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    Gaul is the best for defense focused style. Not just because of best resource/defense and defense/time, also the most important movement speed. While phalanx is the backbone for major battles, druid/haeduan though a bit expensive, they allow you arrive on time in most case to compansate their cost.

    Roman is generally a poor choice for defense focused style. Praetorian's defense/crop is great indeed, but its movement speed is terrible. You have to position them near some vital village, eg. treasury or major off village. Or the chance to be arrived on time is way too low. Legionnaire could be medicore troops to defense compare to phalanx, and its train speed is way too low. But it can use as medicore attack troops. Not recommended to make too many of them, it is crop inefficent and it's def/time is very bad. One worse thing about Roman defense is, it does not have defensive cavalry, which means it's single village output is far lower than another two tribe and you can not utilise ally flag/shoes to make the arrival chance bigger. Also, you will need to build more villages to compansate it's low troop/time.

    Hi @Eartheater
    yes, I'm sure that the resources have to be in the same village(tested it myself in the past and tech team confirmed it). Crop is also counted for this achievement but you are right that it cannot be completed in a non WW village - In order to reach storage capacity of 10M in a single village/city, Great warehouses and granaries are a must.

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    Thank you for the clarification. Then this achievement is the most difficult to get so far. But seriously, village can be transferable if ppl work for achievement only. Would someone crazy enough to build such WW village 'for sale' to get achievement only?

    Hello @VIMCMXC#IT
    for the Pathological hoarder achievement to be completed all 10 million of the resources must be in the same village :) That's the only one I still can't get ^^

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    are you sure in same village? is that even possible without holding a WW village? i thought resources mean wood, clay and iron, excluding crop.

    With condition that it must be spended within 24 hours of acquisition and can not be sold. Disappear after 24 hours.
    So we can 'release' them in the 'right village' and never waste a dam adventure.
    They should also take a random 8 to 12 mins or more to arrive for preventing some likely abuse.

    In this case your king or duke in this area may have granted protection and collected tax from this player. To solve this problem, you need to ask your king to attack him with any amount of troops in order to kick him out of protection. You may chief him after 3 days of your king's attack.

    Eartheater its just youre not too experienced :) How bout you become top player at 5 more servers, then you will have some grounds to talk about what experienced players do's and don'ts are :D

    Talking about the experience, playing a serous server is equal to 10 not serious ones especially when sitting for king and duke and WW...I have played 3 serious servers in TK, that's pretty much enough to talk about things.

    Rookies just like looking at off and def value and ignoring carrying capacity, movement speed, training time and cost, we all know those values are not kind of decoration, they all have some meaning which is needed to taken into consideration in decision making.

    For example, Teutons troops, we know they are raiding capacity is poor when compare to other tribes where troops can reach 1000 raiding cap per village. If you don't know about this 1000 raiding cap, don't you tell me that you have ever built a serious hammer. The troops of teutons are cheap and fast to produce that is true, but the fact they take over roman's off/time only when they have drunk, and it loses that ability to target important buildings, making nothing more than a wall breaker. Is wall breaker that important in TK? Yes, it is important but not as important as in T4 as there is a water ditch in TK. Destroying the treasuries is just as important as taking the treasures, sometimes it is even more important. Plus clubs are most powerful at off/time, but they paid by crops, they are not 'cheap' at all.

    And for another prae and spearman part. Rookies have no idea how to defend. Start from basic, first you need to be online or your sitter online so your troops are controllable, second you need to have your troops mobilized so you can actually move them from your village, third you need to spot and identify the 'real' attack, fourth your troops need to arrive the village before the attackers. If you know that many steps before your def troops to be valid for defense purpose, then you should know the importance of speed of def troops that's why druids are highly valued in def. And standing def purpose is not make for to be crush, its preventing others attacking it at first place. Most ppl will avoid attacking a village full of standing def except WW or in coordinated operations.

    Second, You can not control when they are going to die in def as you cant control when your enemies' attack landing time. And since you can not control when they are going to in defense, the def/time is very important, because when they are gone yourself or your ally's villages or treasures will be gone too. And if leave the def troops low after attack soon will provoke other 'new' enemies coming...

    The third thing is, teuton plays def is not am effective move as its power lies in off, so dont even talk about spearman blah blah can have some of them, but would never grow into number like phalanx. Not saying def teutons are unplayable, but the effectiveness is not as good as gauls. Of course, you can play both off and def at the same time early game, but it will become not so useful in mid and late game. Specialization is way to efficiency.

    then why all the experienced players play teutons?? if they are the weakest tribe in the game... all the suicide attacks are done by teutons, i rarely see a roman player playing as aggressive as teuton especially on speed server ...with the bonus which they get from brewery it makes their troops equal in strength if not stronger than romans.. since they can produce their troops faster ..
    u say gauls are the best defender i beg to say thy arent best ideal defense in a kingdom... if ur playing solo yes they may be the "best" but if ur playing in a kingdom.. praetorian and spears combined are way stronger than phalanx ...making gauls totally useless..after all its all about teamwork right ?

    It's least used not the weakest. By all mean overpower it's the tribe out weight any others in all aspect, or the offensive power is so powerful overall, theoretically it should be a first pick for everyone. And not all experienced players play teutons and not all teutons players are experienced, the reason is too obvious that I do not wish to waste my time to explain. Go figure it out yourself, it's like part of learning process.

    Gauls are the best defender, solo or not still the best. Prae and spear can not make gauls' defense useless for another obvious reason that I do not wish to explain anymore. Go figure it out yourself, it's like part of learning process.

    Let's trade some ignorance for chickens so you won't die for it.

    Teutons are not overpower otherwise everyone is using it and the fact is its least used.
    And gauls are the best at def, the fact that most servers top 3 defense players are gauls.

    Test what you think by fact and experience not by number or just pure thinking. You can be better.

    I do think settling inside the border should give some bonus, but I do not think giving free bonus resource without nerfing the tribute is a good idea.

    How about give some bonus when selling stolen goods such as extra resources/crop or raiding on hideouts gets extra stolen goods/resources depending on number of villages in the border where a city counts 2?

    I was shocked when I was told that using mini accounts to bring cropper close was allowed in a help centre ticket...the admins definitely fail to precept the cheating things where it breaks the balance of the game. So this is the last time I would play this game. Huge amount of time and money wasted for we only fight cheaters or say 'officially non-cheaters'...? Worthy or not?

    It would be funny to see a comparison how the croppers moved between the server start and the situation you have right there.
    Then you would get a complete image of where croppers have moved :D

    If I had forseen this be a thing I would have screened the map at the start of com2 maybe next time though

    Pretty abusive when done with multis and I think the whole relocating a cropper thing even when using it for yourself is bit pointless. Hope they give this one some more thought in the future
    Edit: I see you found my post from year ago about relocating croppers as well ;)

    I have found it just now. Visionary I can say. There are always some people try to be 'smart' and abusive.
    I maybe a fan for deceive strategy, but I am no fan for abusing feature/bug and cheating.

    We have this exact thing happening in com2
    Mysterious 0 prestige accounts, fast settle croppers and instantly go on to delete when they land reasonably close to allies

    I mentioned it before but relocation should be permanently disabled when you settle a second village just to prevent this sort of abuse cases (even the non cheating version of doing it for your actual account you intend to play with for better crop bonus or location is imo not necessary)

    And I realise this after discovering some accounts are full of croppers...and all croppers are reasonably close to each other.

    Having see some people use this tactic:

    Having create some random account->
    settling in a 15c->
    demolish first village->
    relocate to a place ready to be chief by someone 'allied' with->
    settle a non-cropper village->
    change capital to the non-cropper village->
    15c chiefed by 'ally'->
    settling in a 15c->

    Very creative.
    I am not saying this is should be allowed or not, but thinking if relocation is made for this kind of collecting cropper tiles?

    For Roman
    1.Most corp efficient infantry, preatorian for inf. def and imperian for inf. att
    2.Best cavalry attack/train time and attack/crop best scout achievable with horse drink
    3.Build new village fast with fields and buildings upgrading at the same time
    4.Highest bonus wall
    5.Senator is more powerful than chief and chieftain in term speaking power

    1.Slow infantry training. inf att/time is the lowest
    2.Slow defense unit movement speed, hard to stand cavalry attack alone
    3.Wall is weak against ram
    4.Without horse drink, cavalry is not so good
    5.merchants are weak without trade office

    conclusion: before you get horse drink with decent resource income, Roman is nothing. After you have the income and horse drink, Roman can be everything, from conventional hammer, shocking cavalry hammer, scout hammer, preatorian stacker, wonder hammer.

    Without spiking, farming IS risk free in this game. So yes, you have suggested it should be risk-free. Why should information about spiking/defense operations be given to you for free? Because it's abuse? Just because you lose some troops doesn't mean you're getting abused. It's just a tactic that's used against you.

    First of all, this is not free because I suggest use of scout to discover the info, not the attacker can always free to see it from raiding it. And second you can use scout to prevent being found and even kill more scout and wasting the raider's time. I think this is fair enough to balance the risk for both side.