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    I don't think the system is "badly broken" I just think more info needs to made available to those wishing to play as King, as it requires a lot more commitment than it used to.

    The Unions was created to help stop the ever evolving meta kingdoms, thus giving smaller kingdoms a better fighting chance, now we just need to get those meta kings playing the game correctly

    (You can take the meta out of Kingdoms, but can you never take the King out of the meta) << this is the bit that's badly broken imo

    Sorry hellhound, I also disagree, but it's good to have you come back to travian to give it another go after all these years :)

    a good Def account can win the fight against any good Off account

    for all the reasons @Curtain mentioned above
    and also because you can build def in multiple villages, whereas an Off player generally only builds one main hammer (2 or 3 if they are really op, but an op Deffer would have def building in 5 or 6 villages) so you can rebuild your troops a lot faster than they can.

    also you get the extra def bonus from the wall and then there is up to an extra 30% from the water ditch (if a city)

    and then if you have mulitple defenders in one village the weapons work for all troops defending, so a little communication means you can have different def weapons applied and all troops giving the most effective def bonuses possible

    NOTE: Please don't mind our dust! This wiki is a work in progress. We will be adding content and making changes often. Come back and visit the Wiki to see the changes as we progress.

    (there would be far too many spelling mistakes if i started on them) :D

    It would probably be a good idea if someone could spend some time updating all the changes that have happened in kingdoms onto the "wiki site", so many players new and old seek info there and are being given wrong or out of date answers.

    This then makes for unhappy, confused, frustrated or angry players, as they are unable to do the things they have read as written in the rules

    Yes you need to deactivate (or remove) your treasury, not sure for king if you need 200 pop to change (for gov you do)

    as you are talking BP I'm guessing you're on a new server) so no unions will have happened yet (once you Unite with another kingdom, you can no longer abdicate for the rest of the server)

    Altough this is an old topic i was wondering if there are some players with the same experience.
    After i settled my 2nd village i destroyed my " spawn" village so my only village is my new 15c(this is also automatricly my capital.)
    The problem i'm facing is that the robber hide outs keep on spawning in the area of my original village which unfortenatly is about 6hours walk for my clubs.

    Does anyone have this same experience? normally robber hide out spawn in the area of your capital.

    It's all in the timing of when you remove your 1st village, make sure you have robbers still at your spawn area (cleared of troops but with a small amount of res remaining) then remove your 1st village, then after midnight send troops from your 2nd village to finish clearing them and they should respawn in new area.

    if you didn't do this they will start to spawn in new area after you cleared them, but like you say it's a pain when you are sending troops on 12 hour journeys

    I think it's fine that you are allowed to relocate a 15c, it's an option that's open to every player on the server & doesn't take a lot of skill to grab 2nd village in 24hours (so very fair)
    I see it as a solution to the problem of trying to get all your starting team inside smaller borders with the restrictions there are now on kingdom sizes.
    (btw when i say starting team, i mean 30-40 players not a meta style of play, I am ok with the kingdom restrictions) :)

    from another angle .... I once relocated a cropper right across the world and back again, it was fun and to do and just having a cropper meant I had decent troop numbers too

    Making your village a Capital will not affect the kingdom. The only way to move the kingdom if you have more than one village is to move the treasury to a different village, as it's an active treasury that gives you kingdom borders.

    if you only have one vill, then you may get offered to relocate, but you have to fit the criteria for this to happen

    I for one see no fun in crushing weaker Kingdoms, the senario we have on our current server is we are already ranked much higher than everyone else we are at Mid-game and will have no options but to start fighting those lesser than us, I would much rather fight equal or better kingdoms, the win feels bigger if you manage to defeat them.

    so yes, hopefully more pro v pro and then the other servers would be better matched also

    Usually upto 5000 players start a server, but yet only 10-20% of those stay to the finish. Maybe if servers were ranked, more players would finish at the rank they were playing.

    like in all games you will always get some going in at top level and not being able to cope, you will also get some playing a lower level at a lesser pace for them. (some would play them all just for the medals)
    But I feel that should be the individuals choice

    I'm surprised that some would just join a beginners-server so they can be bullies, that's really sad to think that if given a choice that players would choose the lowest level of server just to make themselves look boss, a way to counter that would be to give different medals at the end of each server.

    So winning a beginners-server would give you a different medal than winning a pro-server, if you just want a chest full of "Level one" medals then it will show that you too are a "forever noob"

    I would make joining a server the players choice, they may have different reason for wanting to play at a different level, but what is important is that they stay and don't delete.

    Reasons players delete .......
    they got annihilated by someone - a more equal server they may have had a chance to fight back
    the server became boring - a more equal server wouldn't be as boring
    something happened in real life - not a lot can be done to avoid this in any circumstance

    Soooo ..... it seems that all the hard work and changes the Devs have made have cured the problem of "the meta" we thank you for that :)
    but now we have another problem in that, some kingdoms are now not strong enough to survive a full server

    Anyway was having a catch up with my dual the other day and he came up with a cracking idea for how to make the servers more challenging and entertaining for all. Rather than having Com1-Com7 following the same format, why not have them ranked instead?

    So .....
    Com1 Com2 could be beginners servers or for those just wanting to offer experience to new players etc
    Com3 & Com4 intermediate
    Com5 & Com6 experienced kingdoms
    and Com7 a pro server or a rolling server to replace whichever just finished

    if you played on a server and it was too easy, then you know you belong on a higher level and vice versa

    we had the same thing on UK servers, they too were sparsely populated and now they no longer exist, so I'm not really sure which option is better.

    we are currently halfway through a .com server using this system & have to say the problem of "the meta" seems to have worked. Kingdoms are of similar sizes (between 30-60 players avg) so the very large kingdoms are no longer an option it seems

    The rules have changed (wiki probably needs updating to reflect the new rules) you cannot leave your "united" Kingdom if you are either King

    maybe read the blog post about the changes

    A Tale of Two Kings: Kingdom unions in depth | Travian Kingdoms Blog

    Players need to learn now that when they take one the role of King it involves taking responsibilty and commitment for the whole server & not just until they decide they've had enough of playing the role.

    It's a harsh move, but hopefully in time players will realize that a Kingdom needs a dedicated King & that in itself should bring a more solid structure on future servers.

    @LooWee#EN maybe i should've added playing def properly (as a top Off would be played) as you seem to have played your def account rather average :D

    I do agree this is a War Game and more emphasis needs to be spent on that (i.e. attacking & defending) not just farming..... back in the good old days farmers had to rinse and repeat every report meaning really earned your spot in the top10 for farming.
    Sending troops "Global" may not bring you more res, "the same amount of res" would still be the same amount of res in a village, you would just get less from each raid as all the other farming players would also be sending more troops all across the map too (thus making farming even less effective)there is no sense in being a mad busy fool

    Being trampled on is never pleasant and another idea we had to try and counter this, would to be to introduce "training servers" to get the newbies primed teach them such things as you described like how not to be a farm or how to beat a much bigger opponent ....
    before them having to suffer the perils of the over aggressive players this game attracts

    I have no idea what day you guys are on, but on com2 before the end my troops were eating 5,5 million crop per day and on top of that gotta spend atleast +1 million res on queueing more troops daily. There was points at the game where i could not queue any new troops because the negative was choking me. I had more than 25k horses AFK in my village because i could not have any more troops out raiding to feed themselves. My troops were on the brink of starvation for ages, and this was with 999 capped on 2 villages and raiding a bit on a third one too.
    About the defenders raiding argument, making some TTs as a gaul defender will probably help you to make a lot more phalanx than you could otherwise make. Also adding a little bit of competition would only be healthy if there was no cap :)

    //Is there any chance we could get opinions from a gamedesigner regarding this thread? Is the cap just for saving server resources or is there actually something deeper behind it? @KEEN @Wizzball @FabianF Sorry about the ruthless tags, ya'll just don't seem too active on the forum :whistling:

    So I read this and I believe bringing numbers into this makes your argument weaker .....

    Top 10.png

    We are at day 72 so players will have hammers less than half the size you had, they are showing that's it's possible to farm plenty of resources with the 999 restriction in place and with lesser troops (also lesser developed villages and production too) also worth mentioning that there are only 2 Kings in the top10 all the rest are Govs & as mentioned a good mix of all tribes...... that for me says the problems the heavy farmers are having are not due to the 999 Cap at all.
    So lets think about what the cause maybe, it could be the drop in farms due to players going inactive/deleting, having being overfarmed (removing the 999 Cap wouldn't help solve the problem.)
    Or it could be that more players have more troops and so the farm stats are more spread (i.e. the same amount of res being shared with more active players farming) removing the 999 Cap wouldn't solve that either,
    it could even be the quality of your own farmlists maybe you need to just take a closer look at your lists and not just farm everything on the map (just because you can) that then could cure you of having a problem with the 999 Cap anyway.

    I have seen great hammers from all 3 tribes and so it is possible for all to achieve, which tribe they chose to play is upto each individual and players that would be affected by the 999 Cap would be aware of the Pro's & Con's before starting the server anyway.

    Congrats @Jallu on your 230k hammer, I understand the problems in feeding/queuing that amount of troops having had similar a few times, difference being I am a pure def player and do not farm at all. (my little boast here is that we currently hold the record for the highest defs stats (normal speed) in the "hall of fame") so i feel able to be vocal about this
    The solution you gave to building some TTs wouldn't actually help a player like me (that is Off players advice) I would actually advice that a def player built Haeds rather than TTs as the last thing a deffer needs is thousands of pure Off troops eating the crop that could be replaced with a "ghost stopping" Haeduan army instead, they are great troops for dealing with hideouts too (they could still be used to farm with too, same as druids or paladins for Teuts etc, but that's brings me back to them not being at home if needed for a speedy def)
    as a def player, we are just the poor relations and very often seen as a weaker choice/player, for all those that have that mindset i would suggest you play a round of def and see how "easy" it is ;)

    But anyway Def was just one example I gave, you also need to consider Aggresive/Passive, Gold user/Non Gold user, Rich/Poor, really Active/notso Active, Dual acc/Solo acc, all these would be affected if the 999 Cap was removed. This game needs to be fair for all, not just the few, All those heavy farmers should perhaps make some changes themselves as the above s/shot shows it is easy possible to achieve great farming with a 999 Cap on all tribes without even having endgame hammer sizes in play. taking away the restriction could just make the divide even bigger & also could have the opposite effect created, by having even more players delete due to feeling iinadequate, only being able to see what happens on the top10 accounts rather than seeing average sized players stats

    A group of us had a little discussion about this yesterday and came to the same conclusion as @PoLo take away the 3 click farmlists and make farming a skill again and then maybe you could bring forward an arguement to have the restriction lifted. in the meantime all you farmers are effectively getting "free resources" make the most of it

    Just had a quick look at top ten raiders on our current com5

    there are 5 Romans (top 4 are Roman)
    and there are 3 Gauls & 2 Teutons

    they have farmed an insane amount of resources between 4 million & 14 million res in just 4 days I'd say that's plenty and looks pretty balanced throughout the tribes & the restriction on outgoings isn't affecting things that badly

    I feel that compared to the handicap a Def player has that the restriction is fair and should stay.
    (Yes you can argue that a def player can raid too, but for their troops to be as effective as possible they need to be sat at home ready for action, not 3 hours away on a raid)