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    have u ever heard about game mechanics? if u are dumb it's only yours problem

    Hey I can pretend to be dumb to humour your deflection attempts 8o

    maybe you can teach us all your game breaking mechanics?

    also your "cry" comment is getting a bit repetitive, just like your game mechanics eh :D

    No surprises here, some teams fear "fair" play, they have to enhance their accounts early game, but they tend to run out of steam in the late stages gaul-falling

    How many times do I play with the dark ones, and it's always the same, from round to round. But I warned at the very beginning - don't go to the center, get bogged down there

    in a battle with all the teams, as always...

    I hear ya, it's tough at the top though, but really all teams are against all teams aren't they?

    curious to know how many Naps & CPs are in place at Darkness

    could you share your internals page for us to see?

    Sharpen your swords and gather together!

    :swordsman: :axefighter: :imperian:

    We are old players under a new name.

    Exciting changes have come recently to the game (healing tent) with more potentially coming in the future (fealty system). We want to learn a better game by engaging in new strategies.

    We will be using a small team approach with a strong focus on both offense and defense strategies. We look forward to trying to find innovative ways to play the game.

    It doesn't matter if you are a veteran player or someone that is just beginning your journey, we invite you to post today about joining in and taking things back to the basics.


    Basics' Management

    My Kingdom will surely join.

    btw who is in your kingdom? have you even recruited one person yet?

    are you saying you support multi abuse & cheaters?

    IYI have many bans and bad rep attached their name,

    so will you be an enemy of the community & the game by climbing into bed with the real enemy ;)

    I think it's a 2 way street, most people here would rather not get a notification of every new unread post you are posting & after having them closed you are re-posting the same over & over & ignoring the Moderation team as well as the community.

    You have been offered plenty of good advice which you choose to ignore & now no one wants to waste their time posting for you to once again tell them they're wrong "& you're right" even though you haven't yet even made it halfway through a single server, yet alone into endgame or finished one

    it's a public forum, If you stop posting and start playing instead & gain some knowledge & experience, then you may be in a position to suggest strategies & guides & some people might be more open to interacting with you.

    Players can create METAs with alliances, so limiting isn't a solution.

    Yeah I mentioned it won't stop the "meta"

    That as always been in travian though, even back in the historic versions.

    it doesn't mean they always won though & with no way of making it into the "main kingdom" for the endgame it would mean those players are then just a pawn in someone else's victory.

    Had a thought about reducing Kingdom sizes & I feel it's definitely something we all should be considering with current server numbers as they are, having smaller kingdoms could/should bring in more teams in to contention for the endgame & stop it just being 2 or 3 teams fighting & merging. Also smaller Kingdoms means there would be a chance for some New Kingdoms & Teams to also have a chance at forming (we need some new teams for sure)

    So, What if ... the Max Kingdom size was limited to 5% of the server numbers?

    & also if servers were closed from recruitment a lot earlier than WW spawning?

    If 2000k accounts spawn then Max kingdom size would be 100 players

    or at 3000k accounts max would be 150 players.

    This way as player numbers dropped over the duration (as they do) the max recruitment number would also drop & this would not be easily fixed after early game by spawning in multi accounts & friendly farms, because the server would be closed already.

    So more focus would have to be on recruiting wisely & keeping a team together & not just endlessly recruiting until WW's time arrived.

    Maybe as soon as a new server opens, the current one is closed for starting new accounts?

    or it could happen around 1/3 way through the server?

    As after that it's not really viable to join & catch up in terms of troops or gameplay.

    (I know it would not stop wings & meta actions)

    but it might help discourage some of it & also stop some bullying of those 300 player kingdoms, as they would never be able to get everyone into the "main kingdom" so the "you can join us later" offer would no longer be on the table.

    The closing of servers earlier would also tackle some of the MA menhir abuse that we all see happening & not being easily dealt with, because of well "friendly farm" rules.

    I have played many servers & can categorically say the endgames are much more thrilling when there is no obvious winner until the last days & sometimes hours of a server.

    Thoughts please?

    (lets have a good discussion about it)

    I didn't say we'd go full Def, we'd be both Off n Def

    same as in football, you have strikers & defenders (one is weak without the other)

    if you want a team that can thrive on a server then a balance of both Off players & Def players is required

    if you only build Off, then you will be targetted heavily & will need Def more than you care to realise atm

    The thing is, if you play full offense, blah blah


    The thing is if "Your" team only play full Offence, then even more reason for "My team" to build Def, you go full on offensive attack us, maybe we kill some or all your Off's, we defended all our important places & you cannot do the same, so then what? You have no troops, but we then can pillage and farm all your treasuries & villages because you have "No Def" so then you lost twice, you lost all your Off & all your treasures & lots of villages, because you think this game should only be about Off

    Istonius#EN I see you making a lot of comparisons, but did you play a server yet? Maybe you should try & play out your ideas ingame & then you might understand the importance of having both Off & Def players ;)

    "Offense is the best Defense" they say, until you're actually being attacked and then "100% Defense is the best form of Defense", those Off troops aren't gonna protect your kingdom, your villages, your WW, your treasuries, your treasures or your VPs (which is what the game is based & won on)

    if your enemy mass scouts your kingdom (and they will) they will see how little def troops your team has & you probably won't last very long after that.

    But also this game is about choices & a lot of people actually prefer to play Defense, so making the game just focus on Off troops you are reducing the battlefield by 50% (probably more)

    It is not possible to choose the hours

    it is possible to choose the hours too :) it's just a couple more clicks to do it

    lets say it's 12 noon now,

    so you click & add the 12noon & the 1pm

    then delete the 12 noon tab

    now select the village that is 3 hours away & when you press the + it will autofill the 3 hour slots from 1pm (rather than 12noon)

    and save

    Then repeat the above adding in the 12 noon & 1pm + 2pm (and delete the 12noon & 1pm tabs)

    add in the village & autofill from 2pm

    and again save

    (hope this makes sense) ilike