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    Yeah, I suppose they would just delay signing the confederacy until right before the Wonder, then make the agreement and help each other; so that wouldn't solve it anyway.

    I like the idea of having NAPs and confederacies actually meaning something.

    For example if Kingdom A and Kingdom B have agreed to an NAP (non-agression pact) the game prohibits players from attacking members of the opposing kingdom. A pop up saying something like : (cannot attack this player due to diplomacy) like it does with a player in vacation.

    Also i would like to see them add a timer to agreements. If we can agree on an NAP for 2 weeks (Proposing Kingdom sets time limit - Maximum 1 month) after 2 weeks it expires and we must negotiate and agree on another one before a truce is put into effect... This makes players communicate periodically instead of just once at the beginning.

    As for confederacies; once you enter into a confederacy you cannot attack that kingdom for the length of the confederacy after you break it. - For example, if we confederate (ally) for 30 days and then disband or break the agreement, those 2 kingdoms cannot attack each other for another 30 days since they were allied with each other for 30 days. This would prohibit teams from stealing their own allies treasures.

    Teams could get around this by just saying don't attack this kingdom and I am not sure how to stop that. Teams would choose not to confederate with each other.

    Maybe make it so the only way to support a WW is to be in a confederation(allied) with the Kingdom holding the wonder. The game would stop (like with vacation) all merchants and troops going to the wonder ( not attacks obviously ) if you are not allied with the wonder holder.

    Any thoughts i might have missed?

    Maybe a slight boost in Culture Points for the featured tribe of the server (Romans on the upcoming com2).

    This would not only encourage more players to choose the featured tribe but in a proxy sense, the Romans brought culture to the other tribes in the way of their Empire. Seems a fitting reward for the Romans.

    Maybe something slightly different for the other tribes when their turn to be featured arises:
    (Teuton - possibly a boost in attack power when sent as siege)
    (Gaul - possibly a boost in the palisade to match the Romans 80%)

    P.S. the new achievement is more exciting. I intend to leave my avatar as is.