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    How is you fighting GBB making you stronger? They were a 60 player single kingdom, whilst you were around 200 players of five kingdoms at the time.

    Also Also you waited until ОПГ had been heavily weakened by GGG until you made your moves there. (and it still cost you a lot of troops)

    We were ranked below ᗯeⱥΘຮef when we started to attack them, in both strength and numbers. They were better at the game than Empire ;) in both Off & Def Op's

    Also we used a couple of armies to take a lot of treasures from Adsgar (that was tactical) but they were very much alive when we attacked them :)

    You attacked us at our WW on day 111 as part of a corrupted Op, so we dodged it & still recovered it

    You attacked us 3 times and lost most of the troops you sent.

    We attacked you back and mostly survived, chiefing quite a few key villages :)

    other things that happened ....

    You abused the features of the game

    You had several kingdoms long after merges happened, making the most of extra passive treasures

    You had Multi Accounts & proved you had when Turks bested you

    You had farm accounts within your wings & players kept switching kingdoms to take advantage of this (pocket kingdoms)

    You abused Menhir to attack players

    You abused Vacation mode to boost your armies

    You had extra accounts pushing resources to key players
    (This is your legacy ^^)

    it's how every other kingdom will remember Empire that played com2

    and after all this you still Lost ..... yeah that's right Losers!!! just get over yourselves and admit defeat

    We won you with one kingdom without the need to abuse the game,

    please dont talk to us about reputation & respect, until you have earned either :D

    Do you know the difference between strong and weak? Strong do not disgrace after the fight.


    Who do you suppose it was that zero'd it from L64 before you rolled in there to take it back down to zero from L11?

    they realize no reason post shit when they got win without respect

    Still salty then ;) in the end I guess BM wanted to win more than Empire & we did everything possible to make it happen, you guys did nothing in the final weeks when it mattered most (apart from wasting probably 50k troops on fakes)

    We beat you fair n square, without boosts, without abuses, without tricks ..... so have to question why you even bother doing all that crap anyway? :D

    Great server everyone, Thanks for making it as challenging and competitve as it was, it was good to see several different Wars happening right up to the end and not just 2 teams fighting as very often happens :)

    the reports and the BM story will be along soon (life is just getting in the way)

    HardTime (Go Bananas) and Eleniel are trying to cheat their defending rate to get a place hall of fame.

    The cheapest game in Travian history from Empire.

    Where did you lose your pride guys that push your rating with fake attacks at the last moment of the game?

    anything for any kind of win :D

    screams desperation

    hover over the "green tick" it will give you more info's

    I thought it refered to overall ranks in any skill, but maybe it's messed up for you as com5 isn't a week old yet

    Wow I love you Boys <3 even when the server isn't all about us you spend all day making it about us :D

    nothing gets said about how much others are that are actually playing the diplo game (sharing Op's, sharing Def, sharing Treasures, even sharing WWs etc)

    (meanwhile I believe we are the only kingdom on the server that has stayed independent throughout) ;)
    you can choose to believe that or not, but we've no reason to lie about it

    wow what a bunch of crying children you are .......

    you are in first place and and it's weekend And also it's probably the last weekend to be effective & you attacked all of the above

    you guys can't cope or something?

    why is it so hard to believe that you got incomings that are just return visits & aren't linked to each other