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    @Georgi (tagging you here for quicker solution)

    I'm currently playing on NL2 and we had a person abdicate as king so he could join us. After he did this one of his old dukes (still in beginner protection) got automatically assigned as king and he lost his beginner protection because he was a king now.

    This was a mayor problem, because this guy was not online and now all of a sudden he could get attacked by the enemie. I dont think this is intented design and I think the automatically swapping from duke to king should not happen if this player is still in beginner protection.

    now that guy that was previously duke came online and abdicated (this meant there was no dukes or kings left, but the highest population person in the kingdom because king) Or some random dude, I dont know, but it's a problem...

    Hello all,

    When I was cleaning my pc I found some cool Travian Kingdoms screenshots and wanted to share them with you. I hope others have nice screenshots too, because I'm sure there is some beauties :)

    Biggest Teuton hammer I've ever seen:

    Biggest Robbery I've ever seen:

    Most level of wonder shot in 1 attack (I know it's not big hammer and low level wonder, but still funny):

    Please share your reports for our weekend amusement :)

    I agree there should be a server where only english speakers should be able to play. It's very frustrating there is no server for English only. I'm Dutch, but I like to play international, because those servers are more competitive, but if I have to deal with other languages and inability to communicate in 1 common language in the kingdom this just doesn't work.

    Make half the com server ENGcom and only turn on English language. This way there will be no other language players coming.

    There is no chat on the mobile app version. You can find a chat version if you login on your mobile-browser. It's very annoying, but that's the only way to send or read message while on mobile.

    In the browser on your pc you can find chat in the left corner. There is no standard kingdom chat, you have to make this with a new chat :)

    After freeing my spawn village from robbers, I am looking forward to ... Dominate the North in the overcrowded NL2 server. After 1. 5 hour there is already 29 players. At that rate there will be 5.000 players after a week. The North has 3 kingdoms and the south after 2 hours ZERO.

    Depends on the speed of a server

    I know on the x3 servers a hammer with at least 40.000 infantry 30.000 cavalry and 5.000+ catapults is needed to bring down a wonder level 95 or higher, but that is just the minimum, and not guaranteed to take it down some levels.

    I've seen 8.000 catapults take down 3 levels, but that's with MEGA defense.

    Yeah Robber camps is the #1 cause for friction inside a kingdom. It's difficult to find who's being the unsocial player and sending to all camps. There is no stopping them and people get angry at eachother all the time.

    This has been brought up multiple times and there is a couple easy sollutions:

    1. only make it possible to attack robber camps with hero


    2. only make it possible to attack 3 robber camps every hour/ player


    3. only be able to attack 2 camps at the same time


    4. when camps end make a list of all the players that helped clearing them and how much treasures they got in total. This way it's easier to find out who's abbusing


    5. Give a 5 hour countdown timer to when they will appear, so people can prepare for them


    6. Only make it possible to attack robber camps 15 squares away maximum (but then the distribution of camps needs to be more balanced)

    make sure there is NO defense in your dukes treasury. Then attack him yourself (with hero and horses) from the treasury where you want the treasures to be. Do this a couple times and you'll have a big ammount of treasures moved.


    This blog will help you a lot with choosing the correct culture point buildings to build in support villages.

    It all depends on your activity and your farming skills. Small celebrations are pretty cheap, but big celebrations are more efficient if you have enough resources for it.

    In this list you can see Main building/marketplace level 20 is a good investment in CP in the long run.
    I always upgrade wall to 20, because this will give good cp and protection is needed anyways.

    Hello all,

    A while ago the forum got an update and everyone's names changed to a (ugly) name from our first avatar and country of origin. People are called Miru#PL or LordTapacamasPT#PT or Oldrif#EN(1) (I chose these at random, so dont be offended :D) When I posted my first mesage on forum I wondered how to CHANGE this. Well it's pretty easy, but you need to know :)

    Sorry the pictures have some info crossed out, because I dont want you guys to see how big of a noob I actually am ;)


    2. Next to account name click on "edit"

    3. Put your desired name there and click on "change"

    NOTE: This will not change the name of your older posts