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    I agree with you, I get frustrated with the cheaters as much as anyone. I just disagree that they should stop working on improving the game untill those things have been fixed because in reality that's just not going to happen.

    Well I agree they should not stop improving or implementing minor new things like the healing tent. But I think a whole tribe needs a ton more balancing, so I would hope they put more effort in the cheaters ruining this games player population,.

    Every PVP game eventually has to deal with cheaters and exploiters, but as there is no perfect solution to stop those things so your essentially saying developers should just stop developing the game?

    Multi's, Botters and exploiters have existed since I started playing the game back in Travian 2.0.
    Botting is not as bad as it used to be but multi's is the new meta exploit for this game, but i still think they should develop the game while trying to combat those things, not just stop developing features.

    This has been a problem since I first started TK. The playerbase has given MANY examples of measures that could prevents/detect/avoid cheaters in this game.

    We're now in a period of TK where there are known cheater teams who manage to get away with 30-50 bans on players and still win servers without the REAL accounts who pull these strings being deleted.

    Thank you for your comment, the issue i see here is that if we make it complicated to log in many actual players will not use it because it will be too much hassle to log in.

    If you have any ideas about how to create a way of authenticating the players in a way that's not complicated or troublesome and keeps bots at bay I would really love to read them.

    -TK remembers the IP adresses for 1 week so you only have to authenticate once a week per IP

    -multi-factor authentication is second email adress, text message, authenticator app

    -to motivate people to use it, give captcha's to the non-2FA

    -15 free gold in lobby per week for 2FA players

    What is the point of building it if it is not profitable??? Spending thousands of resources and only getting the ability to heal 5100 troops? Are you seriously? This is very small, I can have up to 100,000 wax in one village and I can only heal 5100 of them? In a tent, the ability to restore an army should not be a fixed number, but as a percentage. Then it makes sense to build it! And the fact that in one village there is an opportunity to build several tents does not solve the problem !!! As a result, your tent is as useless as a large stable!

    You can build multiple healing tents for more capacity, but this is not a building to safe your hammer, but to safe midgame sized armies from getting destroyed in one go.

    This building actually very interesting for both off and def players, but only those who use it wisely will actually reap the benefits from it yes.

    I started Travian 2008, because some dude from school played it. I figured out what server he made an account and joined that same server. During this server I continued to attack and even chief one of his villages. He never figured out it was me and I never really told him (we weren't real friends).

    Suddenly I enjoyed this game so much I kept playing and here I am :P

    Now I just like to chill and lead people to optimise their gameplay, but I would not say I'm anywhere close to a great player :P

    It's possible to become duke of another kingdom right away. You only have to deactivate the treasury and wait 12 hours (or have it destroyed so it's instant).

    Then remove yourself from the kingdom and join the other.

    THe new king can appoint you duke and you can start activating treasury again (12 hours again).

    I"m not aware that there are any cooldown periods for switching back and forth.

    To be honest, I don't have a good answer to why "50 res = 1 CP" or "200 res = 1 CP". 50 is about the rate of resources for celebrations, and knowing it's beneficial to keep doing celebrations at least sometimes, it must be the minimum value. For 100 or 200 rates are just for reference, because at least to me they seemed to give reasonable results for early game, that felt about right. Most likely the value of CP changes over time, and is different for different play styles, so there isn't one "correct" exchange rate for everyone.

    Nice sheets, are you able to share the data entry points, so we can make our own sheets? I have them somewhere too, but I cant find it :D

    yes you can turn city back to village by destroying/catapulting enough buildings so that city pop goes below 1000

    The reply from Be2-e4 was in 2018. THe advice is to still get capital to city asap right to benefit from the 1500 CP/ day bonus right?

    CUrrently I have a 15c and no other villages after destroying spawn. Should I put res in palace and settlers to spawn a second village and then capital, or should I put res in getting pop to 500 to make city?

    but it is already the case, we need double authentification and why not a captcha.

    Agreed, this is very much needed. Captcha's seem so 2010, but decent captcha's are a great way to prevent scripting.

    Sadly there is many interesting game-system overhauls that would make the game more fun, but we first need to adress the multi's and script-attack/builders. They are ruining the hard work human players put in the game.