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    well this is easy, if people see they like this "fair" server more than the other "normal" pay 2 win servers, there wont be much players keep playing normal servers which means the whales wont invest that much money in normal worlds anymore, because there wont be much players.

    Anyway this is not a new topic and many great ideas about this reach back more than 5 years, so my answer doesnt matter anyway, but i hope once in some decades TK will maybe quit beta version, add a 4. tribe and a tournament server.

    But before that will probably happen, they have to fix the many multi accounters. And to prevent that, they need to ban multi accounts permanently and give new accounts an disadvantage in the early game and block for important servers/tournament server. But that wont generate much money so they just keep the running system without any changes until nobody will be left to play this :)

    That's an interesting idea, but wouldn't it be extremely hard to feed your troops?

    yes, thats the idea behind it, so you have to fight for crop instead of gold your crop into ressources + the server would be more action packed.

    there should maybe also be more 9 and 15 croppers then.

    It's an old topic: short answer: Devs decided not to implement this item, because the game would be too fast, agressive or too hard for beginners - better keep the game boring and easy so active off players wont get too many options to diversify the off-type-playstyle. They just keep buffing the def-type-playstyle.

    if the game is bad and the development of it also (still "beta" for "decades") - people will stop playing it because of that. (see reduced player base by every year)

    So as a manager you should know that if you improve the basics/game itself, then the forum activities etc will come all by itself with time.

    But vice versa "great" forum activities/experiences/gadgets with unsatisfied players wont have any impact for the future.

    there are many many many great ideas for years which has never been implemented or discussed (at least in public with the community).

    i guess if you dont hear ur community you will end up like blizzard with its "great" diablo development.

    Ye i was hyped for somethign fancy too, maybe a 5x speed, or even an international tournament server?

    Turns out its something without depth or competition.

    so you build smithies in every village to 20 and upgrade every def unit to 20 there? its not that easy but nvm i will stop argueing here :) romans def are best and gaul def is just bad :D

    Their primary def (phalanx) is outclassed by romans and teutons (I calculated it once, if you have a combination of pretorians & spearmen, you get the strength of 107 phalanx with 100 units) and their off is just garbage. ^^

    training time also outclassing romans def building possibilites (+ no real cavalry def unit) against fast building phals and druid/heads so romans def style is the worst you could choose

    If i remember correctly there was a time when the kings could do something like this no? i think it was a tax or something like it

    ye kings could set taxes to low normal or high, but now everyone and every kingdom has zero option to set priorities by game mechanics itself.

    When i see topics and disussions about 2h night truce and 2h without,

    or hear people say every player should have their own night truce its making me sad.

    Years ago there were already very nice ideas which would implement depth to the game.

    I looked into archives and quoted an interesting opinion / thread which should be worth thinking about:

    Towards a game evolution ...

    From Mar 20th 2015

    Hello, hello

    (Following a post of The Maniken on the .de forum - translated, adapted and modified)

    The Maniken propose those points, and I think some are good, others less :

    I. Introduce a politcal system

    The King may choose a domination form :

    • Conqueror : crop consumption lessened by 10%
    • Builder : constructions duration lessened by 20% and cost by 10%
    • Democracy : 10% less tributes + 25% culture points for the governors

    II. Laws

    The King may legislate :

    • Forestry : wood production increased by 15 % for governors
    • Mining : iron production increased by 15% for governors
    • Vigilante : +10% defense in the whole kingdom

    III. Infrastructures

    The King may invest in infrastructures to increase the speed of merchants inside the kingdom, but also the troops.

    Changes should go into this direction, dont you think?

    because i like the way that everything should be possible to maximize the possible options to increase difficulty and fun.

    nobody should feel safe and very active people should benefit more than people who just idle troops etc on their cap and go afk for days, this should be punishable.

    This topic makes me curious though. How exactly does the gamedesign imagine this game to be played? Or, to be more specific, how exactly is it supposed to be played according to their thoughts? Are they intending the changes, they cause? Or are they just coincedental? Maybe one should write them a guide on how the game is currently played. I mean, no offense intended, but from what I know, GD could be doing some maths, calculating roughly "hm, ok, an average 15c has level 14 fields, who builds a second warehouse anyway, and 75% crop bonus, this makes 30k production with plus. If we forbid 15c capitals, it's still 25k production with all 14 and three 25/25% oasis. hey, it's not that bad and peopls complain about 15c being pay to win anyway all the time, come on, let's do it". I mean, I'm quite sure, that nobody from TG expected rubble-settling or menhir-settling to become a thing after the corresponding changes. Hm, I just realized, that I would be very interested in a official TG video in which they show the steps and thoughts an idea / game change / design idea / whatever in depth and detailed.

    if i would be the TK dev team manager i would invite like 5 people like you who are always playing for years and are active part also in the forums to improve the game with their knowledge and ideas that developers dont have because they dont have that much time to play. (win-win-situation - dev team can chill / dont have to think about bad new ideas and people who know the game very well can see their ideas maybe implemented)