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    Monopoly is also a very good game and that has never evolved or had to be developed further :S

    I seriously don't get why the need for change, the game is great. The thing that makes it bad is the players that try to play it in a different way than intended.

    The interaction with people & their teams are what makes this game special, personally I don't think we need any more reward than to just have some clean, honest fights happening on all servers.

    (But I guess this is just my pipe dream as some players seem determined to try & destroy the game completely, for the sake of some cheap victory)

    Best solution to robber camps is to limit the attacks on each one...If robber camp X have 5 waves the kingdom can send max of 5 attacks to it.With this implemented there wont be scouters most likly gauls who will aways be there 1st.

    But limiting attacks to number of waves just means the selfish/greedy players would win everytime .... they would send 100 troops at each one & no one else would get a look-in

    If Hero was involved then, every player on the server would only be able to attack one at a time giving more people a chance to grab at least one camp, def players might have a better chance too. It would also slow down the production of passive treasure collecting ..... as it would take longer to clear camps, so they would take longer to respawn (which might also be a good thing)

    I'm sorry, I'm still not convinced, it's a nice idea in principle, but i think it needs more restrictions to be viable. Maybe someone else can add some more thoughts on this :)

    what i see happening is huge teams will still form just to terrorize the server, they will overrun the small teams with their extra attack power of having more players and also having more attack % (just because they can) then they take all their treasures of the smaller kingdom and then quickly regenerate the lost VPs in the extra treasures they got from being the biggest/strongest most OP attacking mass (even if this happens from several different kingdoms initially)

    They don't need to be in the same kingdom though to work/move together in the early game to destroy smaller more legit kingdoms.

    what happens if a player leaves their current kingdom, does all their accrued attack % disappear? does this only work if they are in their current kingdom or does it migrate with them?

    what is to stop a player jumping out of their current kingdom into a smaller kingdom to attack (to steal VPs) & then moving back after the attacks have happened & what effect would these actions have on their "attack power" & would time delay restrictions need to be implemented to stop this happening?

    the 60 player max sounds a lot like the old structure of travian, when it was 5 or 6 wings of 60 players all working together (true meta style) it feels like a step backwards.

    For me the main thing that is mostly killing the game is still the amount of abuse that has happened since TK was first released. Now some really positive steps forward are currently being made to help improve some of these abuses, hopefully if new players start to read positive news on here, in the future we will see an increase in player confidence (and numbers) start to rise again :)

    No, just no

    lets not talk about a "Main" kingdom it should be your "Only" kingdom or there is no point in discussing this at all :/

    this is the problem with restricting numbers, some players will find ways around it and still work with multiple teams using multi accounts etc. The 300 acount zerg will still exist and the real smaller kingdoms will still struggle to stay relevant

    you see this is a flaw in itself, that you would support switching kingdoms to win over a smaller opponent (kingdom with less VPs)

    why switch wings? is this not an abuse in itself? surely we should be making it less attractive to have multiple wings rather than a more valid tactic

    so would it not be possible to steal treasures or VPs in the format you suggested?

    i have seen it happen many times that some teams endlessly create new kingdoms to bring in more treasures for their main kingdom

    I do like the concept of things being harder for bigger kingdoms though, i always found it unfair that smaller kingdoms get punished for having less players i.e. less passive treasures (from hideouts & camps etc) & therefore less VPs accumilating over time, also that they have less crop bonuses from selling their stolen goods

    well those 300 account kingdoms would still exist, they would just be split into 10 different wings all working for the greater good

    p.s. don't get me wrong, I'm all for smaller kingdoms, I'll endorse anything that helps make it happen, but just looking at things from all angles, as some people go out of their way to abuse every feature, rather than playing the game as intended

    I'm not sure I fully understand the concept yet either

    But ....

    How do you stop the abuse around puppet kingdoms?

    like when a team just has several other kingdoms they use to generate extra VP's & treasures to steal later in the game to enhance their own kingdom

    Clear to see who are & who are not team players here :S

    Remember everyone the camps you are fighting over are for members of your own team, why everyone fights over them is quite frustrating for your Kings/Leaders

    if everyone was more respectful to their own team players, there would be a lot less internal fighting happening over them

    How about each kingdom having some basic rules around them? ...

    max number allowed to attack

    attack (not raid)

    siege only allow within a certain timescale

    send hero (or not)
    if you have stolen goods to sell, then dont attack camps (until you've sold what you've got stored)


    it's all things that could be monitored & then if certain players didn't respect the kingdom rules they could be dealt with :)

    Aaah yes sorry, they are indeed same as EC's, but regardless I've still seen them used effectively enough to be in top 10 farmers

    and as the reason for having teuton kings is about the stability of the village, it doesn't change Nemesid's reasoning for suggesting this as his prefered tribe in Nobel roles.

    Revolution if you had a choice, would you not want your treasures protected in a safe a place as possible? Teuton Nobles are the just this, it is true that other tribes also make great King/Duke accounts, but you will need to defend them with more troops than you do a teuton.

    Also a def teuton (with paladins in multiple villages) can be right up there on farming

    (Paladins are same speed as EI's)

    Robbers camps (and oasis ranks) create so many internal wars inside a kingdom (especially newly formed kingdoms)

    some players are greedy & send at all camps

    some players undercut other players whilst sending at all camps, meaning troops are out for hours with no rewards

    some players have too many losses trying to split their troops to get as many camps as possible

    if all players were forced to send their hero too, then there would be a lot less inhouse fighting & fallouts over them

    also maybe make it impossible to rein a robbers camp, have seen that happen before too :|