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    TL:DR (only replying to OG post)

    in the end Romans end up being a really strong Off tribe, they also have the advantage of easier feeding & of the dual building (which in itself generates them more CPs faster, so they kinda already have it if you know how to sim)

    so no, I don't think Romans need extra perks, different tribes bring in different aspects, if one isn't working for you maybe try another tribe :)

    sorry, but i just don't beleive in wonders :)

    and that's why we're in the sad state we are

    I truly believe if you want change, you have to be change

    now if only you could educate those that need to change rather than expecting the good people of this world to.

    If change happened from the right direction the game would be fixed ;) and it's that simple

    What task is the easiest?

    1. Change peoples mentality.

    2. Change game mechanics.

    I think it's obvious that the 2nd

    yeah that's why we fought for years for changes to punishments, to finally get them & then want them reversing (not) :S

    I'm happy on the direction we're headed & plenty of other players are happy to see harsher punishments being announced too, maybe it's time to embrace change in your "cuckoo world" too rather than expecting a game to change to tolerate abuse.

    OK you don't use, and get less troops. But the enemies continue using multies - and you lose. That's the point.

    It's the childish dream where everyone is fair. Real life, and travian as well, is not like that.

    So lets all get as bad at the game as the abusers? is that the best you can do? Like seriously !! :D

    Thanks, but No thanks :)

    I'll pass on that one & carry on my plight for clean servers with less cheats

    There is also another option

    Option 3. Players actually learn how to play & stop relying on cheat methods to enhance their main accounts.

    I never use a multi account.

    I never even farm.
    I am usually in the top troopers in a kingdom (even as a Gov)

    it takes some time & commitment, but even in 2022 it's possible to be successful without using Multi's or Bots

    (I am willing to help players improve, if you need advice please get in touch)

    So you think low-life player would spent upto tens of thousands of euros to hire ddos as a service to get couple euros worth of gold?

    I'm saying if they got sniff that the reaction was to get gold added, it might encourage more attacks of this kind (some people in the World are really struggling to get their hands on gold rn, because of one reason or another) ;)

    What I'm trying to say you first say the reason you don't give compensation is not to encourage DDoS attacks and then you admit it's not a viable thing to assume. On the other hand gold compensation costs you nothing, well maybe couple of euros in lost potential sales but mostlikely nothing significant.

    I don't think gold should be given for this, I totally get where BridgetB is coming from when she says they don't want to encourage more by giving this kind of compensation

    (imagine how many more low-life players might decide to start doing the same trick if the reaction from TK is throw gold at it)

    It's frustrating, but I think as players we just need to show our support for the game & not let those trying to ruin it win by us demanding compensation when actually it's not TK's fault this is all happening.

    Imagine if you walked into your favourite store & it'd just been targeted by thieves.

    (and the items you'd pre-ordered & paid for were also robbed) would you demand compensation? or would you offer your support to the store owner?)

    I know which would do ;)

    Maybe everyone needs to step away from the keyboard for a while.

    Personally I don't blame TK for what has happened, their Company is the victim in all this & I do think they will be working hard to try & stabilize everything again.

    I imagine those responsible for this are very amused by the reactions they are causing, this is exactly what they want to happen, lets think about the bigger picture here, Botters & Bot Companies don't want you to enjoy the game if they can't exploit it however they wish, the fact that this is a consequence of harsher punishments is very telling in itself.

    So why feed the machine that ruins the game we all love? We have been crying out for harsher punishments for so long & now we have them being introduced, we have to also accept there will be some abusers not very happy at that & that's why we are were we are today.

    Oh i see, I think it's something that has been spoke about in the past, but doubt that will ever happen tbh.

    I think we just have to trust that things are improving, have started noticing a lot more bans happening

    & also the top10 stats are starting to look more balanced

    (so I guess that is promising news) :)