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    i'll start by saying...

    "Everything is fair in love and WAR"

    From the 39 catastrophe and the Ghost Squad to petty scheming, every single thing counts in your victory.

    Imagine a kingdom full of robbers, they hit #1 on robbers every week + they got real good defenses.

    how in the world are you gonna stop em? well there could be thousands of ways. some prefer spiking.

    Now think of a kingdom who got lucky at the start, tons of people in there living happily, killing hideouts and camps, throwing parties, doing whatever noobs do. all you gotta do is to spike their farms and they are dunzo!

    Its insane how simple this tactic is and if used correctly can bring a kingdom down to its knees.

    i can't share whole strategy about it, its confidential. lol

    Hint : Think about forcing governors to rely on field production because farms are unsafe. a new team wouldn't even know what to do and by the time they do, their treasuries will be wiped out clean.

    If this tactic goes away then you'll see the robbers domination, armies twice the normal size and there won't be any way you could stop em without heavy losses.

    Oops! i am old school in this game so kinda messed 30 days and comx but i did some calculation on my own and i think you might be right.

    why to get a trapper to max lvl when you can make 1387 Phalanaxes out of those resources.

    Then again, it depends on your Playstyle and like you said "plays without premades and wants to have reliable def versus both troop types"

    For instance think about a Teuton playing as an Anvil completely omitting the fact that there is something known as Brewery.

    Trapper is like a tiny defense bonus to gauls also its pretty much designed for the beginning as the ones with the strongest troops (romans) think twice before hitting a gaul.

    here is an old guide but it still works.

    see if it changes your mind.

    That's exactly why its best for newbies.

    i mean think about it, a new person watches an advertisement, comes around to check the game, drops in on comx on day 30

    what happens next? he gets hammered the moment he lose his B.P and so he loses the interest. (customer gone)

    No more customers = not a lot to develop the game for.

    another thing is that every tribe is good but best in something right?

    Romans - Sim city and helluva strong troops!

    Teutons - Cheap but real fast training + the bloody wall, could dominate entire 14x14

    Gauls - well you think about it.

    Yeah, never really thought of that! lol

    How about setting a minimum amount of troops you need to send as to achieve that lockdown, maybe that could work.

    Like there is minimum requirement for a Siege.

    The Minimum amount can progress same like the number of troops in camps do from start to the end of the game.

    Huge players can send 500+ for like 4-5 camps locking them out yeah, so there maybe be a time limit too. like 45 minutes for normal and 20 Minutes for speed severs or such.

    that means if your army has traveled for 45 minutes only then that wave will be locked for you.

    It could work, what do you guys think?

    yeah, my people came up with that phone issue too.

    that is exactly why the developers need to come up with a solution.

    like they came up with menhir, somewhere along those lines that stops another player from sending a wave

    Now i know its a war game, the early bird gets the worm yes, but this issue? well its causes chaos between team members.

    Its something insuperable on our own, same like the Spiking tactic. tho its really impressive and powerful stuff the spiking, the issue with the camps? not so much.

    Really hope they come up with something.

    Robber Camps Lock down after required incoming waves.

    There is this issue which has always been there regarding Robber Camps.

    You see, However friendly any kingdom is there is still some people who won't play by the rules.

    One instance of such is when they attack a camp even though its marked that all waves have been sent, there is no room for anymore.

    If you get caught in this treachery then that means you might lose hours of time which is sad also this makes you question the loyalty of your team.

    A solution to this can be lock down of camps if number of waves matches the number of incoming attacks.

    of course it can be normal again if any attack fails to clear any wave completely.

    Maybe camps can go from Red to green or something like that.

    Please do find a solution to this as this is very annoying. as for me? it makes my blood boil.