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    as i see some BM members like Ryland are just adolescents or asocial. I think you should focus on your team's devolopment and education instead of taking care of our villages, our game style

    next server we will be way stronger will finish kindergarten , so no worry we imporving fast.

    someone who is new to the game is cleaning Natar for BM. excatly for this what u smoked to get info like that ?

    easy just make a poll if tk devs should nerf gauls :D if they nerf less gauls will be and you wont need to worry. Its trending now anyway making poll about all little things that ppl cant deal with :)

    starx if u just want to make T k and T l excatly same games with same systems i dont understand whats the point. There is people who like T kingdoms system and enjoy playing it, if u dont like it and want to have excatly same as T l just leave kingdoms and play legends noone stoping you , yes in Travian kingdoms there is problem but deffinetly not the limitations ........ there is ton of ppl who play tk only cuz of this kingdom system and dosnt mind other bugs or things like attack limitations, and u wanna take it away ? And u dont even try to understand them why they dosnt want it taken away.... you just keep saying same cons over and over...

    obviously who voted yes for this poll never playd travian legends and have no idea that there were wings cuz of the "alliance limitation". So making limitation won't change anything just a worthless thread and starx who spamming evrywhere trying to get attention.