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    Hi Bubbs, welcome to this ever evolving game :)

    You can find the basic information here:

    Ingame you can follow the quests for a good feeling of the basic village set-up. Best advice I can give you is talk to your king and governors around you. They can help you with anything, if they're normal people.

    If someone is attacking you, just send them a message you're a beginner and need some tips, maybe they'll give it you :)

    I agree, it's very annoying to use external websites for such important things. At the moment if you want to be a serious alliance you have to work with gettertools to make sure everyone knows their sending times and you dont waste your off troops.

    It would be a great addition to kingdoms to have this ingame. Have an option so king/dukes/generals can send a target to players for real or fakes with times included, and then players can check inside a ingame tool what time they should send. Maybe even put a 1 minutes alarm before they should send so forgetting is not possible.

    Collect all is for king that dont give a crap about 100k wood loss, since they get 1 million resource / hour from tributes. If you can't see the use of this as a NORMAL player, not as a Gold Whale too bad.

    Collect all is the BEST change this game has seen since they invented the tributes.

    Well I agree with great warehouses coming into capital cities, because it can be a pain with all the resources, but this is really only needed in the speed server.

    Tributes are OP after week 3. There is nothing you can really do with them, but build troops-troops-troops. And the problem is that you can't have a big enough marketplace to send those resources to other villages for better spread. Still, the collect all button was needed. A little overflow is not really a problem.
    1. Click the collect all button
    2. Stay online for the next 2 hours
    3. every 10 minutes spend all resources on troops. Make sure you spread the costs of wood/clay/iron, because else it will not be balanced.
    4. Have a massive FREE hammer from all tributes.

    I dont know about the new tribute system, but the collect all button is 100% usefull. And if you dont agree, you've never had a big kingdom or influence. After a while you dont look at how much is in the tributes, you just collect. It would be nice to have a collect 50% button too, so you can split, but I'm happy they implemented it.

    They announce the updates on the forum and tell the time and possible duration.

    I agree that capital cities should be able to have big storages. At least for kings/dukes or when you have 10+ villages or when tier 3 items come out this option should open up.

    Haha Daenerys,

    You probably had a minor discussion about something totally unimportant. This is often the cause for little boys to delete their accounts and screw the whole team over.

    I´m sorry for your losses and I can agree a active duke should not be able to delete, especially if they are holding 10k treasures that are needed.

    I have some question about the relocate. I just went over 200 pop, but now I dont see the relocate button anymore. Is this because i'm over 200, or something else?

    @Polomium#GB this has nothing to do with being a sad gold user. With 50 gold you can do exactly that if you FOLLOW AND READ THE GUIDE. But most people screem unfair or cheat, it's a little exploity, but it's not cheating

    Did you read the guide?

    He didn't upgrade ANY resources fields except for crop (these dont give population before level 6)
    Then he normally build up his village and build a residence and settlers. After he build the settlers he could destroy the residence and upgrade academy to level 10 so he can build a town hall (here you can party(

    Destroy the academy level 10 and you can hold a party.

    With that you have enough culture points and can settle the second village.

    Then he just destroys ALL buildings except main building level 10.
    Last he destroys main building level 10 and the village just disappears.

    Now he can settle from his second village a new village pretty easily, because he has enough CP for a "second" village.

    He's probably destroyed a couple building to lower his population. This way his first village will disappear once it's below 10 population. That way he can settle very quickly from his second village a new first village.

    I dont think @Accord#EN(1) is breaking any rules by disliking all kinds of random posts, but there should be a limit a player can dislike without posting a good argument after.

    Maybe 5 dislike/ 24 hour or only 1 dislike / thread if you dont reply to that thread yourself.