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    Clear to see who are & who are not team players here :S

    Remember everyone the camps you are fighting over are for members of your own team, why everyone fights over them is quite frustrating for your Kings/Leaders

    if everyone was more respectful to their own team players, there would be a lot less internal fighting happening over them

    How about each kingdom having some basic rules around them? ...

    max number allowed to attack

    attack (not raid)

    siege only allow within a certain timescale

    send hero (or not)
    if you have stolen goods to sell, then dont attack camps (until you've sold what you've got stored)


    it's all things that could be monitored & then if certain players didn't respect the kingdom rules they could be dealt with :)

    Aaah yes sorry, they are indeed same as EC's, but regardless I've still seen them used effectively enough to be in top 10 farmers

    and as the reason for having teuton kings is about the stability of the village, it doesn't change Nemesid's reasoning for suggesting this as his prefered tribe in Nobel roles.

    Revolution if you had a choice, would you not want your treasures protected in a safe a place as possible? Teuton Nobles are the just this, it is true that other tribes also make great King/Duke accounts, but you will need to defend them with more troops than you do a teuton.

    Also a def teuton (with paladins in multiple villages) can be right up there on farming

    (Paladins are same speed as EI's)

    Robbers camps (and oasis ranks) create so many internal wars inside a kingdom (especially newly formed kingdoms)

    some players are greedy & send at all camps

    some players undercut other players whilst sending at all camps, meaning troops are out for hours with no rewards

    some players have too many losses trying to split their troops to get as many camps as possible

    if all players were forced to send their hero too, then there would be a lot less inhouse fighting & fallouts over them

    also maybe make it impossible to rein a robbers camp, have seen that happen before too :|

    the first example is now not so easy to implement because they already made some changes & introduced a "cooldown period" after menhir happens where you cannot have troops actions with other players for 12 hours.

    the second example is exactly the reason we need to change the fundamentals of the menhir to make it not possible for those huge early game hammers to happen using menhir MA accounts to farm the resources from the res packages

    I think you just have to make it fair for all

    Menhir was introduced to make it possible to move a start village & that really should be it's only purpose

    it should have no impact on speed settle, or army building, or farming. If it had no other function then there would be no point in making all those MA's to cash in on various extra benefits

    so in theory it would help the honest players & deter the dishonest players

    Welcome to travian kingdoms, where no one gives a damn. Some of these issues appear in each server and they are never solved, those players continuing to play the game. In the last com2 round we got rid of some exploiters only because they decided to delete and start on a new server, after few days ban and some penalties. Hence, for this round, unless these guys are going to delete, I don't really expect anything to change.

    The purpose of this thread is to try & find a solution to stop some of the abuse happening

    Suggested changes to Menhir function

    Maybe you can bring us your ideas too, on what you feel needs changing around menhir (on topic) and then Unknown will have something to suggest to the Devs & maybe some changes will happen to stop some of the abuse on future servers moving forwards :)

    Lets all try to be more positive & proactive, rather than negative & reactive

    Now server is like team players settle/relocate around mountain with very safe and passive play. It will be good for the spirit of the server if it have more action/diplomacy from the beginning.

    This happened before menhir too though, as a team we used full suicide settle of our spawn village (we just avoided building any res fields) but it didn't stop us deciding/planning our borders for the server, in truth, it didn't really impact on our gameplay much either.

    so in this respect menhir hasn't changed the function of deciding where you settle your team, it has just enabled you to keep a very undeveloped village day 2 instead of removing it and just having a cropper & then resettling inside borders asap afterwards

    the menhir feature gives all players a chance to find a team & also a chance to relocate to a better team if, as so many players do, they find an over-enthusiatic King that is full of words at the start & becomes a farm shortly after they lose their first battles in the early game

    If I had to choose between menhir in it's current state or a rollback to before we had it, I would also choose to remove it.

    But I feel menhir adds to the game for both new & old players & if a solution can be found to remove the abuse aspect from using it, then it's still a good feature for all.

    As King I cannot say how many times I have been asked to invite someone into our borders & have declined them due to our team being strong enough already, but I usually try to encourage these players to stay on the server & to ask around the map (recommending other good & long-term teams to approach) so that they may also find a team on the server and become a good enemy. If you remove menhir, then those players would just be left high n dry.

    also worth mentioning I have played this game from both sides of the pond

    as a King of a premade

    but also a a sole player on a random server & the menhir feature helped me find the right place to play in both instances

    Nowadays 1 off player menhirs with 4 deffers, as you can send def during the cooldown.

    A lot of guides now include menhiring around 6 times before entering vac mode.

    remember though all those deffers are also on a 12 hour cooldown & can only be menhired if they too also only have one village

    also it's not advisable to menhir a lot of times even if using speed settle, as it resets your robbers & makes them disappear each time you do it

    (you really are wasting your time moving around so much, when you lose upto 6k res each time you do it)

    For me the idea behind menhir is a great one, the problem is the abuse happening because of it ....

    for as long as i played travian, it was always an issue that you had to either choose between your spawn or your team ... menhir was the change that helped fix the dream of having both.

    in BP you get a easy route to L7 fields (with quest rewards) the problem I can see is when people use MA accounts to quickly cash in on endless amounts of resources, pushing their main account massively (via raids)

    or using it kingdom wide and having a huge advantage way too soon in the game

    if you take away the benefits from using it from a MA perspective, a lot of the abuse around it will disappear too

    it used to be that when an account dropped back below 200 pop they would re-enter BP mode, if this happened then they would not be able to be "moved & farmed"

    although I think any remaining res packages would have to disappear after BP ended or the corrupt players would simply wait a week to farm them

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    They are being honest about it, I'm not seeing any denial from them around how they do it

    question for me is .... Why?

    seems some teams will go to any lengths to try & bag themselves a victory

    time after time they do the same tricks & in the end they only cheat themselves

    "Without Honour, victory is hollow"