you live on this forum and don't have much of a RL doesn't mean you have to comment on every thread. In fact, most of what I've seen written by you wasn't helpful to the person that posted. You just like to say something every opportunity you can.

    My Chromebook is protected by the government. It doesn't need security. I could explain that a little better, then you'd feel real smart -- but it's none of your business.

    I'm finishing up a round on scattered empires travian legends. For those of you that don't know, it's legends, but on a map of europe, and the map is divided into regions. When those regions are controlled, by % of population, that alliance gains control of the artifact power representing that region. The regions also produce VPs based on the size of the artifact power. It's such an exciting style that it brought back many of my retired friends, and many veterans claimed they wouldn't be going anywhere if they could stay on SE.

    Kingdoms seems like the natural improvement on that. Instead of % pop controlling a region, % of fields controlled in the region by kings in an alliance would be awesome. Keep the VP system as it is now, but let artifacts generate VPs too. I think WWs are unpopular, so I would get rid of them, but I know somebody up top refuses to budge on their existence -- so I'll assume they would have to stay.

    That would bring many legends players to kingdoms. Most of the top players from my servers that I know have never played kingdoms. This would be an awesome way to get them over here to try out the new game.

    You can find your own, but there is no list alliances besides your own. Considering (if I wanted to) I could see the # of members and then go find that many members on the map, this information is already available to the player. Could we please have a roster page as well?

    As a new t5 player, camps are stupid. Hideouts are great for casual players. It would be nice if they were randomly WAY harder (with way better resources scaled, of course) sometimes so that it's a challenge every once in a while.

    There are still the chat notifications that are a biatch.

    And then I muted the map notifications and they came back the next day. So I've just resigned myself to live in a sea of text walls.

    I was being sarcastic. I just wanna be able to set up trades without the slide bar.

    Texting and driving has been illegal in my state for 5 years now. I stopped after my son was born.

    I'm pretty sure this sort of discussion doesn't belong in this thread. I think facebook is the place you guys were looking for.

    Easy fix here! Give us the ability to type in the amount of resources we wish to trade on the marketplace. The slider is TERRIBLE if you're going for exact ratios. It's even harder when I'm trying to drive and play Travian -- so please, don't get me killed guys.

    Muting certain types of notifications (such as merchant arrivals or oasis changes in your kingdom) would be an awesome addition to the game. Probably has already been discussed, but it would be nice nonetheless :)

    Also, I'd love to mute any flash, highlight, or notification from my chat area. I hate that thing.

    New to t5, and I feel overwhelmed by notifications. Cool idea, but it needs to be custom for the user. Otherwise we drown in data and stop paying attention to all of it.