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    lets say you bought 300 gold during the server or moved it from lobby to the server. If you had 500 gold when server ends you will get 300 gold to your lobby. But in case you did not do either you will not get them out as you cannot move free gold to another server.

    This is the correct answer, but it sucks. I wish us F2P players could farm some gold on servers, but i'm sure this would be abbused insanely by bot-farmers :(

    Someone I still got 7 gold back from bbash, but never spend a dime

    Active players are rewarded with more camps

    You mean players with 2 duals and 2 sitters who have coverage 24/7. Well I also hate dual and sitters in this game. it's a nice feature, but I think it's breaking the game. It's supposed to be a single player per account and that's how the game should be designed. It should not be designed with duals and sitters in mind, but that's probably a very unpopular opinion.

    Attack with hero only still gives active players enough time to catch more treasures then less active players. I'm always amazed that robbers spawn in the middle of the night of a night server. Isn't the idea of night server, that people can sleep those hours?

    reduce their profit on this game.

    Travians playerbase is getting smaller every year. I believe this is caused by all the cheaters and F2P players who can't compete and feel that unfair advantage in a 'competitive' game. This is fine for mobile, but not for pc browser games.

    Camp spot design

    Then put 30% more 'forest' 'mountain' etc tiles that aren't oasis or build spots. Give robbers the chance to spawn 1 tile outside borders (so right next to the influence). OR spawn them on regular oasis and remove the bonus of that oasis until the robbers are cleared (another good reason to clear fast)

    If I was TK CEO

    1. Fix camps
    a. Attack only, with hero only
    b. Make camps spawn on more tiles (out outside kingdom for example)
    c. Have camps spawn when kingdom is most active or have a countdown timer

    2. Harsher gamerule enforcements and security

    a. Only double verified accounts can have or be sitter/dual

    b. Lobby name should always be visible ingame

    c. Punishments should stick to the account and with new abuse on different servers, the previous servers where banned where given should be taken into the new punishment.

    d. No prestige accounts can't be sitter/dual or be raided for more then 1 hour of production by anyone

    3. Gold balancing

    a. Instabuild/Instatrade/npc should be limited per day. 24h build-speed-boost per village per day, 24h instatrade-time per day for full account, max 3x per day npc

    b. Gold at the end of server should be transferrable even if you didn't buy gold (yes this would make goldfarming possible, but only if you finish the server, not if you delete.

    c. First 24 hours no npc/instabuild/instatrade

    d. Make hero-weapons that are very popular give a weaker bonus to units

    e. Give out more natar horn at the start in adventures

    f. Have a big artwork that releases at T3 to give 3x as much cp as regular artwork

    4. Communication and information

    a. Give royals more option to edit/delete message threads

    b. Remove chat on bottom as option

    c. Fix the damn pop-up chat message if you didn't read it

    d. Give option to have secret society add colours to map

    e. Have a more open-planning of new server. We should know 1 year in advance com2 start on october 12th or whatever for example and have it return on the same timeschedule.

    5. Seasonal play

    a. Every 3 months a new seasonal server with 2x speed start on a yearly rotation.

    b. These have different themes. For example, pick one: BirthdayBash, Dryseason, No-Gold server, No wonder server, No kingdom unification and max 40 members in kingdom, Walking troops eat 2x crop, but can carry home 50% more and cranny sizes are trippled.

    c. You can't buy gold in seasons, but you have a seasonal-pass that costs around 350 gold per month. In seasonal server you get all plus and resource bonus and 100 gold per week to spend on what you like.

    tl;dr. Lots to do to improve this game and it's player retention.

    That's my hero iribuya, she doesnt' have any items, since I dont buy gold and can use all the silver I can find.

    She likes to die very quickly in the beginning, since she's always producing resources to the max and has no strenght. I still appreciate her, since she sometimes 'brings home the bacon'.

    How mcuh does my avatar compare to me? Well here is the list of things not similar :D


    The NPC button annoys me, I almost always use the "manually adjusted resource exchange".

    I feel like the "exchange resources automatically" button is there to intentionally make you spend gold on accident.

    Like when you have enough crop to npc 2 buildings. You want to NPC 1x but with that button you might accidentally click you end up using 2 NPCs.


    When I click on the NPC button I expect to be brought to the manual adjustment page, not right away npc. That really need to change.

    These are both really good solutions imo.

    The 2nd one will also mess with the current fast settle strats.

    That's also a positive effect yes. I dont like fast settling and I think all these techniques have to be removed from the game so free to play players and gold players have just as much chance to get a cropper.

    Great work, a new tribe would be amazing, but sadly there is a list of things that need to be fixed before they should even consider adding new tribes. But still nice to dream :)


    Agreed 100%. It's 2022, but apparently this is the only proper way to stop scripts and bots.


    Allow this, but these accounts need to have 2 factor authentication. Each time they login from a different IP, they need to use an authenticator.


    Agreed, there should just be a new type of cards. 'Rebuild level 1 field', 'Rebuild level 3 field' etc etc.

    4) It should not be possible for a player 1 silver star prestige and above to raid a bronze star prestige player for more then 2h of production per day.