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    Again, the time of the server (GT) was mixed up and along with it changed the hours of night truce against UTC.

    I still think GT should not depend on local times. It's best if it starts with the start of the game world (GT server start = 0:00:00).

    I write about the situation when there are no willing to attack and robbers from the camp are attacking those who have already attacked. They can only bet deff instead of retaliating.

    Another solution to the dispute is the method I wrote in 1 post: bandits from the camp only attack accounts that did not attack them (because and why attack someone who comes with a retort?).

    You're right. Therefore, the king and the nearest duke should be able to attack the camp of the attacking robbers because his duty is to protect governors. Even when they were already attacking the camp.

    You cannot send more attacks than one to each camp.

    Over time, bandits from the camp attack the villages. They attack regardless of whether the player has already attacked their camp.

    Wiki - "If a robber’s camp hasn’t been attacked successfully for a set period of time, it will take the initiative and attack surrounding villages itself."

    Why are the camp robbers also attacking those who have already attacked the camp?

    I propose:

    The camps only attack those who have not yet attacked them.


    When there is no player from the kingdom who did not attack the camps at a distance of 20 boxes, the camps attack the nearest treasury, and the owner of the treasury can respond with an attack on the camp even as he attacked the camp.

    Engineer's helmet

    There are helmets speeding up the creation of units: infantry (in barracks) and cavalry (in the stable).

    Why is there no helmet that speeds up machine production in the workshop?

    During the night armistice and when soldiers have time to attack while the armistice is underway, the "Farm List" cannot be edited. Editing does not matter when the army attacks, so it should be possible to change: the type and number of soldiers.

    This will greatly improve the number of troops sent from the list because there is often a very small time range with the option of editing.


    The mobile application is getting better. There are more and more improvements in the "Farm List".

    During the night truce and when the troops have the time to enter the attack, when the truce is in progress, the "List overview" can not be edited. The edition does not matter when the army will attack, therefore it should be possible to change: the type and number of troops.

    Notifications are a very good feature. However, it would be better to choose which notifications and from which game world you will receive them. They are needed from one world, but not from another.

    Icon - my feelings are that I liked the previous one more. The simplicity is beautiful, the excess of details overwhelms.

    On com servers there is a choice of the language version. Why can not it be done on all game worlds in all domains?

    There is software, there is a language base. So and possibilities are.

    More people would play national sewers if they had their language available.

    It was suggested to use google chrome. However, the translation of the program and the human is a huge quality difference.

    Why has the game / server time changed ("Game world time") with the change of local time in most countries from winter to summer? GT should be unchangeable and does not have to be the same as German time (CET). It interferes with, among others calculations of army forces, construction time. With an unchangeable GT there is no problem because time does not jump by 1 hour. After all, it's time to dial the time: local, GT, UTC.

    • The hero can have shoes that allow his army to move faster.
      Why are not there shoes that release him and his army?
    • The hero has a helmet, which speeds up the formation of troops in barracks and stable.
      Why is there no helmet that speeds up work in the workshop?

    Sales offers are not visible immediately on the market. There is some (I do not know how many minutes) delay. In the middle of the delay time, traders could be turned back.

    Of course, some players will use it as resource protection, as does the protection of the army. This will be a bonus for active players.

    In Travian version 3.6 I played mainly on en and guest on ru, sk, cz and de.

    In Travian Kingdoms mainly on en and guest on com, cz, nl and nordic.

    I need English to communicate with support. I also know Russian and of course my national Polish.

    However, the most convenient to play when you have an interface in the national language. That's why I am opting to be able to choose the language version not only on com and nordic but in all domains. I would also like all languages to be available. Then it's easier to play in another domain. Even as far as plans are concerned Travian Team intends to have only the com domain, many language versions will allow easier play for players of different nations.

    There are many games where contact with support is only in English (even when both sides know a different language), and the game interface is in any language. Then it happens that knowing the admin in his language, you can talk to him in his native language on a private channel, but the official query and the official answer is in English.

    Will I play on com? Internet and Travian have no regionalization, so I will play in different domains. But I would like to speak Polish and under the Polish flag.