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    Aaaaah look our favourite fan <Accord > is here (we've missed you :love:) maybe you can also start com2 and then you can fight us with your troops, rather than just your words here :)

    Really excited to do it all again, will be even better with more teams this time too, maybe that'll stop the "def the world" jethro_tull81#EN and then your deffers too can enjoy some incoming attacks :P

    Who cares about the win ...... Bring on the fun :D

    maybe it could be added into Travian T&C that you accept all GDPR terms for the duration of the server before you're allowed the option to become King & players should be prevented from deleting when they have done so.

    also it should be made clear how big of a role it is and players should have a certain amount of experience before being appointted the crown, it's way too easy to choose the option at the moment, without any consideration for the Govs game that will be wrecked because they spawned, got invited to join or chose to play with an unstable king

    Thing is, I'm sure you need to deactivate treasuries before you can start delete? (I stand to be corrected, but this is how I understood it to be )

    this would mean 3.5 days minimum to delete? did no one question or wonder what his motives were until after he had deleted?

    you need to start playing a server :)

    it is then possible to change your avatar via your "hero appearance"

    also it doesn't need to be random, you can customize it there as you desire

    Great round everyone, thanks to all kingdoms and players for staying and making it probably one of the best servers that ever happened :)

    gg GGG :)

    unlucky everyone else, there is only ever one winner ;)

    As ever I'm especially proud of BM for the amazing results we produced against a huge coalition of quality players

    (stay tuned Mayo will be posting the albums soon)

    Aaaaww how sweet :love:

    so shrug want GGG to win (even though they will try and zero their WW) anyone other than BM (even their own members)
    GGG want shrug to win (even though they also will try and zero their WW) anyone other than BM (even their own members)

    you guys are so loyal to each other it's like a love story in the making <3

    (maybe next server you can start at shruggg and make happy dreams together)

    Jernpotte_DK you agreed with my earlier post using your own words

    last com2 you ended with with 111 members and yet you only return with 40??? (over 200 was the rumour we heard)
    shrug the same last com2 they ended with 127 members and yet had to absorb 2 more kingdoms for their restart here (so again we expected 200 at least)

    maybe it's time for a change next server? your current structure seems a bit broken

    Oh dear TM did GGG make you work with shrug without consulting you first :P (guess this means you are just another puppet of theirs eh) ;)

    so we ruffled a few feathers again, so much anger and saltiness being thrown towards us, you can say what you want about us but collectively you are bigger, just not sure about the better :D

    my biggest crime here is being honest about you all and having pride and praising my team.

    (yep I'm guilty as charged)

    maybe if you all did that once in a while too, they wouldn't leave you at the end of every server

    Good Luck com2 it's going to be an thrilling couple of days :)

    what part was a lie Teutonic Master ? show me

    we attack alone (like this)

    you all attack together (like this)

    as I've said before "if it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck ..... then usually you'll find it is actually a Duck"

    in reference to your "side note" I said "most" not "all" Goat were the reason for my wording.
    but even as a lone wolf you have you have 80 members and have lost 47 members (we'll remember them even if you won't)

    So here we are standing on the edge of the final showdown, it's exciting :thumbsup:

    News out there is that even after hitting us all server long, all the diplomats (GGG, shrug, Phoenix, 3rror, Orange & Goat) still haven't secured a victory for themselves, but also they haven't quite managed to remove us from the race yet either.

    None have been brave enough to fight us one on one, even though most of the other kingdoms were premade & bigger than ourselves at the start, we are very disappointed that we still haven't met a team that can match us in either Off or Def action without leaning on someone else's team for support.

    so now no other team plays for their own win, their only objective on com2 is to stop BM winning. i do hope you all enjoy sharing our that victory medal 6 ways, even if we don't win there will still be 5 other losers of the 7 WW kingdoms

    unlike others on com2 our morals and integrity are intact and our awesome BM team will be right back with us should we announce our return in the future, this means more to us than any kind of victory badge.

    We call it team work & BM is still the team to beat :)

    stay tuned ...... we cant wait to share all our reports with you all, it's just we haven't lost our troops yet, so must keep some things hidden

    Personally from an impartial point of view (as i'm 100% not a farmer) I would like it to be impossible to rein a grey players, it just encourages troll players to gain some kind of recognition. I see no skill in this and it leads to a less challenging servers, as players either quit & start another server because of spiking or they stop farming and have weaker armies. spiking affects all players not just big/elite players, it also takes away from the little guys too (who cannot rebuild their troops as easily & usually end up deleting)

    all players should be allowed to farm (or not farm) grey players at their leisure, maybe it could be added into quests to make it clear to new players they are allowed to steal resources from grey villages

    TwistyBull#EN Better? you can all feel included now :)

    Talking recruits though, we're already getting a lot of interest. How is the shrug recruiting going for next server?

    found yourself any more full kingdoms to absorb yet?

    (I guess you can always recruit the whole of com2, since you're all such buddies now)

    not sure which i like us being accused of best :D

    "7 active ppl in BM who play 4 accs each" (old Russian quote)

    now apparently we are

    "70/100 best accounts +duals + all elite" (the words of the mighty shrug)

    (have pride in yourselves BM this is what they say about us)