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    Hi Everyone
    I would like to share my part of experience of playing with this amazing roman tribe.

    First we will discuss about the buildings
    Most of us know that being Romans gives us advantage of quickly developing our village with less use of gold.
    We can upgrade building and resource to higher level simultaneously.
    Few of us know this :-
    Roman wall gives maximum defense bonus but at the same time it is the weakest wall among all tribes

    Special building :-
    like every other tribe this tribe also offers a unique building called HORSE DRINKING TROUGH.
    This building reduces crop consumption of your cavalry allowing you to build larger number of offensive troops(hammer) with less crop consumption.

    This tribe have excellent troops to offer if you want to play offensive
    Troops are fast with impressive attacking strength
    One can get a good offensive strength Hammer with less crop consumption compared to other tribes
    This tribe is best suited to train catapults to destroy WW reason being :-
    Tuetons gets brewery as special building which gets them extra attacking bonus but catapults fire randomly
    Gauls troops are best suited to play defensive

    Roman Hero :-
    The hero skill “strength” increases by 100 points instead of 80 points for each skill point added.

    Roman Senetar:-
    Senator is more powerful than Gaul and Teuton equivalents

    Let us discuss about few of the drawbacks of this tribe and how to overcome these :-
    1-Troops – slow speed, high build costs, slow time to train
    Solution - Get quickly to great barracks and great stable

    2-Merchants– medium speed (16 f/h), low capacity (500 resources)
    Solution - build trade office

    Please feel free to ask anything related to the article

    Kingdom Union seems to be nice feature. Can you please share more details about the same?

    By way of an example will be very insightful!