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    I don't know, are you a developer or not. Every travian player knows what is for the farm list. Instead of trying to suggest wise alternatives you can try to understand some player requarments.
    When did you rigth clicked on any Travian Kingdom link last time.
    I have tried to rigth click at different browsers and there is no "open in new tab" or "open in new window" options in the menu list.

    1. We can make as much as operations we want on a farm list; like add new, edit troops, start raid, copy/move/delete village... The window is remain open until we close it.
    But when we click on a town and send troops for attack or scout to a town the window is closing itself. Suppose this: i have opend the farm list, sorted it by looses. I want to scout those towns defence which i lost troops in last attack. But in first "sent toops" the window is closing itself and if i have 10 villages to scout, i have to do 10 times this process: open farm list, sort by looses twice, remember wich town i have sent scouts and choose the next, sent troops.
    The same problem exists for reports window.
    2. Why can't we choose spy troops in farm list edit troops window. Sometimes, i need to spy more then one villages.
    (I really wondering whether the travian designers and developpers playin this game.)