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    "Robber camps spawn only on fields with 7c and 3456 distribution."

    Is this really in the code, or some kind of strange superstition ?

    The fact you're asking this proves you've never even joined in a decent kingdom that was tight for space.

    These camps spots should NEVER be filled, since then there would not be any camps spawning. It's a dumb system, but sadly kings have to make sure governors know these rules.

    A general rule is that each treasury spot (city influence space) should have 4 robber spots (7c or unbalanced) in them. The amount of robbers that spawn is paralel to the kingdom size. It's possible all camps spawn on the east side, even if there are suitable spots in the west side. This is just random, but if you leave enough spots open, you at least make sure you get all camps your sized kingdom should have.

    From discord:
    NyadayoToday at 20:03

    1. I am experiencing a serious bug after updating app on Android, game logouts to lobby whenever I build something, making the game unplayable.

      [20:04]I have sent ticket. Anyone experiencing the same bug plz send a ticket too so we can get devs awareness

    I'm experiencing the same after the update

    Now if you want, you can attack me and i will tell how i defend and we can see, that is iribyas Kingndom none to mess with.

    Sure, see you next server! Can't wait.

    No more mind-games and forum games. Put your money where your mouth is.

    So you would have litterally spread all defenses? I've never seen another kingdom attack another kingdom by spreading all their off and include cata waves in those attacks.

    Any support village lost is sad, but nobody cares.

    Also 10k hammer, is this week 2?

    I dont also trust that other people could follow the style of my play. People seem to have entirely different ideas how this game is played. So the sitter would be someone who understands what i want to do.

    You'll only have to write 5 more books and then the sitters might understand what your vision is.

    Please play some more servers and show that your styles and opinions actually work in the long term. Not in the first week, or one random week.

    You can verify with a phone number, with a authenticator, with a second email. You need internet to play the game, so email should not be a problem for 2FA.

    It seems you need to play a couple more servers instead of thinking of all these different scenario's. 3 bronze stars and a unique vision of defending / scouts / royal doesn't really make a lot of people follow your directions.

    I doubt you even finished one server or had a serious OP on you. Hell, I've played a ton of server and been on plenty attacks (lost capital today..), but I would still not even think of making a def guide. I truelly thinking deffing is harder then attacking, since a big part of it is out of your hands.

    Please show me examples of servers you were leading a team and had succeses.

    btw, I wont pick any to protect, since you didn't even mention where the main treasury chamber was.

    Croppers should go to active players. If a king wants to sacrifice and give a good gov the cropper, I can accept, but overall a king is active and can use all the crop in the world. Also if you're playing a competitive server it's not a matter of planning out who gets what cropper. It's a matter of getting to the cropper before someone else (enemy or friend) takes it.

    this idea was actually tested a while ago, not in tk but in a different game due to players asking for the same thing, the problem. The problem is that when it came to the server less than 100 players decided to register for it and it was a complete failure. I will however send the idea to the devs to see what they think, its worth a shoot :)

    Please make it a 'gamepass' server. You can get a pass for 400 gold / month. And get 200 gold / week. Then you can spend it any way you like, but can't buy MORE gold. This way everyone is equal.

    As regular king I can't recommend the king NOT having a 15c. As king it's incredibly hard to feed all the standing defense. I offer my off players a place to store their troops in peacetimes if they have crop problems.

    Kings can't return stolen good for crop, so crop is always short if you dont have a cropper as king.

    Istonius I love the enthousiasm, but the same as your idea on the importance of scouts, your vision is clouded by your inexperience.

    If you as player can actively see it's a fake (not by doing math or scout Xp), you can click on 'fake confirmed' and this attack wont be visible on map or in kingdom overview anymore.


    With all these farmlist fakes it's getting pretty annoying to see a whole kingdom light up as a Christmass tree. By adding this active option, you can have organised teams manage way better.

    Again, this doesn't affect multis at all. It is just annoying. All you're doing is giving 15 gold per week for allowing multis to use 2FA.

    2FA is used almost everywhere these days and it's a mayor headache for multi users. They will need to generate a ton more email adresses and sync all those with their other info.

    But if you know a better way, let us know.

    Captcaha from the stoneage is also still great against scripts, but guess we wont ever see that.

    This too. Can't be too hard and such a big improvement

    I had an idea in another thread about kingdom army

    -----RE: Travian gameplay in 2022

    My idea was to have a new building called The Banner for Gaul, Flagpole for Roman or Battle-Marker for Teuton. This is outside the citywall:


    Each kingdom can mark 3 spots outside of their influence, but only next to current influence as 'claimed territory'. A 24 hour timer will start and they can attack this with their kingdom-army. Each player with that banner-building can provide troops for the kingdom army.

    Each kingdom can also defend a claimed territory if they see a neighbour attack a spot they could have also claimed. From this kingdom each player that has a banner building in their village area will be able to send defending forces.

    After the 24 hours expire the battle will take place and the winner will be decided.

    If the attacker loses, nothing happens, because the defender can't claim it, they just defended it.

    If the attacker win, they get this territory added to their fields.

    A kingdom can have up to 3 'claimed territory' at once. They can also use this to make corridors bettween king/duke. Or take out weird blind spots inside kingdom.

    Edit: Banner level can decide how many units you can recruit from that village to join kingdom army. Perhaps troops that are recruited in 24 hour period eat double crop. (just spitballing)
    Edit2: Perhaps a attack or defense bonus could be applied in some formula taking into consideration. Population difference, VP difference, Attack/Def kingdom ranking.