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    It is not possible to choose the hours

    it is possible to choose the hours too :) it's just a couple more clicks to do it

    lets say it's 12 noon now,

    so you click & add the 12noon & the 1pm

    then delete the 12 noon tab

    now select the village that is 3 hours away & when you press the + it will autofill the 3 hour slots from 1pm (rather than 12noon)

    and save

    Then repeat the above adding in the 12 noon & 1pm + 2pm (and delete the 12noon & 1pm tabs)

    add in the village & autofill from 2pm

    and again save

    (hope this makes sense) ilike

    Click the "Crown" & you will find the tab "Friends" then search & add friend, or click on their profile and there is an "add friend" icon next to "open chat"

    n.b. this is PC method (not sure how/if possible on mobile)

    Personally I'm gonna celebrate the healing tents


    Thanks TK we really liked this feature & would love to see them added to all servers in the future

    (if that could be possible) ;)

    also Thanks our Mad team "Mad Zoo"


    we had such fun & it was great to see 34 players totally punching above their weight :D

    Got a list with all the culture points of all building levels in the top of your head? ;)

    Wiki is mostly usefull for looking up those kind of stats.

    I've never been one to chase culture points myself, I'm happy to let them happen as they happen

    but Maybe this thread can help you a little? :)

    To be honest, it's probably better to just ask any questions with the community here on the forums, as a lot of wiki is so outdated it gives you the wrong answers gaul-falling

    1] Fully fix menhir (by either method already mentioned above)

    or lose menhir totally, as it is the most abused feature in the game now.

    2] Make it that "zero prestige" players cannot be added as dual/sitter also that they can't have dual sitter added to their account (add a "view only" option instead for new accounts, so that sitter checks can happen & advice given for genuine newbies) also make it that "zero prestige" players cannot be King or Duke (an account should have finished a server before becoming a Royal)

    3] Give an option to add flag markers to all members in a Secret society (to avoid friendly fire at start-up)

    4] Give an option to expand Rally Point to 10 actions if required (especially for checking 50-60 incomings attacks on a single village)

    5] Improve CSR section, (add another CSR if required) so that tickets checks happen several times a day (rather than just once a day)

    Hi Bellatora and welcome bbash-handshake

    Good Luck in your new role, exciting times ahead.

    We will do our best to keep you on your toes

    & hope it will be both challenging & rewarding too


    now lets all eat cake bbash-cake

    From the quick calcs i ran, the travel time for the ram clearer was a minimum 3:02:50-hours with TS L20, sending as attack (not siege), so it looks like these attacks were already on the way before you chiefed the Natar, I think it's just a unique situation that neither party had planned for & was just lucky that you were online to prepare a defence party for their arrival, it would be hard to recreate this scenario in an abusive way & I don't really see it as something that needs a fix.

    One thing I would say, is you can always arrange a def party to land just after you chief anything to counter any other attacks that are already inbound that you cannot see, even if it wasn't truce time this could still happen, so isn't really a bug that needs fixing in that sense..

    Golden rule is always be online when you chief anything (even in truce time) just in case ;)

    Like I said Deniz OZMEN TR , you keep telling yourself those made up fantasies.

    I'm sure you can believe them even if no one else does.

    Other option is ofc .....

    you can demand change & start to grow a new variety of apple seed in a world without a rotten core ;) and then see how successful it can become

    I am not defending anyone. I defend my kingdom.

    I'm sorry if you throw the box away because there are rotten apples in the apple box, but you can't be a tradesman.

    When the core is rotten though, you just have to throw away the box & start over ;) when the problem is ingrown it spreads to all the smaller apples & the tree itself needs to be removed.

    Your Kings & Royals have the power to do a quality control of the rotten apples, problem is that on more than one occasion this server more than one of you Royals have been banned,

    We got treasure from very simple GF & Reckless kingdoms. Also, an average of 75 stolen items per person per day comes from the shelters. You calculate. How do we reproduce this? You are connecting this to multi.

    I'm just saying things that I see ;)

    those 6000 extra accounts resources went somewhere ;)

    you don't think those extra resources from extra accounts gave certain other accounts an advantage in having extra troops?

    Or that key members of your team got banned multiple times and had to endure many punishments?

    I would be embarrassed if this were my team & yet you are here defending them, in my eyes this makes you as guilty as they are.

    When you can play the game as intended & not need these extra tricks, then we can talk about how "Good" IYI really are.

    Görsel It's 100% a fake.

    Why they need secret messaging to ask people to add sitters? When they are on the server themselves & can just use kingdom chat to say "add me as sitter" via their ingame name ;)

    For anyone reading this thread, Do not add random emails to be your sitter, this could be a scam or you could be adding a multi account as your sitter & get banned for it. always always just add them via their ingame name.

    If you are sure that you know the number of people in my kingdom better than I do, let me know the number.

    lets examine the void shall we

    I can confirm there are currently 2120 accounts registered on BBash1

    and recently [player:8091] registered

    so what happened to the other 6000 accounts?

    and how did IYI end up with 3-4x the amount of treasures, when their attack stats are quite similar to everyone else's?

    -- If you are not in the game, how can you have this list?

    -- If you're in the game, what did you do besides make this list?
    You really don't know what you're writing.

    I'm just guiding you, don't get me wrong, I'm not judging you. But you can be a better player.

    People do talk you know? you don't have to be in the game to know things that are happening with certain teams

    especially when they are bringing so much shame & dishonour, whether that be on themselves, their team, their Country or the game in general : :S