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    Yes vp stealing will be rescaled soon I guess.
    But this is just a bonus because you payed for it. And if 1 million vp cost is still low then increase it to 2 million.
    Lets say they rebalance the vp stealing system completely. Still the effect of blessing of the gods won't be affected by it since it will never be a boost until you succeed in taking treasures and stealing vp from high rank kingdom. And no one can vp boost soon as I hope no one can self demolish their treasuries.
    And in your opinion, will it be fair for top kingdoms if they let the lower skilled low ranked kingdoms a chance to catch up in late game?

    But its also good idea just to add the legends artifacts in kingdoms.
    And think of a way where it can be balanced and implemented in the current meta.

    Hi everyone I happen to have free time and again thought of new ideas for the game.
    Now its about Artifacts, as we all know it makes the game more active which I believe its why legends is a pro-active game than kingdoms which needs total teamwork, strategy and patience.

    There will be a new feature in Kingdom Treasury wherein the king and dukes can access their treasuries and must assign a variety of artifacts in treasuries that they can purchase and activate using their kingdom victory points when they meet certain requirements.
    Requirements are as follows:
    1. Treasuries are activated
    2. Must assign 1 artifact in 1 treasury of the kingdom (upon assigning it is forever bound to that treasury)

    Time until the artifacts expire is 336 hours so after 336 hours from the kingdom creation all artifacts must be assigned else it will be expired.

    Idea of artifacts in assigned kingdom treasuries:
    Pay 50,000 vp = Banner of the Lords (assigned to a treasury)
    -every purchase grants the kingdom +10% victory points production and gain for 24 hours stackable upto 5x purchase

    Pay 50,000 vp = Sword of Demacia (assigned to a treasury)
    -after purchase can activate to make all kingdom members troops gain additional 10% boost in attack but reduce all troops defense by 5% for 24 hours.

    Pay 50,000 vp = Shield of the Devotion (assigned to a treasury)
    -after purchase can activate to make all kingdom members troops gain additional 10% boost in defense but reduce all troops attack by 5% for 24 hours.

    Pay 500,000 vp = Hammer of the Gods (assigned to a treasury)
    -after purchase can activate to make all kingdom members troops gain additional 25% boost in attack for 24 hours.

    Pay 500,000 vp = Anvil of the Gods (assigned to a treasury)
    -after purchase can activate to make all kingdom members troops gain additional 25% boost in defense for 24 hours.

    Pay 1,000,000 vp = Blessing of the Gods (assigned to a treasury)
    -after purchase can activate to make the kingdom and all kingdom members troops gain additional 20% vp production and gain, for 72 hours.

    Pay 1,000,000 vp = Hand of Justice (assigned to a treasury)
    -after purchase can use to another kingdom to nullify any artifact effects they activated, this artifact has a cooldown of 72 hours.

    Note that all artifacts does not stack with each other so only one can be used at a time except Hand of Justice which has a cooldown. And whenever a kingdom activates an artifact there will be a visible effect or color on their kingdom showing that they have activated a certain artifact.

    1 million vp for blessing of the gods is not beneficial in early phase but when it comes to late game where kingdoms have millions of vp for 72 hours if you have 2 million vp you gain 400k vp per day from daily production and gain 20% more from stealing vp on other kingdom so thats additional 1.2million alone for daily prod over 72 hours with bonus 20% gain on every vp steal.

    This idea is just the same as adding artifacts in the game like in legends you attack natarian villages to gain them but here as some artifacts in kingdom treasury that the kingdom can assign and then purchasing it to activate with their own victory points.

    Why will this make the game more active? Its because kingdoms will try their best to defend these treasuries that was assigned with the artifacts and also make the kingdoms more into attacking it and destroying them for their own advantage. Also the effects will make the kingdom plan on how to use them wisely and when is the right time to use it. Makes the game more deep and will attract more players with its deep game mechanics.

    When you deny tributes from your king.
    Its like tax-evasion, you are in his territory and you have to pay him some resources in exchange of your protection and settling in his kingdom where he levels up his treasury to give you good amount of crop from stolen goods and a good area to fight some robber camps.
    If you deny it then he will be forced to take it from you as you are evading taxes. It is natural crime and punishable by law.

    Legio for robbers are not very efficient.
    Alike clubswingers but the expense on losing them is not worth it.
    And legio isn't that good in making even with their versatility in offense/defense. The def scaling is still quite bad.
    Its better to make an imperian/EI for robbers on your capital and feed the rest of your villages. :)
    Though the time of training imperians is longer but the reso cost per attack input of imperians is worth making than legio for clearing robbers. :)

    why do u want to see the robber stats? :P As a robber myself, i like to keep a low profile :P ... Damn dont do this :'(

    Well, medals can be earned by being a top raider in the weekly top 10 so its a waste if its not included in end game bonus like attack / def / pop statistic which gives bonus prestige points.

    Same thing the ones with 0 points will be in trouble ;)

    i agree it would be nice for the top farmers (to see who farmed the most all round) but the people who dont have a + farm will get jumped.
    (dont forget the resources of robbercamps also count as farmed resources so every non farm will be in the +)

    Then remove the idea of base point and just make statistics for raiders
    with only rank 1 to 100 can be viewed, 101+ will not be shown.

    hello GoDz,

    i think you want Raid amount stats as well in the stats page just like attacker/defender. Well , It would be a huge revealing of who's a farm and who's not ( Simple check : negative robbed amount = farm ) and this is a bad thing :).. i think for a raider, it looks cool but from the point of view of the people getting raided all the time, it actually increases their troubles :)

    Then atleast show the raid points +
    but do not put negative points in it, make the base/minimum points to 0.
    What matters is you can view your raided resource progress for the whole round.

    Find a good 15c then make it your capital, build your hammer army in it
    settle many feeder villages, avail travian plus and manage traderoutes all going to your 15c capital
    if you are a governor and your stolen goods give you more iron then go for axemen
    if the stolen goods does not give more iron then go for clubswingers


    Just compare end game active players of comx3 with end game active players of TEST

    comx3 = unlimited/freedom to gold purchase
    TEST = limited gold

    Pretty sure the devs can check statistics in gameworld archives :)

    But my opinion to your ideas
    hmm they are good
    but I don't agree with the subscriptions

    either they give 50 gold every week to everyone
    but still will not stop gold whales from doing their thing, it will be fine.

    If you are really a good player then some advantage in npc, insta finish and few items won't hinder you from being the top players.

    Afterall, this is a team game so the best team will still win regardless of some hard golder players.

    Its still unfair, I saw someone relocated a 25% 15c into a 150% crop oasis.
    I believe no player will accept that kind of tactic/cheat.

    Else you balance the whole map of the game into even oasis for all and even croppers for all in the same random tile in every quadrant.
    Means all 15c/9c in the random tiles in the map will always have 150% crop oasis around it. Only difference will be how far those crop oasis from the 15c/9c which makes some difference in the bonus.

    Hi thanks, I really appreciate it. Note that my guide is from King's point of view so pls don't make them all into cities for as our friend @Be2-e4 explained the disadvantage of making cities than villages. I am not really fond of how governors build up their account so would be nice to follow his suggestions too. :)

    Btw legio:praet 1:3 is good
    also if you happen to be in a decent kingdom, find a teuton def player and befriend him, exchange update with how many spearfigher he has and praets you have. This way you can know if you need to build a bit more legio or not. :)

    You land when the time you click the area you want to settle. You can wait each other to get to the area selection before you choose confirm so you register about same time or 1s difference. There is low chance you will be in same kingdom but if you choose all to be king at start then the distance difference can be about 5 tiles apart.

    Woah woah woah, hold your horses.
    I never mentioned "Make all your villages into cities and spam gb."
    My guide clearly stated 24/7 troop queue on barracks and gb
    Its a generalization of all your barracks and gb so if ever you dont have gb then it doesn't matter.
    I also never said in the first place in my guide to make gb nor to prioritize in making gb.
    So how did I become arrogant :D
    I always play king so its natural that it was my point of view, I would not suggest something that I have not experienced.
    Pretty sure most players of speed rounds already know I always play king but I won't be surprised if you don't know it.
    What I am saying is we must not share some guide on playing a certain style if we ourselves did not experience it.
    Thus I share in a pov of a king and not a governor. Its the writer's choice if he liked the king's pov of playing roman def or if he like the governor's pov.
    Also the topic is about sharing guide for roman def/mixed
    There is no justification that he wants guide for roman 'governor'.
    So he is asking for one's personal guide for reference in possibly any roles and he will possibly choose one in all suggestions.

    Now I see your problem why you call me arrogant even though I am not.
    I think you have problem with making GB for def units.
    Dunno why this is a problem actually.
    Assuming you made it a city why not afford to make a GB in it so you mean to say only offense units are considered worth to make in GB even if you play def?