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    So, to conclude.. TK is long dead now, all anyone can do is kick a dead corpse around until their foot starts hurting. Or simply... let it rot in peace.

    It doesn't help when players only ever post about the negatives rather than the positives of the game.

    Sure we've all experienced abusers & cheats, that happens in every online game.

    Lets try to rise above all that and try to "make Travian great again" :)

    Not really bothered either way on the first 3 points, they don't take much to work out manually & seem to be bringing in a lazy aspect to the game.

    BUT a big fat No for option 4, no one, should have access to so much info, way too much room for abuse if your King account gets mis-managed at any time

    (wasn't that long ago that a corrupt dual of a King kicked all Gov's from Kingdom on last day of server, imagine if someone like that had access to all troops of a kingdom, via some old connection or friend of sitter etc)

    but besides that it feels like a breech of privacy and taking away freedom to build/do what you want on your own account as I'm sure some kings would kick players for not meeting their expectations when sometimes there are genuine reasons why an account is lacking in troops

    on my wishlist would be the option to expand rally point if needed, many occasions you can have upto 50 inc's on multiple villages & it's tedious trying to analyze those in the current 4 actions format (also to be able to seperate incoming reins from farming & those of other players would be helpful)

    com2 round8 (2019)

    Pob acc

    Teuton King (dual account of Nemesid#NL Mayo & Jak )

    Sorry for not having exact numbers, but we had around 315k-320k troops at peak and estimated around 800k troops built over the 5 months,

    it was an amazing server to play def & we managed 1,492,392 def points in total.

    A lot of players overlook Teutons when playing def, but we've found them to be a great choice



    hover over the "green tick" it will give you more info's

    I thought it refered to overall ranks in any skill, but maybe it's messed up for you as com5 isn't a week old yet

    most troops from a single village

    (if one player send 1k troops from a single village and others send 500 troops from 2 villages, the 1k troops will die to to 500 stage and then all reins will die equally)

    The player that has the most troops there from one village (as reins) they will starve first

    then foreign reins will die in equal numbers

    then own reins from the village in oasis etc

    then own travelling troops

    then own troops in village

    on a standard round you mean? Would this really be a fix or would it just shift everything to week 5 and week 6? I know where you all coming from with the time limit. Breaking it down to a specific point in the game though makes it difficult.

    Would the better solution be to say until a player trained X troops like some of you mentioned? Or would that be a disadvantage against players who lost their starting team through no fault of one's own?

    yes on a normal speed server, the timescale would be less effect for abuse the older the server becomes, 6 weeks at start can be quite a big impact, but 6 weeks after 60 days would leave a lot less room for abuse as the targetted player/kingdom would be better equipped to counter any tactics that may be attempted.

    but 6 weeks (or even less) would still allow the menhir feature to be used as intended for anyone starting a server, even if starting late to find and play with their desired kingdom. once the timescale had elapsed the player would revert back to the old system and have to settle into the kingdom and maybe destroy/lose/ignore their spawn village depending on how close it is to their future villages.

    BridgetB if you could implement it to the age of the account, rather than the age of the server, then I feel 6 weeks is plenty time to find a kingdom and get established with a team, after that you have to question intentions for only having one village (either they are just spectating, or have "other" plans)

    I do feel that there could be a close of menhir function after a period of time on normal servers too, maybe after 6 weeks? (if you haven't found a kingdom by then, then there is probably some other reason why)

    also it would be good to know how this will impact on the current speed settling? since menhir features heavily in current startup guides too

    it's how an auction works, you would never know the "reserve price"

    it's the gamble you take when you decide you want to try and bid on an item that already has bids on it (it could be 20 it could be 20,000)

    another senario .....

    imagine if you saw the item listed at 20k ..... you wouldn't even bother bidding on it as you know you wont pay that price

    then the player that put the first bid on it, would get it super cheap because everyone already knew the max price & avoided it

    (meaning the auction generated no revenue)