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    You need to attack with at least 1.000 units and 1 ram

    So minimum would be 999 clubswingers and 1 ram

    The attack time will take TWICE as long, but you'll do 30% (i thought) more damage.

    This will be my 500th post, so I’ll make something special out of it :)

    Gold in Travian Kingdoms

    One of my bigger disappointments about this game is, how it uses the Free 2 Play concept in a way that’s, for a big part, Pay 2 Win in the early (most important) days.

    Every new server you can find those players on the auction house and buy all cages/bandages/health potions/helmets and swords for ridiculous prices. €10 spend on a helmet for Culture Point production and €5 to completely heal your hero back again twice a day (helmet and potions). Then as soon as the artworks show up after a couple days then they double their CP outcome for 10 days and get an unfair advantage over everyone. These players support Travian and I understand that a business needs to make money to employ and keep servers running, but mostly keep investors happy.

    My goal of this post is not to take this “earning” part away, but to change it in a way that it will be competitive for everyone AND make sure revenue is created on a regular basis.
    I’m suggesting a server that is Free 2 play and register, but you can buy 2 kinds of VIP accounts that will give standard benefits and a little freedom for other options.

    F2P: Gets 20 gold/week FREE (Anyone can register)
    Silver VIP: Gets 150 gold/week + PLUS, Resource/Crop bonus activated all server €15/month
    Gold VIP: Gets 200 gold/week + silver VIP + building slots all free and trade routes €20/month

    The gold you can spend on anything extra you want: Cardgames, instabuild, NPC, Silver conversion.
    It’s NOT possible to transfer any gold ON or OFF this server.

    If 20% of a 2.000 player server would take this feature it would generate €8000 / month for a single server.

    Another way to generate some income would be Cosmetic features for hero/village/item
    If you could make the Sword of Imperian have blood on it or something like that I’m sure some people would pay for that. A paint job for armors/helmets and boots is also something you can easily make a few extra coins. Don’t forget new hair colors and pirate eye patches for your Heroes for only €3. You can even give the option to buy some kind of pet wolf/pig/eagle (that doesn’t do anything), but can make your avatar look a bit more unique.

    This thread has been pushed by me many times, but I want to keep pushing it, because I feel that players really want this. We’ve seen on the TEST that you don’t need a lot of gold to play this game, and it can get pretty competitive. There are other changes that need to be made to this game, but this is goldfeature is one of my concerns and I want a civilized discussion about it.
    The question should be: How can Travian make money, but also Keep generating income in the long-run without ruining the game.


    :thumbdown: OR :thumbsup: ?

    Thats only possible if that player was invited to be duke of that other kingdom.

    You can do that too, only your border will not go around that player you want to invite, you'll have to grow your population to get a bigger area.


    It would be nice if you can quickly see how much influence (what bonus you get) you hover over an oasis. Especially in the beginning of a server oasis bonus' changes a lot and lategame you have so many you might miss a couple percentages without noticing.
    If you can make a little star system with 1-5 stars while you hover over an oasis in this little red square that would safe another click, and we all know how expensive clicks are getting these days ;)


    So what you do to get as close as possible (at least high chance) if you're with 4 people.

    It's best to use this technique 1 hour after server has started, because then the big boom of players has been.

    1. All finish tutorial until you have just completed the map and can choose where to settle, North, West, South, East.

    2. All chose THE SAME direction

    3. The king click first on "found village" and within 5 seconds the governors have to click "found village" too.

    4. Check how far away you all are and enjoy the game :) It's possible to do this with more people and with 2 kings, just make sure you spawn in the same 5 second, THE KINGS FIRST.

    @Lepro_COM did you lose treasures before? Maybe that village was chiefed from another kingdom and that was a active treasury. This is known to cause buggy problems.

    @Be2-e4 I dont think there is a limit on the ammount of treasury slots you can give. I've had a kingdom with 120k active treasuries'. All my dukes had 6 active treasuries. We could have had more, but after a while it becomes a management problem to build treasuries and protect them enough.

    Also I had in total 200.000 treasures in the kingdom, but not enough room in my treasuries like I said.

    Currently our kingdom in the TEST has 250k treasures laying around not being used :D

    This is possible if you dont build any resource fields, you can build cropfields, but not above level 5. Then you just build main building level 10 and destroy everything and main building last, then it disappears

    So I created an account on COM5 right before wonder appeared, because I wanted to look around and ask some people questions. Yesterday I checked and the wonders were build up to level 99 and I could "relocate to a better kingdom" . I was able to relocate in the kingdom that was 100% going to win and now I have a Victory Badge of that server without doing anything.

    my great account on COM5
    My badge that is 100% undeserved, also this king never talked to me or approved me


    Top 20 hero's in TEST, but this is all I do. EXTREME ATTACKER :D
    Please developers I'm a noob in attacking, but people think i'm some sick player that uses his army a lot. I do, but only on boring robbers and it's not fair to hardworking kings and dukes gaining off points from REAL battles.

    I would like to be quicker with village navigation. I'm lazy to use my mouse all the time and want to just be able to keyboard quick go everywhere.

    Press ALT+B for baracks
    Press CTRL+M for marketplace
    While in stables Press CTRL+3 to queue CS
    While in townhall Press Shift+B for big party
    ALT+D for next village

    I have no idea if this is possible, but it would make the game easier to play for "pro's"