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    As king it's extremely annoying to discover what new players are spies and what players aren't. This is slowly killing off the real new players, because they will always be seen as spies first, and then as new player.

    There should be an option to show all server medals in the player profile that each player can turn on / off. Then kings can ask players to turn this on if players want to join the kingdom. If players dont want to show, this is fine too, but then kings can decline those players.

    Currently you can only ask people to show medals, but then players can show a select range of medals and not all.

    Perhaps give a second option that even shows the name they played with on those servers.

    Fixing theses robbers camps mechanics would be so good, but show armies to all members of a kingdom is in my opinion not the best option, it's an idea tho.

    It's one of my top 3 important changes actually.

    I"m ok with showing just question marks for troops. I just want to know what player took what / how many camps and treasures.

    There are many changes needed for camps, but this would be a start.

    Alright, I"ve now officially spend too much time on this:

    • Frankenstein: Revive hero 2x in one day
    • Pumpkin: Wear this mask while accepting a HaHu award
    • Biteguard: Kill 100 troops from you neighbor
    • Horn: destroy 5 level 20 walls
    • Fishing: wear the mask and click on the moving fish in the stream
    • Skull and bones: create a Secret Society with 10 other people wearing mask
    • Scarecrow: Repell 1000 scouts
    • Werewolf: attack one minute before midnight (nighttruce)
    • Scary clown: wear mask while in traps and get released
    • Monster mike: send 2 scouts, have one die
    • Funny mask: Rename your village to another players village and attack that village with hero that has this mask equipped
    • Branch lady: rescue 1000 troops from traps
    • Vampire: steal 100,000 resources from tribute fund from a kingdom members
    • Evil queen: kill 1000 troops from a king account
    • Jason: no clue
    • Lunatic: kill one thousand of your own troops by attacking yourself
    • Bull-dude: quit your kingdom in a ragequit (and rejoin?)
    • Medusa: Kill 500 snakes in players villages
    • Cyborg: report a multi
    • Slava UK…. : successfully conquer BACK a village from an enemy
    • Goblin: exchange 10,000 silver back to gold
    • Pandemic: have a village 6 squares from everyone else
    • Reverse pirate: kill a scout while attacking with hero
    • Witch: kill 5000 spiders in oasis
    • Mummy: revive 1000 units with bandages

    Hello everyone,

    Last year I didn't join Halloween, so I dont know what masks are here, but shall we start a theory discussion about what achievements will be asked for which mask? That's how players normally react to something like this right? Let's pretend TK is just as populated with overhyped players to new updates.

    Bellatora seems like an ideal way to write a competition on who guesses closest.

    25 masks, 25 new achievements connected to each mask.

    Let's achievement hunt.
    Can someone post all the masks images that are out now below?

    Couple of the new achievements


    All current masks. What achievments do you expect with them?








    devil horn




    skull and bones






    scary clown


    monster Mike ;)


    funny mask






    evil queen






    Trump supporter






    slava Uk....






    reverse pirate





    If you want to send back reinforcements you can click 'send back all'

    But in treasuries this is not handy if you have stationairy def. Then you want to send certain groups back home.

    Currently this is a very painfull process even on PC. Each time you need to go back to the full page and send each individual village's def units back. How come there isn't an instant send back all button right there and it keeps you on the tab number.

    See image below. Normally you click on 'send back'. There you can select how many you want to send back, after you've send them back, the whole menu disappears and you have to open up the whole overview page again. If you just have a 'send back all from this vilage' button that doesn't reload any page, it would make the whole process 10x faster.


    Does anyone actually believe there will be more then 3 new achievements? Seems kind of crazy to me :P
    If this is true, then my advice to devs is to spread these achievements. Every tuesday 1 new achievent roles out. That's 25 weeks of excitement.

    Trading should be made great again.

    Not enough players actually make use of trading in the marketplace. The traders can carry more with a Trade office, but it would be nice if tournament square would increase this speed too (without the 20 tile minimum).

    The same percentages of tournament square walking speed increase could count for traders.

    Pennant is very nice, but not many players are using this item since it's not usefull enough.

    Suggestion: Make own traders come and go to this village quicker too.

    Standard is also something players dont really value

    Suggestion: Make trades towards the wonder that % bigger in all villages. This way it could be a great support player item.

    Thief bag is not really usefull, since raiding is done on micro scale and mostly without hero.

    Suggestion: The hero with bag equipped can move around 4k treasures, or pick up 4k extra treaures in attack. This way you can transport treasures around if so needed.

    Can we please just have a lobby setting that remembers we dont want to hear any sounds OR 'advanced graphics'. So each time we play the tutorial we dont have to do this again on new server?

    Also, please make it seperate settings for duals and sitters? If I go on sitters account I always disable sound, but it seems rude if they really like those dinky noises that I turn it off.

    Please make this a lobby thing, connected to your account.