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    The spam attack and troops decaying bug will again happen on TEST5X if it is not fixed yet, and this time it will ruin the game for everyone for sure.
    Last time it was obvious that Multis had won,because opponents used all their hammers and only took 1 levels from our WW and did not even scratch any of our treasuries, they killed all the deff and chiefed our 2.WW with the bug, which you still miss this point and made the calculations according as if Multis had only 1 WW and reflected it to end-game victory point results, /facepalm. Just by this I can easily tell you did not play this round,none of your team members players played that round and had no idea what was going on, we had 2 WW's as 2. and 3. WW's and thus we'd have more than 16m VP's yet you reflected it is as if we won with 10m VP. How? Opponents used all their big hammers and our WW's was 2. and 3. at the ranking. We lost our 2. ww due to defense decay bug and they chiefed it, not due to opponents powers. /Facepalm again.
    And yes it will happen again on TEST5X and you won't be able to restore the results without a rollback this time,because there is no clear winner on this round,no team is far ahead of other, and there will be a disagreement between all players who was winning.
    If the owner of this company,or owner of travian is reading this comment by a little chance ; please force your team to play in the rounds or chose your team from the active players because they have absolute no idea what is going on inside the game.

    They can rewind time when ww is 100. . If we had left ww in 99 and continued, they wouldn't have gotten the game back.

    Nice belief system you got over there, absolute non-sense.
    So you are making theories on about how Multis would lose after the bug-abuse-fiesta.
    Do you think you'd have a little chance to win against Multis if bug never happened?
    24m deff, hello.
    10300 catapults only 1 level from the WW, hello.
    And even with the bug, we'd still win easily, 10% bonus from the WW itself was enough to win the round, and we won with a 10% bonus.
    You bugged our second WW,killed all deff, and chiefed it, and it still was not enough for you to win the round, even abusing the bug to the maximum.

    First time MULTIS used WW spam and our 5m defense is dead. When we conveyed this situation to the administrators, instead of returning our dead defenses, he preferred to speak in vain. In the forum, MULTIS players used expressions such as don't cry, have fun. We had fun too, but it was MULTIS that cried. We didn't want to win the game.
    If we wanted to win the game, we would stop the WW and take the treasures of MULTIS with our hammers, we would be the chiefs of their WW

    Could have..
    Would have..
    Should have..
    No you could not do shift.
    Because you could not bug our treasuries, therefore you knew we would defend our treasuries. ;)
    Even after our deff decayed we still had the ability to produce insane amount of deff that you would not even see in your dreams.
    And even if you did that, as Skadi stated they were going to restore the results in order to favor Multis win anyway.

    Thanks anyway, at least we get a reply..

    is what they referred to me, replayability is the most important, look at league of legends, each game is different because it has 200 characters or more, the map is always the same and the meaning of the game too, but you can replay millions of times.

    look at the MMOrpg, the map is always the same, the professions, but you can create 40 different characters and play them differently.

    I am not saying that there are more broken races, simply more, although they are weak in all their aspects, people will play another race, to change

    On point, for every new server I pick another tribe.
    Last 3 were, Teut,Roman, and now a Gaul.
    If there were others, I'd play them on the next rounds.
    Diversity is such a cool thing to keep players around..

    make some servers that are unbalanced and fun, whit new tribes ect. you guys didn't have any problems last haloween to give bats and spiders a huge deff value buff.

    He have no idea what is he speaking about.
    New tribes brought real balance, with 3 tribes you can't defend decent teuton zergs.
    Egyptians provided that,first things first.
    And huns made the game a lot more fun,since you can train more chieves and damage your opponent during the operations a lot more..
    I assume he never played or plays travian legends with the new tribes,or it is just his personal observation.

    Teuton is the only unbalanced race.

    That's child's play :saint:

    But I guess we will have plenty of opportunities to play seriously together before triangles debut again in the Champions League ;)

    Actually, I think x5's should be the thing..
    I was thinking about opening a thread why every test should be an x5 server.

    Very good points Shape took you guys some time to figure those ones out :P

    This is the sort of thing I'm trying to change, and I'm not alone. I mean if you pay me good money I can resign my contract with triangles and join you, I'd then bully whatever kingdom we were up against with my clean playing and dark humor :evil::evil::evil:

    But these observations don't come as a surprise for the player who point them out knows what he is saying :thumbup:

    Well hey, we are alreaady on the same side @TESTX5 gaul-cheerful
    I already made you an offer to be my sitter, because I have nothing to hide for instance. :sleeping:

    Speaking of operations...

    Is not it kinda funny that Ummas hit was the last on the WW?

    You usually start with bigger hammers and follow up with the smaller ones, because the higher the level of miracle is, the lesser chances you will damage it, and that is exactly what happened.

    All other hammers except umma's did not take any levels from the miracle.

    Probably his hammer would not neither, if miracle was around 99 levels.

    So many good hammers,and all used in a wrong way..

    Who was responsible for that? pumpkin

    So there is some sort of an error in the organization here again,or he just wanted his members to clean deff first and he can make a good hit and take the credit.


    We have checked the ranking again and noticed, that this was not right. The wonder of the world village “Multi International” was conquered short time before the first WW reached level 100.


    It was only 0'd and conquered because the deff inside died due to starvation(bug).
    That Miracle had even higher level than SHIELD's miracle.
    You've been checking things wrong..

    Here is the appropriate WW ranking before all this fuss started
    1. Türk
    2. ✞ Монастырь ✞
    3. Multi International

    4. SHIELD

    So Multis had 2x Miracles being 2. and 3. thus victory points were even enormous than you think.
    You have to go back to past a bit more, you are checking the dates after the bug has begun and WW's had been damaged by bug by far.

    Also, as for Black Company, we started this server together. and he started saying, 'I'm going to build a goddamn hammer.

    Filling the goddamn barracks for half an hour, half an hour, he built a big hammer. I saw this ordeal of hers as her caretaker. I also want to congratulate him on this forum :)

    Thanks Arsi, it was truly a pleasure for me to play and keep playing together with such an intelligent guy like you, I was really tired of biased noobs

    you came into my Travian life like a medicine. :)