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    wow, Shape . I must have really hurt your feelings :) Top 1 defender in previous server, tho i dont know how to use em. :D

    I just like to mess with you. Ik u're a good deffer but can be improved.
    With my criticism you'll become better, eventually :)

    It is posibble to make 2m-2.5m deff points, you made 1.4m.
    With the amount of troops you had, you could've made easy 2m+.

    Imo.. and I can tell that would happen.. you clearly had more def points than all gold players on the server, I don't know speed measures but that's quite remarkable, maybe u were just in a good place with your army but still I can imagine FTP players brag about cooked troops either :D And if not, after all, def points is what matters most - who cares about troops cooked when u cant use them.

    See DarkSke's deff pts, its not posibble to have 2m deff,
    But with logical defending it is posibble to achieve deff points.
    And developers already made a feature to show deff points, so what.
    Well one would argue that.... ''uuuuh i had so much leftoever deff bla bla''
    Well, you should've used them,then.

    Even so if that is case... this update wont hurt anybody and will only benefit all :) Also i dont personally take speeds seriously so... :D

    Maybe you are right...

    I need QWR to train phalanxes and set me as a sitter, So I can use the deff with logic.

    Oh yes, people love to brag about that :) Even players who don't spend that much like to brag about it. Thinking that only gold makes you a good defender is such a bad opinion, you clearly don't know enough people... You actually need 7 villages, c6 capital, 1k gold and you will end in the top 10 defenders like nothing if you know what to do.

    This feature will most certainly improve the fun part of the game. People just love to have more troops than the others.

    I ended rounds as #2 and #4 deffer as a governor with 0 gold.
    So I do not need to know better, thanks.

    Deff is huge pay to win in this game, nothing would change my mind.
    + Having great amount of troops does not still make you a ''great deffer''
    QWR is a good example to these type of players, over 900k+ troops yet don't know what to do.


    Since when does making a lot of phalanxes as a gaul makes you skilled?
    You just spend crazy amounts of money for culture points, don't even wait for resource fields to finish, skip everything with gold and then you have good amount of phalanxes.
    Does that make you skilled? Think again.
    + This feature will not improve the game play, at all.

    I've played both roles, If I need 1200 gold to play as an offensive player, I need like 12000 gold to play as a defensive player to catch up with ''big deffer bois''.

    So I dislike the idea, there is nothing to brag about how many troops you cooked as a defense player.
    Altough, they can add ''how much gold I spent'' counter, which would show you are just nothing but a spoiled rich deffer.

    I've been testing this for a while, I think it depends on the productions of your capital village.
    I have a 20 day old account on some side server, all resource fields are left 10, population also left at 1,000.
    The spawning robbers are always weak and nearly the same amount of troops are inside.

    I'm cleaning them easily with 700 heduans.
    I hope that helps, although there could be other mechanics effecting this as well, good luck.
    PS: This account only have 3 villages, 1,000 capital, 200 and 100 pop side villages.

    of course there is a local script some players use to easily locate their coordinates on the map.
    Recently on US3X I've scouted a village with 900+ crocs and 100+ elephants, and the guy had nearly no other animals.
    That means he is able to spot the precious animals from his script/cheat.

    Server is around day 60 and I raid around 5 million resc a week. I am usually in top 10 raiders I have been from week 3 but not to high up usually around 6 - 8.

    But what happens when your troops start eating the food say you make 30k an hour and you do vacation that gives you 60k an hour. with clubs that goes down rather fast.

    You ask for your kingdom members to feed them for you,always look for the easy solutions..
    Don't make it complicated.
    And build barns :)

    Easiest way to have good amount of resources is obtaining a 15cropper with %75-150 bonus,going vacation mode,completely upgrading them and out of the vacation training troops 24/7.
    With a 15c you secure constant and secured flow of resources,in case farms disappear or get overrun by other farmers.
    Along with that 5-6 more supply villages should be enough for a teuton to run everything together.
    + You must consider farming from some other village rather than your main hammer village, 10-20k cs should be enough to do so,
    Good luck.

    If there was no spiking, we could send clubswingers every minute to the farm villages.

    I'm sure some nerds would do it, with their bots or mouse-auto-scripts or even manually.
    Same logic applies to any farming soldier tbh,

    Thats because the admins allow it, they want this game to be good and competitive, well it never will be, there is only the emotion of wanting to win a server, almost 20 years the game remains the same and with the same traps.

    dont blame people for getting the upper hand, or for wanting to get the upper hand, basically because any of us would get it if we could and the game is full of egotists.

    So you mean we are addicts of this drug?