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    As always, you contradict your own words.You can distinguish what the governors do and what the kingdoms do for the BM,but for other kingdoms,there is no distinction :D

    You can prove our spies here :whistling:

    I have shared convo's of Untold Govs, but hey I'm not about to go public with them :P

    also some of your pocket Gov's tried asking for invites ..... like really?? (you think we're so naive)?

    I proved to you that your player has a spy, but you did not know,you said that does not count.We don't really need it,maybe you do,but you've already got our capital's spy reports from old Le Crocs and Dominion player.Let me tell you the difference between us,I get many reports about you and I even reject them.(including your statistics 8o)

    PS : I forgot what the names of former Le Crocs and Dominion players are,can you tell me in your archive if any?

    Hey you keep coming back to this ...... what a Gov does & what a Team does are 2 different topics, I love how you can only pull out 2 names when throwing this argument at us.
    I can also prove Untold has spies in places, but meh what use are spies today ..... Keep it current :P

    I can see you don't know anything about this server.In this game world,we are the only kingdom that can't include an enemy spy, and there is no crying here because of spies.This is a war "game".You don't have to lose ethical values for a game, play better and don't need a spy.Of course,when you don't have spies in your rival kingdom,it becomes difficult to play and you need to improve yourself.This is quite difficult for most players.But we think that getting a spy is unethical and does not strong you,it weakens you. Of course, I respect your opinion that everything is permissible in war but we don't need.

    Whatever Trevor :P

    You seem a bit obsessed with spies yourself .... maybe because you planted (or tried to) plant them in every kingdom

    no, you misread me (as usual)

    It's nothing to do with malice or boredom or humour or anything, it's not personal to Turkey or France (or any other Country)

    it's just the same groups of players time n time again persist in coming here in a foreign tongue & it makes the forum look stupid

    can you guys imagine if every player posted in their own narrative? and then the other 300 viewers had to endlessly translate every post? the forum would be a graveyard

    so excuse my passion at trying to get you all to enforce the rules, they are there for simple reasons .... to keep the flow of the conversation easy to read & active

    if anyone cannot cope with English postings, then they really should just stick to posting in their own sections of the forum (whether it's sarcasm or insults) :P

    it's a 2 way street .... ;)

    it was a screenschot. How can he change it? They can translate it if they wonder ;) And Unlimited Power translated it shortly

    Stop crying. You are not sincere X(

    Maybe you don't know (maybe you are just ignorant)

    but it's also against the rules to post ingame messages (in any language)

    şuradaki muhabbetin özeti ne? niye zırlamaya başladı bunlar yine?

    In English please

    Your mother is a very good woman, did you learn racism from your father?

    racism is about respect & when you show some respect maybe you will earn some in return
    (posting in Turkish in an International English forum is very racist to all other Countries)

    I mean. last posts on this thread are in May from them.
    Before this post:
    Gossip COM3
    I don't see any comments or am I missing something?

    lol I called them out on it, in their other thread where they want everyone to be in awe of them

    (but as it's a worship thread & no one is allowed to speak bad things there, so they moved it here)

    "load of old tosh" I think the line i used :D

    point i was making though, is still valid

    whether it was Duke tributes or Menhir farms, you are having a much harder time staying at that level now more of the server has troops, suddenly you became average like everyone else.

    This is our play style,but I am sure that every kingdom wants to have the power to destroy a king on the 35th day.

    Travian would be in a worse state if they did

    but hey ...Must make you feel so good eh

    destroying a server before it even gets started

    going full on Nuke mode every Op, that's not skill .... it's just easy with disposable hammers ;)

    (easy come, easy go as they say)

    btw Block me? for what? speaking the truth? :D

    It is necessary to understand the BM,they can't make operations,their valuable members are gone.When they can't operate, they have no choice but to make only big hammers.They have plenty of time and boring,let's be understanding and stretch out candy :)

    So full of S........peculation :D

    p.s. what you do ingame defines you as a kingdom

    (and those hammers were pushed whatever you may say)

    It is really sad that the cry coefficient of a kingdom like BM has increased in recent years.If there is a strong kingdom,it is either META, abuser or cheater.Something is going wrong in your mind.For example,what I saw last you still could not forget the loss of the past and you were crying on the page of the COM2.

    Let's take a little break, rest.

    Oh yes, lets all pretend the abuse doesn't happen eh :D

    (Well unlucky) That's why we're here it seems

    let's remember
    "just bcause you can, does not mean you should"

    Not one of you steps up and defends your actions, you just try to deflect it back onto us in some way
    (just like every other that ever was)

    you think we're insulted with "cry" and some naff vid's ..... you gotta try harder than that i'm afraid

    Why should we try to defend ourselves? The BM blames all the kingdoms on every server.You will soon cry on the Trinity page. Every game world knows your crying and accusations.

    The best kingdom BM is always crying. Did you finish any server without crying ?

    You Call it crying,

    We Call it "having standards"

    I'd quit before playing by your standards

    also every round, our "crying" has turned out to be truth's, so if playing with integrity is crying, then yes I'll cry happily all year long

    Cant defend yourself then? lets try and throw it back at BM in any way we can think, I searched for a ZLF kingdom, none are on com3 or have ever been
    (do carry on though .... everyone can see what happens)

    We aren't some 3rd rate kingdom that doesn't know what is possible to achieve without abuse.

    and No lets not talk to us about Gov's or I'll draw up a list of players from your kingdom(s) and all those accounts that were created so you could menhir and farm them.

    Lets talk King v King and what you do at the highest level care to explain how your "week one" farming is higher than your "last few weeks" farming? :P

    Nothing worth talking about here, apart from another load of old tosh ....

    @Untold Kingdom it without all the startup abuse & lets see how impressive you all are then :P

    How is this a valid strategy?
    same as, how was it a valid strategy send attacks at our WW whilst in Vacation mode on our last com2?

    you want to stop abuse & yet you endorse it at every opportunity?

    WW's are one of the most fundamental parts of the game & being able to have them this easily abused is an insult to everyone playing each server, they should not be treated as a "Natar village" they should have their own set of actions attached to them.