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    hi Georgi

    Are you close to announcing servers for september ?

    com 2 have ended and com 1 also close to end, would be nice if we could have a chance to agree with our team mates, which server we should start on next time, before all the servers are running out

    Another option is to go the other way around, making many more WWs e.g. 19 (1-6-12) 1 in center 6 in a ring between center and current WWs, and then extend the outer WW ring by an extra ww between each of the current ones. It will give many more opportunity to try to hold a WW and there will be many more possible targets in endgame. If you simultaneously did something about the number of players in an alliance so that the most optimal was 20-25 and 40-50 after a merge, it would give many more alliances the opportunity for a top result, and get their own WW. This could possibly be done by reducing one alliance's VP bonus everyday if you were more than 20 players. If you were over 25, only 1/4 of your treasuries counted in the total of the day, etc.

    server 1 works really badly, you have to refresh all the time, but still it can't build and your troops are frozen, etc. have never tried a server running so badly. there is hope for improvement, otherwise it is better to shut it down, give people money back and start a new server. this scares both new and old players away

    Yes , but is there notning you can do in the beginning of the game, I will soon begin on a new server, so It would be nice to know if it is random or you can pick you favorit someway on a fresh server

    When Selling tresure I receive: +‭1300‬‬+‭1750‬‬+‭1300‬‬+‭7800‬‬

    As you can se i get more Stone then wood and Iron, as a Teuton i could really need more Wood then Stone, is there anything you can do in the beginning of then game that you can do to get Wood instead, or is it totally random?