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    Why is it only possible to stack some equpment and not all (that are the same)
    you can stack upgrades (amour, shoe, helmet etc.)

    but you can not stack "Books" and couple of other things...

    beside this bug.. then I could suggest that you are able to stack equitment that are the same... so if you have 3 artworks they are stacked... if you have 2 identical amours the are stacked (but they need to be identical)

    the setup that are now, with the 4 titles on 4 row are a little outdated, and should be renewed.
    maybe a sub menu with "all" "equiptment" "bonus"

    you might also start adding an minimum lvl for the hero the be able to handle the equiptment... so low level heros can handle low lvl stuff and higher lvl stuff you need to gain some experience before (this way you can earn even more money (even that I hate myself saying this)

    you could as well add one or more parameters to the hero Attributes: Experience (to push for faster experience that will work like cp, added each day), (health recovery, be able to add faster recovery, and not only through equipment)

    with more attributes it makes the first stage of the game even more fun with the hero... as only 2 parametres are quite simple to manage.

    I just got an funny thought that will make make strong team work even stronger.. and will make it more difficult to fake.

    All bigger ally know how to fake. have made the calculations and knowing how many troops that need to be added so it can not be discovered, but think if this magin could be adjusted when cooperating on a team ?

    If a player want to discover an attack, the calculator is Rally Point + Equipment (Spy-glass)

    What if 10 player all placed their hero in same village, and each of the added (Spy-glass)...

    at the moment it is only the owner of the settlement that will be able to see, based on the calculation.

    Suggestion is if other heros in the settlement has spy-glass on when the owner check the incoming then that will be added to the calculation.

    so if 10 foreign heros in the settlement with spy glass on, then the owner can see (Rally point + own equipment + the value from heroes in the settlement) = that could be up to 450.. or even more if more heros with spy-glasses.

    This will make it more risky, to fake attacks... (cost more)
    This will give the possibility to discover fakes, no matter the size, if the whole team stick together.
    When mass attacks lands on a ally, then you are not able to get hero round to all villages, but you might have some players who could coordinate to check some villages and discover as a team where the real attack are...

    What do you think ?
    or any other addon or suggestions :D :D :D
    it is now long time that there has not been made any adjustments on the hero, time to update here as well :D

    Chiefing a village, is fun, as long as it goes smoothly. But when you attack smaller players with experience, you will be met with many funny ways to avoid a chiefing...

    you do not need to change the CAP to avoid chiefing... as you only need to build a residence or a Palads.

    Normally an attacker will only send 1 cata attack.... so will they hit one or the other ? will they make and dual cata attack, and destroy some of the village that they are about to chief...

    This is a strategic war game... and STRATEGIC is a big part of it.

    I will suggest that you find another target, or get better skills.


    I have an suggestion to get drama in between the leaders, but also to open up for solving a trouble that we had on a server.

    I have played a server, where a king in a top ally went INACTIVE. and you can not kick a king... and all the benefits with and agains this why ect... will not be part of this thread.

    My suggestion, is to make the leadership as a Group of players who can wote a king or duke out of the group.

    why this:
    the leadership is at the moment 6 players. (2 kings and 4 dukes) if the team works, all players are happy... but when something goes wrong, it will be very costly for the governors who have been spend a lot of time playing and just seeing a king who suddenly is way out of normal order and can destroy a whole ally.

    what could a solution be.
    At any time the leader team can kick a leader if they agree on this.
    Kings has 2 wotes
    Dukes has 1 wote

    Kicking a king need 5 wotes
    Kicking a duke needs 3 wotes.

    what does this solve/mean.
    If a king does something, and the rest of the team (1 king +4 dukes) think that it is way out of order... then they can kick the king, if they all agree on this.
    at the same time, 3 dukes can kick a the last duke, to make some fun of the game... (as only kings can kick dukes for now)

    how to solve CP, tresuries etc. in this matter, I will leave it to others to make their suggestions.

    This will solve the fact that kings may be inactive during a game... and at end game it it critical... but the players who have used 6-9 months will still be able to proceed playing...

    or you had to be active at least 10% of the time the account have been used.
    just important that a view will be made, så players(duals) can see what magin they are within, during the whole game.

    (30-50% is not fair.. but make an minimum, that only will give active duals the possibility to gain approvement of their work)

    Or maybe also give the possibility to split the points between the accounts that have been active..

    And there is difference between "online" and "active". Just let the compunter beeing looged in... is not online in my term.

    first of all, yes start at the same time.
    choose a area to place ( N, E, W, S ) do not choose random
    if you start when the server start, there are a big chance that you are placed within same kigdom, but no guarantee.

    If placing fare from eachother, then aband your spawn village, and focus in the second as main. Cata it and proceed with the game.

    We just had one of our dukes delete with 10k treasures, now we are screwed as a kingdom, this needs to be fixed. Dukes should have to abdicate from their position if they want to go into deletion, just like kings have to.

    is that on the new or old server ?

    As I cant find a list of Special achievements, I thought we could make a list of them.

    If you know one, and have interest in sharing it, I hope you would list it below...

    I could use some more : :thumbsup:

    Trappers can still be useful. There's been many a server back in the T3.6 and T4.0 days where I stashed all the cattas for an EGH in friendly gaul traps. Still the best way to protect 10K cattas is to stash them in traps...

    VVV I agree with you BUT, here the question were made on a CAP... not a feeder.
    so if its the cap, I agree to remove the traps, if its the feeder, and it can not be used by anybody then it can be considered, as traps are only to be used in the begining of the game. and makes no sence as defence at the end game. unless they change the possibility to kill trapped enemy troops (as my suggestion in other string).

    But I agree, in feeders, they can be used by the team to secure troops.