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    I can't say this seems like a good idea. Croppers are already difficult to get, this will only compound the issue and give further advantage to the strongest (and richest - herein lies the real motivation for travian games gmbh i feel...) players and leave newer, less well-connected players out of contention. As others have pointed out, the off/def balance on servers will deteriorate further, something that has already suffered with the various developments of the treasury system. I can only see this suggestion taking one direction, specifically less action between kingdoms and stagnation of gameplay.

    Pre-made kingdoms will have a run-away advantage when it comes to netting these croppers, simply due to the levels of coordination and outside-the-box tactics required to obtain them in good time. I'm pretty much typing as i think, so there are no doubt many further exploits to be found, but... Make res pushes for the players rushing chiefs/catas so they can control the croppers as early as possible and redistribute them among the key players at a later date. It would be very easy for a dual to perform this function, therefore these kingdoms could use a few dummy accounts to take control of the croppers, not needing to worry about the detrimental effect that rushing chiefs or catas would take on their economy. Once the key players are well established they can chief the (now partially developed) croppers in their own time, after which the duals delete their accounts and join their partner. These same accounts could be used to early-chief croppers in enemy territory and destroy/defend them against local players. Alternatively they could be properly developed into super farmers, leeching from the enemy kingdom.

    As far as alternatives go, i think more croppers on a server is the obvious way to go myself. When a player with a cropper goes inactive any cropper villages they hold should turn into natar villages, perhaps that would be a suitable half-way house? I like the suggestion of delayed release croppers too, although i would like to see it done in waves rather than at a single set point. Ideally appearing at random times, otherwise the advantage remains with those online at all hours.

    I hate spikers, as a regular farmer (whether playing off or def) it annoys me no end. However, it is a perfectly valid tactic, one i used to use long before the days of inactive villages showing grey on the map. In fact, i would argue that if one or two kingdoms are dominant on a server due to a high proportion of capable, experienced players, then it actually serves to balance the scales a little. As such i can't support a bid to end spiking in good conscience, sorry iCnut. ;)

    Granted there are a few players that draw on tactics such as this purely to buff their stats or ruin other players' games, but these types will always find a way to abuse the system. They deserve our pity, not anger.

    This is something that's always baffled me, for some reason it has only just occurred to me to post on the subject. To wit; we have a "friends list" to which you may add players with whom you wish to develop and maintain relations, yet this list neither performs nor enables any function with regards to actually developing or maintaining said relationships... Ok, so i've ignored the function of being able to see which servers your friends currently hold accounts on, but that function is so limited it barely seems worth mentioning. Sure, you can sign up to one of the servers hosting some of your friends, you may even be fortunate enough to find some of them in the same quadrant as you, but that's all.

    I like the idea behind the friends list, but i think it's rather under-exploited. There are a lot of things that could be done with it, but starting with an out-of-game messaging system seems logical and possibly most simple to implement (he says, with absolutely no knowledge of the work involved...). In future perhaps we could see in-game tagging, or the ability to locate friends' positions on the map before joining a server, or even limited group spawns.

    No doubt there are endless pros and cons i haven't considered to the various suggestions made here, but i think it could be a game-changer for the general community. While i hesitate to validate any complaints about pre-made teams being too powerful, the ability for new or unaffiliated players to utilise their friends list to a greater degree would go a long way towards balancing the scales in-game. More than that, i think widening the scope for communication and collaboration would encourage more new players to stay with the game, especially where this game is quite so dependant on good team-work.

    I understand the mechanics involved, i think you've missed the point about proper analysis though - given a reliable eta it is possible (and with online tools, i would go so far as to say "easy") to calculate send times to likely targets when you have the relevant data on an attacker. From this you can deduce how to time attacks to hit the attacker a few seconds before they are due to send their real, during which time their hero will be at home as the player will be setting up the wave/s at the rally point. The attacker will be doing this whether they see the attack coming or not, they must in order to make the send time, you see?

    I'm not sure anyone would expect new, inexperienced kingdoms to win against old hands. That said, it is not impossible should the new kingdom do their research, employ tried and tested methodology, and exceed the "old players" levels of teamwork and original thought. I believe BM proved exactly that when they were first seen on a kingoms server...

    You could say exactly what you have said above with regards to many "advanced" tactics, should they be made illegal/disabled too? Cutting waves for example - you risk a few cheap troops and in exchange you get to wipe out large numbers of very expensive siege troops. This gives the advantage to experienced players - they are far more likely to make successful cuts what with being used to compensating for variables such as server latency. Equally from the position of attacker the experienced players are more likely to be able to consistently send multiple same-second attacks, insulating themselves from the risk of cutting. This makes it a two-fold advantage for experienced players, by your logic that would make it a greater threat to the game than this single-unit scouting?

    At the risk of getting a bit cliched - there are no problems, only opportunities. What advantage can be gained from this scouting "exploit"? I can think of a few ways in which it could be used to play mind-games with the enemy and i look forward to trying them if ever i get the opportunity. :)

    I think this is a bit of a moot point tbh, even if you couldn't do it with scouts you could do it with other troops. Granted, you could see the attacks coming and therefore they would be easier to dodge, but with a bit of data analysis and careful thought it would be still be possible to estimate enemy send times to within a few seconds. Therefore using precisely timed single unit "scoutings" as a method to determine hero position would remain perfectly usable as a defence tactic. Likewise, it is and always has been avoidable, as emphasised in earlier comments.

    Secondly, this is a game of strategy; the rules are laid out for all to see and everybody has the same opportunity to consider them to their advantage. The way to win anything is to find a competitive advantage and use it, that's pretty much like the definition of winning. I don't think it's appropriate to remove exploits such as this when they don't give unfair advantage to a dominant group, it keeps the game progressing and ensures it remains challenging for players of all levels. Personally i welcome the finding of such methods, especially when they don't involve spending any gold lol.

    In conclusion, i think we should just be thankful it has been discovered by the sort of people who share all their most successful tactics on the public forums; a place where anybody who plays the game can learn about it and enter the next server better equipped to compete and therefore more likely to keep playing. ;)

    And on a bit of a tangent; Believe you me, no matter what they do to this game Mayo will continue to dominate - I know a lot of very experienced and capable players and his analytical and strategic skill make most of us look like Sunday drivers.