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    How are you ever going to randomly start building 20 crannies in a village?
    Would you ever have 10 granaries for a 1 million crop storage? NO

    The others ones are very easy to get and you will get them if you're just finish a whole server playing actively

    I wish there were more like these. With *name*:
    -Reinforce a player and then raid him 1 hour later and killing your own troops *Oops I didn't pay attention*
    -Send out the whole army 50k +)on a 8 hour long journey, to find out you've send them as reinforcements instead of attack *Well that was a useless long walk*
    -Completely destroy a village and make it disappear from the map *It was nice to be neighbours*
    -Have the same robber hideout attack you 5 times *I've had it with these motherfudging bandits in this motherfudging hideout*
    -Kill 10.000 scouts when counter-scouting *Nothing to see here*
    -Destroy 10.000 buliding levels *Heads'up*
    -Attack your own king and steal his treasures *My Precious*
    -Attack your own governor, getting him kicked and invite him back in your kingdom. All within 1 hour. *Oops, forgot my glasses*
    -Cage exactly 1 of each animal *Gotta catch them all*
    -Send hero 42.2 squares away as reinforcement *They should call a race after this*
    -Send army on a 24 hour (1 way) attack *Hope you packed breakfast/lunch and dinner*

    EDIT: some more :D
    -Hold non-stop Big Celebrations in village for 1 month *Someone called for a noise-complaint?*
    -Have 100 spider in your village and release them all at once *No one likes spiders*
    -Your hero dies while attacking an oasis with crocodiles and tigers *These animals are not ready for the circus*
    -Your hero dies twice in 24 hours on Friday 13th *I should have stayed in bed*
    -Get 10 personal messages on Valentines Day *Hope one of these is special*
    -Make an attack arrive 1 minute before a peace period starts or 1 minute after *No time for peace in this game*

    Yep you need to give ALL your dukes 1 extra slot first before you can give yourself that third one. That's why dukes are VERY important right now and you should trust them 100%.

    I think it's a bit extreme too, but it solves the problem of people wanting to be king and not merge. Being duke is actually better now

    The path up the mountain was a steep climb, but iribuya knew she could make it to the top. She only left the capital for twenty minutes, but was already high up. There was stories of old cities in those cloudy tops of the seven mysterious mountains of the land. She remembered the chieftain talking about it once on a rainy day when the new batallion of clubswingers was being promoted to rank 18.

    Now she was looking for treasures and maybe some lost bandits who could be talked to and converted to fight for her kingdom. All of a sudden she saw a old piece of paper, it looked like a Big Map of 100%. All the little villages around the biggest mountains were on it. It was very easy to find her way home with it she tought, but before she picked it up a flock of birds flew up. It was a sign that rain might come again and she didn't want her new War-Horse to get sick so she waited under the trees while it started pooring down.

    All of a sudden the rain stopped, the clouds broke up and a full rainbow appeared in front of her and it seemed like all the kingdoms she could see down in the valley were in peace for a moment. While enjoying this moment she noticed the sun was getting low and that meant the Big Celebration was about to start. No time to look back for that Big Map 100% she might have spotted. This celebration was a important one, because all chiefs from around the kingdom would try to convince the neighbouring city to join her kingdom. There were parties planned in all mayor cities and she was supposed to be home in time to lead the assault.

    On the way back one of the farmers from Cropfield level 18 asked her if she found anything valuable, but she replied that all she gained was some experience and while saying that she hit her head on a low branch and also lost 15% health. It had been a long afternoon and the chieftain would not be happy about her lack of discoveries, but at least she didn't die this time.

    The announcement page is hidden under these steps:
    1. Go to Main/Home page of forum
    2. Top right corner you need to click on forum on/off
    3. Turn on the TEST pages and you'll find all the updates about the TEST servers and feedbacks
    4. Have fun in the ONLY fair travian server

    -No one can BUY gold for the whole round
    -Every week you get 200-300 gold for FREE
    -Great community of all active players that like this game 100% fair :)

    Countdowntimer for start of next TEST

    Local time for start of server for big cities around the world!

    You're welcome

    3. I want to be able to NOT see certain reports I dont care about.
    -Trade reports coming in
    -Reinfocements arrived at your village or at someone else's village
    -actually all reports should be able to be toggled on/off

    Hi all,
    This is just a simple guide to get that second village quickly. There are quicker ways, you can find them on forum, but those are more extreme and I can’t recommend them. I have assembles this guide from multiple other guides and from my own experience. The times vary from 14-20, because you can find different things on quests and might not get "lucky" with resources or online times.

    At end of this guide you can find a little extra details about quests and special things to look at for Governors and kings. Every step that has “Quest” written behind it means you can go to your logbook and get a boost of resources from completing that quest.

    1. Build up your village along these guidelines
    -Wood, Clay, Iron one of each to 1 → Quest
    -All Wood, Clay, Iron to 1 → Quest
    -All Crop to 1 → Quest
    -All Wood, Clay, iron to 2 → Quest
    -All Crop to 2 → Quest
    -Granary to 1-3 → Quest
    -All Crop to 3 → Quest
    -Warehouse to 3 → Quest
    -Wood, Clay, Iron all to 3 → Quest
    -Granary to 5 → Quest
    -Warehouse to 5 → Quest
    -Main Building to 5
    -Residence 1 → Quest be carefull, maybe finish quest later
    -Wood, Clay, Iron one of each to 5 → Quest
    -All crop to 5 → Quest
    -Grain Mill to 1 → Quest
    -Embassy to 1 → Quest
    Assign oasis in embassy → Quest
    (For Kings only)
    Create kingdom in embassy → Quest

    2. Get your culture points up above 200 / day

    -Marketplace to 1 → Quest
    -Barracks to 3 → Quest
    -Academy to 5 → Quest
    -Smithy to 3 → Quest
    -Stable to 1 → Quest
    -Cranny to 5 → Quest
    -Marketplace to 5 → Quest
    -Stonemason to 1
    -Warehouse to 6
    -Residence to 5 → Quest
    -Main Building to 10

    About here you may be out of resources, check on the bottom of this guide for some extra little resource boosts.

    3. Build settlers and gain the culture points from quest

    -Build 3 settlers Quest, get a boost in resources and can finish academy!
    It’s important you start building your third settler before you start building the academy to level 10. The settlers take a long time to build and with the quest bonus you can quickly build the academy.
    -Build workshop Quest
    -At this point you can decide to demolish the workshop for a little boost in resources.
    -Academy to 10 → Quest
    -Build Town Hall Quest800 culture points!
    -Wait till you have 1.000 culture points and you can settle!

    Make sure you already know where to settle and your friends/kingdom know you will settle there, because arguments are easy to avoid when talked about.

    -You can instant-finish buildings that have less than 5 minutes left to build for FREE
    -Hideouts / Tributes give good extra resources
    -Hero can produce good resources and you can even chose 1 specific type of resource
    -Your hero can find resources, but also GREAT items, that will sell for a lot of silver first days!
    -There are many other small quests that give resources and free adventure points / XP!
    -Check on the marketplace for deals of 0.5-0.8 that are near you, if you have plenty of those you can use NPC once for a great boost first day
    -Units in oasis also produce resources quickly, just make sure that you are online when they are in there, because even in beginner protection units in oasis can be killed!

    -Building offensive units to clear robber hideouts quickly is VERY efficient. You also get a resource bonus from building units, so you dont lose much efficiency. In the first 2 days there should be about 10-12 robber hideouts appearing, so check often!
    -Make sure you sell your treasures to a king, so you get crop bonus too

    -Make sure you invite as many governors as possible to your kingdom.
    -Make sure you talk to your govenors right away and get them motivated
    -Make sure to collect their tributes right away, also the NPC one

    Remember that once your population is above 200 people can attack you! So better wait with growing too quickly and send those settlers while in beginner protection!

    Have fun ingame and make sure you talk to your people around you. You will have to get to know them anyways, better sooner then never!



    Yes it does a lot in the beginning quests. Later you will need to have full strenght if you dont want to lose 20% health every adventure. The BEST armor to buy is one that reduces damage / adventure by X amount. Like the scale armor.

    It's pretty OP to be honest, because if you dont have it, you can only do 1 adventure every day or your hero will just die from 2 stupid adventures. And you're lucky to find any item since resources or "nothing" is often found.

    I think you should find a item every 5 adventures, so people without gold buying can find some nice items too. They say you get 1 item per 10 adventure, but this can also be a dumb looking glass or helmet of experience.

    So for short:
    YES, strenght affects hero HP loss. But mainly in the beginning days of a server.

    I always keep baracks on that side and have my military on the right side. (excluding workshop, because I dont build that in every village.
    I build up my warehouse and granary in the top, because those are usually build before I clear the rubble.
    Then the centre are for my partyhouse and residence/palace.
    On the left side, near the gate (for faster acces for traders) I have the marketplace and between the warehouses and marketplace the trade office.

    Then on the bottom is my industry. On the leftside we are left with 2 spots and on the spot where you see workshop here is usually free space.
    Those I build up with extra warehouse or if it's an off village, Tournament SQ/Big baracks/stable.
    If I really need to destroy a building it will be one of the resource building (mostly crop)
    My walls are always 20 in every village, because as king i have enough resources and need CP from those buildings too :D


    I find it very difficult to keep myself on the plan because there is so many different kind of villages as king.

    Hammer village
    Capital village
    Crop village
    Treasury village
    Tribute collect village
    Farming village
    Wonder Chief village
    Trade post village

    all look different

    1. If you king is not active you can settle inside another kingdom. If you only have 1 village the game should give you an option to transfer to another king. You need to have 1 village and double population.
    You can also ask to be a duke of anohter king.

    2. No it means that after all oasis, resource building, hero production and units in oasis etc etc. AFTER ALL THAT the 25% bonus is applied. So it's very good :)

    I've heard the admins say that prices only drop, but I've seen on test (where every friday gold is given) prices increase on saturday for cages/scrolls/art.
    What i've done a couple time is buy lots of cages/art on thursday and sell it on saturday for more (pretty sure). But TEST server is special.

    Normally prices go down every day

    1. Auction has a average price of items over last days. It's not possible to sell individual items like old travian, to stop people from pushing certain items to get gold on accounts.

    2. aRobber hideouts can be sieged and treasures stolen from THEM without hero.
    b. If you want to steal treasures from a player, you have to send hero+units. Those treasures are not send to you inventory, but only the king/duke can pick them up as tributes.