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    (like a now server start)

    2 days ago I logged in to com5

    Game-settling game on c15 and destruction of the first village.

    as a governor without gold.

    I have 123h protection.3 setllers and 1400CP.

    now I'm going to set up another village at c15.

    Is not this something wonderful anyone can reach?

    and this with a completely non-aggressive game, only with what the program gives me at the beginning.

    And this is not right for some!

    an excessive number of kings who are pre-densely populated and have too few governors at the beginning is the main cause that only then 2 or 3 dominant kingdoms are formed. They begin to cling together and then remain together in the beginning. There is no room for others to develop because no one wants to be with them .

    Unsaginated players take the c15 and do not use it maximally.
    Why not if they succeed?
    but it can be a condition:
    at a certain time it must develop to a certain stage of development 100,200,300 pop.or more if they fail to lose it, the c15 becomes free.
    Cant go to vacance who have c15.
    If be inactive c15 be frre first day. (A moment ago).

    At the start of the server, the ratio is king: governor 1: 8

    Why are so many kings? They need experience, greed for power?

    Just for confusion or cheating.

    Playing the king for 5-10 days, picking up tribute and treasures, then abdicating and moving with treasure to another king-friend. Menhir invites.10kings do that for one ??? Sure!

    That's why I say, once King is always the king.


    Leave it as it is now.

    Can be +

    If the C15 in a short time does not reach 100,200,300 pop (perhaps because of the catapults) is lost.

    Anyone with c15 has no vacations.

    48 hours acc is not active, c15 is lost.

    NPC is not good, the king and the duke will be of great benefit because of taxes

    You are mad because we are occupying 15c with the second village

    and we destroy it first :).

    I do it when I play a server for entertainment, if i see that it will not go for plans I am having fun by keeping c15.

    You can get c15 100 fields forward.

    If you are the best this is no problem for us bad that we should not have c15.

    If u want have 500 unit first 12h for raid , u have unit, i not need 500 unit in first 12h so settle new village.

    If play governor..

    now you want to have the time to train 1000 soldiers to rob us or oases and collect raw materials for the next villages.

    for this course of the game we have all the same opportunities, but it is easier for kings and those who afford gold the first day

    24h time game pass,now we have 20-40 player with 1k unit and c15 or c9. what remain for us? Be seven?

    The most allowed kingdom pop 200k (+500 for city not count)

    Assignment of the first settlement for the king of 9 fields from the neighboring king.

    (or position that does not cover the influence of the king's neighbor when the maximum is 4x4)

    Once, the king remains the king to the end.

    Deleting acc king is not possible, can be * inactive * but not more active.

    King cant kick governor. (Neither attacked)

    Governor can be king.(forever)

    Duke can be king.( but forever)

    Duke can be governor again.

    Kingdom member cant kata second kingdom member without permission of the target.

    Menhir remains. Once rejected (from the invited player), menhir will no longer be able to bid from the same king.

    Minimum number of units per attack (5) + farm

    Farmlist no limit (100) is now for one.

    Ram + kata can be in the farm list.

    Traps - every victory of a full attack frees all captured soldiers (foreign).

    Defending inactive vilages enable. (Consum crop)

    If the inactive village has a foreign unit it does not strike if the attack is raid and the robber will be successful.

    It'll be a fight if it's a real attack.

    Such a system is more favorable to me, I can not afford to spend a lot of money on the game, but I will know that at least I have more self-evident opportunities for my own and not just obedience.

    You're right

    The other page is:

    most players know each other and in one way or another, in the same kingdom or two.

    At the beginning, they gather and cover the catchment area nicely.

    This creates one or two strong kingdoms with 60 players with 15+ settlements.

    If you limit the number of pops or settlements, players decide how they will be.

    Most 50% of players do not make max. interval hideout, such a player is not useful. But you only see this when you play with him, so you let him out to call you better. So be it impossible. You can not get out, why did you take it.

    And finally the kings would start thinking

    I play with Boss

    You DO NOT need to limit the number of members of the kingdom

    It's enough to limit the kingdom to the number of pops

    or the number of villages in the kingdom.

    If this restriction is logical, the kingdom will only be arranged so that not everyone will have the opportunity to the current best royalty.

    ( now media village a one player is 8 or 5-6k pop) + -

    If the king wants to have many players, he will also be a great hideout for treasors, but the players will populate less settlements or populattion.

    If the king wants to have strong players with many settlements he will invite fewer players. The result will be a little hideout.

    The condition is that the king does not have to kick a player who is once his governor

    Does not look that bad on com4, 3 kingdoms 100-120, and 3 with 70-80 mebers.

    I think a limmit of 100 players per kingdom sounds great. 50+50 pre merge:thumbsup:

    There is no need to limit the number of members of the kingdom.

    More Capitals more Hideout.

    But you can limit the number of the population to the kingdom, or the number of villages that are in the kingdom. So kings will have to think about how they will reign and who will take them into the kingdom. And when a player is once a member of the kingdom, the king can not remove him, only a player can he goes out.

    Make a limit of 200k pop or 200 villages #first 200 stoped all build" (city pop not be counted) + merge.

    Well, we will consider how many villages anybody will have.

    Howmuch member (players) can build WW?

    Howmuch player be WW winer?


    You do not need a limited number of players, but you can limit the number of the population to the kingdom :)

    or village number.

    when you be member of the kingdom, king can no longer remove u, you can only exit yourself.