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    I see your points and agree somewhat.

    Spending money is not my issue on this game. I could spend €10 per week if I knew everyone was equal. But now I know there is some people spending €100 per week and getting an unfair advantage. That's why I suggest a montly subscription for a special server. Make it €10 per week or per month, we have to find out what people want to spend. But I think if World of Warcraft cost €14 / month that is a good example.

    The makers should realize that they can make a lot more people happy that way. You can give a 10 day free trial on that server.
    It is not true what you say. I can play this game all day long, but if some guy with enough money buys cages, buckets, potions, pieces of art there is no way you can compete. Even with all the time in the world.

    I dont want this to be about Russians versus any other nation. We are all travian players and we all love to play a fair game.

    I like travian, but when it comes to games we must all be real.

    Games these days are pay-to-win and travian is NO exception.
    They try to "balance" it, but with cages, bandages, buckets, potions, goldcards the game it just NOT fair.

    Why can't we have a server like the test-server where everyone gets 200 gold every week and can spend it how they like it. No one can buy gold, because that would not be fair.

    I know servers cost money so I suggest some kind of startup money or a monthly subscription basis where people pay €10 / month and know the game is not rigged to those who take their daddy's creditcard.

    *all numbers are just examples and can be tweaked accordingly.

    let me know what you think, because I'm sure there are more people out there who spend tons of time and no money on this game and lose against a goldpaying noob with an infinite hero.

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