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    to get the treasury fast deactivated, you can demolish the treasury and directly after its demolished activate in the new villa ;)
    so you have the time of demolishing and the 12hours to activate, in the beginning mostly a lot less time cause the treasury is on low level
    your treasures will go automaticly to the new one, when its activated

    this would bring the game more out of balance between offer and defender, like it still is
    the offer can decide to attack for the CP, the defender has to share the CP with other defender and mostly leaders decide, who has to defend which villa
    finally the defender cant choose to make CP in this kind, the offer can

    on the server Im playing , about 40-50 Accs deleted for that reason
    and most of them dont want to play again
    so long time we wrote about this, so many experienced player and also new ones left the game for this
    but seems, the cheater, abuser und agianst the rules playing Accs ar more important, its unbelievable

    we havent been sure, what happened to multiplayer and their multis
    so one registered and made some multis, after this he asked to make a ticket about his multis

    what I have written, is what happened after this with his multis and him
    multis got deleted after 5 days and have been playable all this 5 days
    the owner didnt got any punishment
    (this player didnt play seriously, only started to test this)

    what happens after the ticket if Travia agrees, that this accs are multis?
    the mulits got deleted after 5 days from Travian
    they are playable this 5 days
    what happens to the owner of the multis? absolutly nothing
    that means, he can make more multis after some got deleted,
    he has the advantage but himself nothing will happen

    to do nothing against this menhir abusing is not for new player, its against new player
    in the past new player were welcome and got offered help from the kingdom
    nowadays the kingdoms dont invite new players, if none knows them, cause the chance to invite a multi is extremly high
    so their only chance are little kingdoms without any experience, which will get attacked soon, what is not an experience for new player to stay on the game
    to do nothing only helps multis, not new player in my opinion

    about the "collect all" button, Idk, never use it
    I have had it on several browsers and also not important from which treasure villa I collected
    all kings/dukes have the same problem, first reload the page, then collect, cause the tributes are not shown correctly, for not being updated automaticly

    if people dont hide their online status ingame, you can see if they are online atm
    green flag means, that the one is online
    green/white means , he has clicked something for a while, perhaps going offline
    yellow means, he is offline atm

    Why not put all cheating accounts back to 0 pop?

    Perhaps its time for a harsh policy, so people actually learn.

    Why not take them immediatly from the server, also the multi-accs and their owner?
    This would prevent them from playing against the rules again and again.
    But tbh, I dont think Travian is really interested to prevent all this cheating and playing against the rules...