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    Hi Guys,

    some friends of mine and I are looking for an experienced and active permanent kingdom.
    Prerequisite is also exclusively English chats ingame !!!

    For more informations and if you are interested, pls. PM me, thx.

    after reading all the comments, my opinion is:

    1. pls. dont implement this new feature !!!

    (seems the idea is from someone who didnt played the last servers)

    2. pls. consider more the ideas made from players in the forum !!!

    - to have more action in the game, change the VP-counting

    from dayly to permanent-counting (like the CP-counting)

    so none can hide treasures and we can attack the treasuries for getting VP and treasures

    - let disappear the 0-pop villas from player with only this villa in the moment they went grey

    (there are always player, who occupy a cropper, dont play and only come online after some days,

    so the villa cant disappear)

    - for solving the problem, that less active players with a cropper, which they dont realy use/need

    it would be nice to think about the idea of terra-forming

    I guess there is a big potential to discuse how it can be realized

    tbh, I realy dont like it
    its too complicated and new player will leave the game for this
    also there are too much bad effects
    for me the problem is, that not realy active players can get a cropper and active players would use them better for the kingdom
    so I would prefer a solution, that only realy active players are able to get a cropper
    the "terra-forming" or something like this could be a good solution, so the position of the menhirs isnt longer important

    Ich frage mich ernsthaft, wozu Travian die Spieler überhaupt um ihre Meinung fragt...
    In der Vorab-Umfrage zu den Neuerungen sind vor allem die Änderungen bzgl. Bauslots und fetig-golden von fast allen Spielern als absolutes No-Go bewertet worden.
    Trotzdem werden genau diese Änderungen jetzt eingespielt...
    Sieht also so aus, als würden unsere Meinungen Travian genauso beeinflussen, als wenn in China der berühmte Sack Reis umfällt

    Kann den Quest nicht erfuellen, da meine Residenz schon auf 10 ist.
    Da ich nicht weiss, ob es einen nachfolgenden Quest gibt, den ich dann ja nicht bekomme, môchte ich gerne wissen, was zu tun ist.
    Residenz auf 5 abreissen, dauert mir zu lange und sehe ich nicht als ideale Lôsung an.
    Ûber eine rasche Hilfe wûrde ich mich freuen, vielen Dank

    Feok (camelot de2)