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    What if kingdom size was restricted to 5% of the server size?

    Generally a server has most players at the start, so say 2000 people started then max for one kingdom would be 100 members
    then as the server progresses we usually see a drop in numbers, typical number for endgame is now 1000 so then 50 players per kingdom would be max they could have.

    no one would be kicked if they still had 100 members, they just wouldn't be able to recruit more until they had less than 50 (aka 5%)

    so it would mean those teams wanting wings would have no way to merge them all into one place for the endgame, making it less optimal to plan for this happening later in the game. Thus hopefully meaning newer, less experinced kingdoms could stay more viable throughout

    Eeeew no thanks <X

    I wouldn't insult our team to have them play on a server with a such a weak opponent, I can see clearly all the tricks you used to get to 200 players & that is nothing to be proud of either. I always say remember your dead as they count too, i feel if we counted all your deleted players in your "wings" we'd be here until the end of next server, but lets just say I saw a wing named IYI(99) what's that all about .......... Lololololol :S

    p.s. it's a bit late to start changing Kingdom names now to try & hide this, they are all still clearly visible in the GT

    Ryuga there is nothing impressive here ... you are over 200 accounts on a server with under 1k actives gaul-yikes


    You probably just killed your own endgame making yourselves too strong, the future looks dull as ... silent-fly

    maybe next time try doing the same with 50 accounts & zero farm wings ;)gaul-idea

    I think that although some of you're saying is true & I don't doubt that you find .ru servers more challenging. I think you need to understand why the level of play has dropped on .com servers.

    A few years back, the level of .com was far far superior to any local game-world & word got out that it was the place to play, so many National teams migrated over to try them out & they were indeed challenging for both sides.

    Although many of these National teams brought lots of "tricks" with them, these tricks were probably accepted as "the normal thing to do" on their local servers, as most teams on those servers would use them equally against each other, on .com servers however a lot of these tricks were viewed as unfair advantages & this caused a lot of .com teams to stop playing.
    Maybe when National teams can play without the need to do this, then we may see the level of competitive teams improve(or rather look more equal) this may also see the return of some of the old teams too, as they won't invest time & effort into a server to play against teams that use "tricks"

    So yes, it a real world. Many teams will spend some time getting their eco & infra established, because they don't have the benefits of disposable income from other sources, by using "tricks" if all this is too boring for you, then maybe .ru servers are more your playground :)

    needs changing

    no prestige, no sitter-add

    in a legit scenario, you wouldn't add a totally newbie as sitter anyway

    (so there would be no negative to doing this)

    I think 4 WWs is too few. I'm forever an optimist & hold out hope that numbers could rise again to a stage where we have 7 different kingdoms holding 7 WWs,

    atm on com5 there are 6 kingdoms in contention for holding a WW

    I like your description of the 6 quadrants, maybe rather than N/S/E/W we should view the world map more like the board of trivial pursuit & have start direction based around those instead?

    as mentioned in another thread I would like to see Kings spawn random all around the map, so that 0/0 could also be a more viable option,
    make spawn happen all across the map, to make the directional feature more usable,

    maybe split the map into more areas

    so have 7 areas (one around each WW)


    have it split into 8 areas, (North, North East, East, South East , South, South West, West, North West) in it's current state you can choose to start East and end up almost South or North


    just do away with directional options all together, since we have the menhir function now.

    There could still be a sequence when spawning Kings, but only for Kings & not in an area where they are fighting for the same start territory.

    Another thing I thought is it worth making the start border bigger initially & again having them more spread out around the map. The game is 5 months & a lot of New Kings fail in week one because they don't have room to establish their borders & team before the bigger teams start attacking them.

    Thank you Jak I will mention those suggestions as well.

    I am not sure how feasible it would be, but it will be studied.

    Thanks, I really think this would help improve things tbh

    "from a Company point of view" it would improve consumer confidence, as players would see results of actions being taken.

    "from a Player point of view" it could encourage more players to report suspicious activity, if they could see some transparency of the punishments (as much as is legally possible) It would also kill the myth that CSR team do nothing.

    "and for the abusers" it could act as a deterrent to discourage future players from being tempted to do it.

    Personally I look at it like this
    I don't need to hear details of who & where (although the info usually gets back to me)
    as long as we know something is being done to intervene and stop abuse wherever possible this is enough for me.

    I would kinda like having a summary of how many abusers got removed in a time frame though, say like monthly

    • x amount of players got removed for using MA's
    • x amount of players got banned for using Bots/Scripts
    • x amount of players had their main account removed
    • etc etc

    I think having some kind of insight around numbers could be beneficial to help show how much work the CSR team do & would in time perhaps act as a deterrent to stop people risking doing the same.

    Are you not allowed to name / shame / screenshot this players lobby name / server name / avatar pic? Even after they have had their account deleted?

    What's up with this Unknown

    No one knows what happened for sure, we can only speculate

    I asked Russian's & was told it's a "secret" But the very fact they aren't on here creating over it, tells me what we need to know ;)

    if you use Google Chrome, it has an option to translate the page you're viewing

    I'm not sure if there is anything like this on the app though

    ooo.. i saw. also playing com5 and we are still kind of trying to figure out what happened .. interesting.. him leaving the com5 left a lot of unanswered questions :/;)

    Well we heard he still had active treasuries & his treasures got deleted with him, like you say ... lots of questions

    But very positive action to see (If it's what people are thinking)

    Heya it's only an idea, you asked for ideas ..... run with it as you will :)

    But as I see it atm we have a system that spawns everyone into the game from "the centre outwards" so 0/0 ends up being really crowded & the outer edges really empty, which seems quite unbalanced, especially for new kings, that don't always understand that where you spawn isn't always the best place to establish your kingdom, which then leads to early wars & a lot of players being defeated & leaving the server.

    Early wars are never usually great wars, they are just bigger kingdoms bullying & clearing the area of smaller kingdoms. so having more space would allow newer/less experienced kings/kingdoms some growing room to get established.

    If you had NPC Kings all around the map then everyone would spawn into one of these instead & then only be able to open their own treasury by settling away from these NPC Kings,

    either as.....

    • a quest option chosing to crown yourself King selects a random 4446 relocation from "X" amount of squares from NPC King you chose in your start direction.
    • or you can choose a 4446 tile to relocate to again within a certain amount of tiles from your NPC King.

    and then if the NPC Kingdoms borders filled up more would appear in a random locations

    (depending on the amount of players on a server)

    Planning a Kingdom would require more than "lets make a load King acc's and menhir everyone into them" if the criteria for being King was made harder.

    and then if several premades were to join a server they could have an open discussion on the forums to decide which direction they planned to aim for & then this might also tempt more players to get involved depending on the talent of the teams involved ^^

    another point to mention for New Kings, they would easily be able to spot the players in the NPC Kingdoms & it could perhaps make recruitment easier?

    So add center to the preferred starting location?

    At the start the game has a radius of 60. The center would then be a circle with radius 27. Problem is, there are 6 wonders spread out over the 4 quadrants. Perhaps it would be better to split the spawn locations in 7 then, one for each wonder? Problem then is that the wonders are so close to the edge of the map that you can't really properly spawn around it.

    Yes make it so that the map has more directional options, so you can stay central or you can head out towards one of the other 6 WWs

    How would NPC kings work? What would their purpose be?

    NPC Kings all across to map to spread the spawn locations, rather than everyone falling over themselves around 0/0. It serves 2 purposes,

    • It helps teams plan a direction better (maybe it could be a discussion point before a server starts)
    • But also it gives more space for New Kingdoms be in a better position on the map to develop & recruit players into a more spacious border, rather than all being crowded around the centre & everyone just using New Kings for menhir and then abandoning them to join their intended kingdom.

    I kind of like that kings from the start......and to become king you have to do......something....maybe attain 200 pop....or go through a series of quests.

    Yes make it harder to be King, this also takes away some of the start-up abuse that happens when certain teams keep making "Temp Kings" to then use to farm tributes.

    What if the start system was changed completely and you randomly started all around the map (rather than close to 0/0) & if you choose direction it puts you further out in that direction rather than ending up central regardless of your choice.

    Maybe even make it that everyone started as Gov & introduce some NPC Kings? so that no one can make a Temp King acc & people have to plan more to get their Kingdom established