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    Travian is gaining more shadow in the background, because Real (Fair) Competition doesn't excist anymore.

    How do you get to the top in travian?

    1. Playtime
    2. Tactics
    3a. Gold
    3b. Farming

    I feel that Gold should not be on that list. Get a server where you CANNOT buy gold, but need to pay a monthly subscription.

    Any player can join for FREE, but they can't buy gold or ANY gold features (this is so people can still have a look and servers wont be empty)
    Players that want to play with gold pay €15 / month and they get 250 gold EVERY week.

    A king grabbing treasures from robber camps is the dumbest thing you can do. As king you dont get treasure bonus' and governors do. So if a king takes tresaures it's negative for him

    I dont like it
    -too much distracting colours and info
    -You can click on the avatars of players past top 3, but top 3 players you can't click on avatars to go directly to profile
    -If you keep it this way @ attacker, overview, defender, hero at least let us see right away what tribe they are playing

    Also, in TEST i'm a 100% boring player. I ONLY kill robbers and at the moment i'm #37 attacker and my hero is #21. This is 100% silly, because I literally didn't kill a single other players troops, except for a little deffing.

    Hideouts are nice for xp and resources, but it completely destroys a real picture of off players. A king with the same kills as me must be VERY agressive, because he doesn't get off points and a governor that's below me in off or hero, must be very inactive or have no army if I can be so high with just killing robbers.

    The worst thing about being king is that everyone Expects you to do EVERYTHING.

    -Is there a argument between a cropper; ask the king
    -Is there a argument about oasis; ask the king
    -Why dont we attack another alliance; the king has to plan this
    -Who do we defend; why does the king not make a defchat and make defcalls
    -I'm being attack; pm the king for help

    When I was a king (1 time, but with great succes; Go North ;) some of my dukes never wrote messages from their own accounts, but always PM'ed me to write it or did it themselves as sitter so people would actually listen. I realised at that server that being king is awesome, because you get LOTS of tributes, but it also takes a lot of time chatting and organising.
    I wrote all members almost weekly a personal message about off actions or their defense quota's for when the wonders came. I organised small quiz's for resources and let everyone know as often as possible what the game-plan was.

    It was fun work, but not always. Like @Jallu said it's 30% babysitting and finding traitors. I think if people want to be king they should have at least 500 prestige or get some kind of "duke-badge" first.

    Maybe there could just be an option to build a kingdom wall that circles the kingdom.. the larger the kingdom, the weaker the wall might be because its a large area to cover, but the smaller it is, the stronger it is - in essence this would help smaller kingdoms survive against those much larger..

    That would be VERY awesome. If there could be a special "donate to the kingdom" and then the king can decide to upgrade certain things for villages connecting to the capital of the king inside the kingdom:
    1 level costs 1 million resources, or 100.000 and double for every other level

    - Kingdom Wall: +1% defense bonus for every level (up to 10%)
    - Kingdom Culture: +1% build speed for troops (up to 10%)
    - Kingdom Trade Agreement: +1% resource income (up to 15%)
    - Kingdom Pride+1% attack strenght (up to 5%)
    - scout strenght

    I dont mind the new look, as long as it stays quick to use. Please remove the "chat" button, because high king and players already get too much fanmail (or maybe that's just me ;)

    Just a reminder to the developers what we as players find important that could improve our daily use of the game. Anyone comment with more awesome ideas!

    -Ability to close chats forever
    -Chat window that doesn't have half words in sentences

    -Turn off all the popups from chat when changing stuff in the village wihout reading the messages
    -Ability to take away the bottom chats if you dont want to use them
    -Ability to search in the chat
    -in group message be able to click on members right away and link to their profile

    -Tribute "collect all/collect area button"
    -Tribute page lagging massively for big accounts
    -Be able to move treasures with marketplace or hero

    -obvious multi-accounts ruling the server start and little being done about it
    -Sitters should not be able to log in 10 X more time-units then the account owner (average over 3 weeks), this is to prevent people from making 3 accounts and be sitter on 2 to build defense 100%

    Kingdom improvement
    -King deciding which dukes/players get more power in an alliance and other dukes get less powers (NOT seeing all troops etc)
    -Robber camps are equally spread in the kingdom
    -Robber hideouts AND camps need spawn timer
    -Maximum 3 attacks on robber camps at a time or only with hero able to attack
    -Chiefing back a stolen village and getting a warning that "this village has been in alliance last 3 days
    -Rebalance the treasury space, or give the option to build multiple treasuries in 1 village
    -A kind of getter-tool attack planning inside the game. Would be a perfect Unlock for X gold feature!

    -Work on the app that misses fital parts (chat, arrival time when sending, collecting tributes in app makes it stuck)

    Farming and trading
    -Farmlists with scout options in it
    -ability to turn of certain "trade has arrived, farm 563 has been succesfull from farmlist" reports manually

    Secret Society
    -Make the memberlist longer then 5 per page
    -Ability to make at least 2 secret societies as king/duke
    -Make an option to give "rights" to other SS members. Like changing name or inviting people.
    -Be able to mark all members with an color
    -Specify what Troop info is shared exactly

    Bonus: Montly-Paid server. With gold coming in every week like TEST and no other spending!

    We had some fun in our kingdom-skype-chat of North™

    How long would a level 20 cropfield take to pay back itself and how about the other levels?

    This is with 150% oasis bonus and 25% of Windmill and 25% of bakery, AND the PLUS bonus of 25% on SPEED server.

    Level Wood Clay Iron Total resources Return Hours Return Days
    1 75 90 85 250
    2 125 150 140 415 9 0.38
    3 210 250 235 695 10 0.43
    4 350 420 395 1165 15 0.62
    5 585 700 660 1945 16 0.65
    6 975 1170 1105 3250 17 0.71
    7 1625 1950 1845 5420 24 1.00
    8 2715 3260 3080 9055 27 1.12
    9 4535 5445 5140 15120 30 1.24
    10 7575 9095 8590 25260 41 1.70
    11 12655 15185 14340 42180 47 1.95
    12 21130 25360 23950 70440 66 2.75
    13 35290 42350 39995 117635 87 3.63
    14 58935 70720 66795 196450 125 5.20
    15 98420 118105 111545 328070 177 7.36
    16 164365 197240 186280 547885 244 10.15
    17 274490 329385 311085 914960 271 11.30
    18 458395 550075 519515 1527985 453 18.86
    19 765520 918625 867590 2551735 567 23.63
    20 1278420 1534105 1448880 4261405 758 31.57

    So level 20 takes a good month to pay itself back on a 3x server. All these final values can be times by 3 for a normal server.
    I would say level 20 is NOT worth building, unles you can manage to get to level 20 in the first week of the server :D

    PS: did anyone ever build these? I have a curiosity about a possible "secret" achievement there

    We first have to define a Meta, because there is often quickly people screaming about Meta.

    This is a Meta:

    The top kingdom has 246 member and the next kingdom only 1/4 of that number. Most people know that numbers alone dont mean a lot, but if they are 4 times higher that those numbers ARE saying something.

    Meta's cause people to bully on smaller kingdoms, because they have no real enemies to worry about. I myself like to play with friends too, and sometimes I have too many to even remember, but this can be a problem for other smaller kingdoms. There used to be a limit on how many members an alliance could hold by level of embassy. I think something like this should return. Maybe even make it a special building the king has to build inside his capital or other village, so a true sacrifise is made.

    Hello players and developers,

    After asking a bit around with people I came to the conclusion that the chatheads on the bottom of the screen and the chat-pop-ups are NOT being appreciated.
    I'm talking about THIS
    \/ \/ \/

    I'm all in favour of chatting ingame, but not like that.

    The chats on the botton have the following problem:
    -They are an eyesoar for my village overview
    -They dont have the option to add links, which is just silly
    -It's too small to get a nice overview of what has been said before to those players
    -They stay in your view unelss you click them away, but this annoying work since they pop-up bigger then they are there
    -The first player you chatted with is in the front, which may mean someone you said 1 thing to beginning of the server

    The pop-up-chat on the right has the following problem:
    -It's very distracting
    -You can't read the message for 100% anyways, so why do I need to read a half sentence message that I will have to open later anyways
    -Every time the screen autorefreshes (after I build a building or troops/traders return) that SAME message pops up. So you HAVE to read it, unless you dont mind getting crazy from the same pop-up

    So here is my POLL:
    Do you want to make this OPTIONAL or remove it 100%