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    Pennant is very nice, but not many players are using this item since it's not usefull enough.

    Suggestion: Make own traders come and go to this village quicker too.

    Standard is also something players dont really value

    Suggestion: Make trades towards the wonder that % bigger in all villages. This way it could be a great support player item.

    Thief bag is not really usefull, since raiding is done on micro scale and mostly without hero.

    Suggestion: The hero with bag equipped can move around 4k treasures, or pick up 4k extra treaures in attack. This way you can transport treasures around if so needed.

    Can we please just have a lobby setting that remembers we dont want to hear any sounds OR 'advanced graphics'. So each time we play the tutorial we dont have to do this again on new server?

    Also, please make it seperate settings for duals and sitters? If I go on sitters account I always disable sound, but it seems rude if they really like those dinky noises that I turn it off.

    Please make this a lobby thing, connected to your account.

    I would like to be able to put a kind of copyright to our nickname, that we can use regardless to the opinion of others, approved by the staff.

    Agree with this 100%. Hell, this can even cost gold I dont care. Pay 50 gold per year to claim the name iribuya. Or just make it free and give players who's lobby name is the same as account name priority for this name if they join in the first week.

    Might as well ignore you too, as i doubt you gonna say anything useful. And there is really nothing for us to talk.

    If there is anyone on the forums or discord who 99% of the time knows an answer to any question about TK I have. It's Jak

    This is not to say I agree with everything she has to say about Travian and changes TK should make, but at least we listen to eachother with respect.

    Dont forget tournament square level 20 in SUPPORT. Very important...

    Alright, I've been patient enough. From now on I'll only post memes about the things you say.

    You're given advice / facts / challenges / feedback and ALL you do is ignore it and call it ridiculous. I just gave you freaking screenshots of real servers THIS YEAR.

    Flat Earth society would LOVE to you have mate!

    There cannot be anyone who seriously will clam, that having a Bandit Camp gives you more utility than a Governor. So there really is no choise if your Kingdom got like 400+ available members. Then you just wont use them, but use as many Governors as you can instead.

    Show me ONE single succesfull kingdom that has 100+ member that doesn't leave spots for robbers.

    Time for math. See screenshots below

    This my kingdom in one round. That is one camp with about 150 treasures total in the waves. Let's say average is 100 treasures per camp spot. This is more then 5000 treasures in one camp wave. This is great for the kingdoms growth.
    1 treasures is returned for 14,000 crop and 3,500 of each resource. So about 25,000 resources per treasure.
    5,000 x 25,000 = 125,000,000 125 MILLION resources your kingdom is missing each 48 hours if you have those spots filled with govs and camps dont spawn.

    You can be damn sure we catapulted anyone who settled on a robber spot and any kingdom that will fill these spots instead will 100% guaranteed fail.

    Sometimes it can happen from the merging, both kingdoms had different spawning and once merged it can happen that, but I saw that only once.
    It happened for long time tho, we had like camps every days or almost.

    yep can confirm. We had defeated camps and did a union right after the last wave was cleared. Then litterally 20 minutes after a second wave of robber camps spawned. Was a great unification party.

    So i would say, id rather have 10 more Governors than 10 Bandit Camps every now and then.

    You're going to have a LOT of unhappy governors if you dont have camps :D You have no clue how important those camps are for growth. If you're limited on space then have govs place villages outside borders or make sure you have enough temporary wings.

    As king I can tell you that camps is ALWAYS a big point of discussion / frustration / schooling.

    But have you thought, that there might not even be a good Kingdom in this whole game. Like really good. As good as i am attempting to create. There might only be few decent ones, and then many bad.

    There are kingdoms so good, they will not even reply to these threads if the OP will not even listen to what 5 other experienced players are saying about camp spots.

    I'm probably one of the few fools who keep trying to reply to these posts with reason and not memes.

    Do you really think kingdoms dont know the best way to get treasures from robber camps? Camps are one of the most vital and easy ways for players and thus kingdoms to grow their troops, treasures, tributes.