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    Maybe time to start throwing ideas into this thread

    I had a thought about a possible fix to help stop menhir abuse

    it used to be that when a village dropped back below 200 pop you would go back into "Beginner's protection"

    I think it was changed because players were using it to stop themselves being farmed?

    but maybe that needs reinstating as the menhir abuse is a much bigger problem than waiting a week for a farm, if you went back into BP after relocating, you would need to spend your res getting back to 200 pop before you were able to be farmed,

    (you could also add in some kind of countdown too to stop someone waiting & saving the res packages until they were out of BP days)

    This then would mean a lot of the res from relocation would be reinvested into the account to either get to 200 pop or stop your account losing the packages via the countdown,

    a genuine player/account would reinvest this anyway, so a change like this would not affect them.

    Have you tried it? Start a server with completely different conditions could be fun. And if not, you won't loose anything, you will get only new experiences.

    Seriously you want us to suggest to our teams that we should start a server that has around double the amount of players in total as our team on it's own?

    We have never, nor will ever find joy in playing with such a heavily weighted advantage, you know very little of us if you think we will. We have always been anti-meta since we all found each other & starting on such an unpopulated server would further kill our gaming experience (in effect you would make us become one of the things we most hate about the game)

    Had you offered us this as an alternative before the servers had started, then maybe a few teams could've communicated some solutions to fill up your already empty local domains for you, but not once they are already active.

    I have no desire now to try & do your job for you in this regard.....

    Your role here is to provide us with servers to play on.

    Ours is to manage our teams, excite them, motivate them & gather them in plenty of time to all be prepared for the start that we would know in advance.

    imagine planning a start for 50-100 players x multiple teams, with no start date, on a server where some locals already cherry picked all the best croppers/locations & are happily simming away & forming their kingdoms, only to be invaded by a outbreak of late & angry com players stampeding their lands, to then further risk being disappointed after a month because some of the other com teams decided not to bother joining !

    And yes, we're testing new rhythms right now.

    I read this as .... yes we want to try and drive you all on to speed options instead

    as a business Your Customers are key & you should treat them like Gold & not be testing things whilst penalizing them in the process

    Skadi is right, I joined the French server and I'm having lots of fun :)

    I think the world size should be smaller though, like they do at Travian Legends

    Oooh 139 players registered on the new FR2 server :) looks like lots of fun yes

    just think by the time WWs appear there could be 70 players left too :P (that would be 10 players for each WW)

    funfact: In 2015 you closed some domains for local servers & forced those on them into playing on .com servers instead, your reasons because they weren't populated enough and it was a waste of money and now you are asking us to play on local servers because you won't start a new COM server??

    I'm not sure how you think this is a valid solution tbh?

    We are being asked to respect your reasons for not being able to start a normal COM server before the end of October & yet you show us none in return with such a blaise response.

    But whilst we're here we would actually love to hear your reasoning behind why you decided to stall the COM server which would normally be happening in the next couple of weeks (when you have 4 dormant ones at the moment) we are grown-up's and the transparency might help improve this situation with being able to understand your problems around it happening.

    GGG, GBB, Water, Trinity, Osef, BM & maybe even Shrug & then throw in some Russian teams & some Turkish teams too (& on top this of all the ones not yet announced their interest)

    These teams are waiting to join a normal .com server & are amongst some of your most loyal customers, they deserve better than being offered "local servers" and already running ones at that.

    I'm not sure whether to take it as an insult or a compliment that you think we can all just arrive on any active server without the need to plan for it at all & also how do you think that would be for those already playing on them?

    I mean it's a known fact that .com servers are far more competive than even 2 or 3 local servers combined, it would be a bloodbath for those players used to playing there. people usually evolve from local domains into .com (not the reverse)

    Besides this though, you can happily throw out servers that have less than 1k players signup in the first week, but you wont provide us with one that will have 3x that amount of players (if not more) & serious gold players too (the auctions prices on the last COM servers of this calibre have more than proved this)

    Thanks in advance for your reply


    There are also many teams going there, there is also a lot of production. It would be correct to launch the classic on October 6, and the holiday server on October 27. swap them.

    I know it would then affect you as well, this was why i mentioned it ;)

    I'm sure you'd be very vocal about it too, if it was happening on a server you were planning to play :)

    I feel we need to come together for situations like this & show a united front

    (and not allow it to happen anywhere)

    so please share the page & ask people that agree to "like" the first post

    (it has already generated more likes than any other post recently happening)

    Upto now this one has 58 likes in one day

    Compare it to Halloween server (5 likes in 5 days)

    They just don't have the resources to run a classic server. The equipment is all busy. To start the server earlier, you need to cancel this fucking holiday servers. And in order to cancel it, they need to admit their incompetence and mediocrity. And no one will do this, because the money has already been spent on the creation of these servers.

    I do not justify them, I am as outraged as you are.

    maybe they should stop the x3 speed server then to make way for a normal one?

    Dear Travian BridgetB   Georgi

    Where is our "Late September- Early October" normal .com server?

    The previous ones started

    14/04 com3 (now finished)

    02/06 com6

    23/06 com8

    29/07 com4

    25/08 com5

    Why then are we being to made to wait until

    27/10 for the next one?

    currently com1, com2, com3 & com7 are not live servers, one of these other 3 servers could be started before the com1 on 27th October option, surely?

    I feel you would like us to participate on your Novelty Halloween servers, I can understand this, they generate some extra revenue for you, but this extra revenue should not be at the expense of your core customer base & their enjoyment of playing on normal speed servers.

    My "lobby" friends list is empty of players playing on other servers (first time ever) mostly due to them anticipating a server starting in the next 2 weeks, the end of summer is the most relevant time for people to sign up & commit to a server seriously, I feel starving them of this option will not maintain or enhance your player base at all.

    You have to listen and react to your customers & not try and just try to force them to play on other formats of the game

    it should be a player's choice if they wish to do so & those "novelty servers" should be additional servers and not replacement options!



    I don't understand it either, we wont be playing x3 or x5

    normal speed and speed servers are a totally different game

    (we prefer a game of strategy, rather than a game of chance)

    Like others have said, now would be an ideal start-time, waiting another 5-6 weeks is not good for business when you have customers waiting :sleeping:

    so guess I'll throw myself back into running my own business rather than funding TK's :S

    (Christmas is coming) ;)

    why you insist on not understanding: D

    I mean the time given for the game is not worth the money, there are more advanced war game

    Aaaah well enjoy those pretty new wargames with their flashy animated screens :love:

    lots of us still enjoy the basic complexities of this one :)

    and Sissox is correct, in what he says, if there were less people trying to find "easy" ways to play this game, the player base would be a lot bigger & the sooner everyone realises this the better it will be for the future of online gaming everywhere

    remember...... "Just because you can, Does not mean you should"

    You say it's always like this
    I think it sums up this topic. :))

    Do expand on this ...... from this side it seems like you want a free n easy ride?

    Travian takes time & tenacity, true throwing a degree of money at it has it's advantages too (but none of it needs to be excessive)

    also is this not the same for every online game?

    the game is very simple. It takes a lot of time and money, it doesn't deserve it. The game is fun but TK is torture

    Travian has always been this way .... so what happened?

    War was never supposed to be easy ;)

    What is real server ? GGG makes such an advertisement to every game world they play,but they cannot stay in races without Shrug.The server world we played in was a real server,thank you for the invitation,I wish you a good server.

    What would you know of a real server? you can hardly call com3 real competition,

    you had some new kingdoms you enjoyed anailating in the early game

    and then 2 late forming meta's (no disrepect to either) but they did what they could to survive & be competitive

    and then also there was us there (fielding half a team)

    ^^ Congratz on that victory, must feel realllllly rewarding

    If this is what you call competition then yes it's easy to see why you are scared to play another round and are all "quitting" !

    (or does the quitting have somehing to do with all the fixes that have been made in the last weeks? I guess once they fix the menhir abuse too, you'll be left without any advantages)

    So you enjoy your victory of playing against a semi-active server

    n.b. the server we played against GGG was the one where we really did fight the whole server, you should try it sometime :)

    but oh wait you quit already shame (even though your profile still says you're recruitng) LOL

    Are you sad :/

    not at all, you do what is right for you & we'll carry on a another see what happens on the next server :)

    I'll pop this in the trophy cabinet with all the others as soon as i can :)

    Maybe I'll label it as our Covid server :P

    Anyone could've won at the last day.. except BM. :)

    indeed, but then if we had wanted it as much as everyone else we probably would've won :)

    We were the Only kingdom that stayed true to ourselves (we helped no one, we got helped by no one) and we were the smallest of the contenders, besides running at about 50% activity due to real life events & still a podium finsih in the end :D (and the only ones happy) :)

    Untold, had help attacking & helped defending others and in the end the numbers are pretty average across the board

    they complained when not being attacked, they complained about being attacked
    and you know what even now they are complaining both here and in PM

    let it go, get over it, it was nothing amazing for any team

    Congratz, Game Over, now move on

    dunno what all the fuss is about anyway ...... yer all quitting I heard?

    Well that was an exciting last day ....

    Congrats to the winners & the losers

    Stay safe everyone (in the real world)

    Catch y'all next time :)