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    The problem is though, TK could stop people defending each other, but you cant stop 100 friends ganging up on individual players (just because they can) and that feels really not balanced or fair at all

    and yes some people are sad enough to do just that, they live on egotistical power-trips & don't consider the little guy at all, also this would be a really bad experience for any newbie that just happened to stumble onto the server by chance :|

    I played a server once with no WW, the win was all based around VP's. (I think it was where the idea of TK was born)

    it was on T4 "Ancient Europe" it was called (the map was Europe) & artefacts were in fixed places, you had to settle out towards them (rather than capturing them & passing them around)

    you could either activate the artefact for it's own effect or activate VPs & they had to be defended instead of treasuries or WWs

    It was quite a fun server to play ;)

    Heya all,

    Once upon a time the travian forum was much more populated and used, let's try to use a bit more and make the forum a bit more active !

    Let's use this thread to talk about things in game on BBash1, anything really but keep in mind that if we go too far away (Insults/witch hunt or things of the sort) there will be sanctions / the thread will be closed. Banter is healthy, but lets keep it clean :P

    So let the fun begin ..

    I heard a rumour (I Y I) just lost a ridiculous amount of troops & the only damage was 2 levels of a Palisade wall :D

    Boys, Boys stop all this crap & think for a moment

    If you want to blame someone..... Blame those that abuse the game.

    whatever Nation they are from & whether they be Account Holder, Sitter or someone's MA, it's still not allowed.

    Just because someone got caught not playing legit, they are now doing shite like this.

    So if you want to have this little riot, at least know who to target. rather than just firing your "gums" at TK who are the victim of the DDOS attack, make sure you're protesting at the right people.

    Also don't expect any compensation from TK any time soon, as a company as they aren't the perpetrator in all this & it would be wrong to fund it as it could encourage it to happen more.

    totally 100% agree with this :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Y'all need to get past it, there is this line written in the rules of this forum.....

    "Ingame bans are not to be discussed in the forum. Support is to be contacted for that. Threads which discuss such matters will be deleted."

    (My guess) It's their Company & they don't want to risk some abuser trying to sue them (after all we've all seen the extremes they go to just for a pixel medal), so I don't blame them for not having open house on it here. We (The gamers) need to get back to using the forum for fun things rather than every thread ending up like this.

    Personally I think it's great & thank all those that have helped bring this to fruition. :)

    Unknown mentioned that it is fluid & maybe that does mean a layered punishment system, i.e. the bigger the crime the higher the punishment

    (3 strikes & you're out kinda thing)

    Time will tell if it's enough, if it's not they can keep increasing the punishments until it is.

    I also agree that it's better if we don't know what they have in their arsenal, "us" as legit players will never be affected by this, but those who choose to abuse features & exploits will not be able to plan around the punishments until they are caught abusing something.

    (pre-warned is pre-armed as they say)

    Why cant you reveal the punishments for the most common cheats? Multies / Scripting / Real Money Trading. I think it would be easier for people to understand. Why do you think disclosing the punishment guidelines gives possible cheaters too much advantage? if that's the case, the punishement (or catchability) is too low.

    I think GDPR laws prevent this, rather than it being a TK thing

    I think it's a good rule & needs to stay, the abuse around shared IP is a lot more game destroying than 2 players not playing the same server from the same household will ever be.

    it's inconvenient for those 2 players, but as unknown suggested they can play different servers and sit each other.

    if you start bringing in kingdom restrictions around shared IP's this then becomes a problem with inhouse abuse & espionage (i.e. "hang on I'll go check out my brother's chat in his kingdom") it would happen for sure

    Maybe it could be a server without anything to gain?

    so no prestige gained (apart from a badge to say you've played it)

    no weekly stats


    questionable whether you even need WWs or an endgame?

    just a place to get to grips with all the game has to offer before joining a real server.

    Maybe have it time-locked to the age of the account (say one month) and make it so that every new player/account has to actively play before they can join a real server.

    I think moving forwards though it is something that should be strongly considered.

    There are over 43 million people in the Ukraine (so a similar size to Spain) That's a huge potential customer base for TK, that could be offended in the future if they are offered a Russian flag after everything that has happened.

    Maybe a lot do speak Russian, but after this War I doubt any would consider themselves Russian, they are Ukrainian & they need their identity to be as visible as possible, especially now

    (just my thoughts ofc)

    I'm not sure if this is allowed, but here goes anyway ...... It's been on my mind for a couple of weeks & Since TG have already announced they stand in solidarity with the Ukraine., I figured it's worth a shot.

    After learning that a lot of Ukraine players have used the Russian flag on their avatars in the past & because that really isn't an appropriate option anymore. I would like to propose adding a "Ukraine flag" as a flag option ingame.

    I know many Countries don't have their own National flag & choose to play on the International flag and the Ukrainians also have this option.

    But I feel adding this would be a way for TK team to show their support towards the people of Ukraine & also act as a lasting tribute for those who are suffering or have lost their homes, family & friends during this devastating War.

    It could also be used by others in the community to show their support for the Ukrainian people too, it's a small thing, but it would show we care & "stand with Ukraine" without it being political.

    Please don't use this thread as an excuse to spread hate or political propaganda , lets keep it respectful