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    I think a weaker version of Natars would be good.
    Maby named Exiles.

    The other idea i have is China.
    They would have pretty strong and expencive units like Romans, but their first unit would be Peasants. Peasants would be weaker and cheaper than clubswingers, but also quicker to train (stats maby around 30, 20, 15). And the tribes special building would be something that would make the Peasants more usefull (maby make them produce some resources or boost their strength). And the hero bonus would somehow affect the units (maby slightly increase their atk and def(5% for Peasants and 2,5% for other units).

    Well these are just the ideas i quickly came up. I think i could make them more precise if I took some time to think about game balance.

    I heard that you don't see if you were scouted if the one scouting has a lot more scouts than you.
    Is that true? If it is how many scouting scouts can 1 defending scout see (so you know you were scouted)?

    Is reducing the population of a city under 1000 the only way to make it a village again and free the expansion slot, or is there another way?
    And do you get back the resources you have used on upograding resource fields above 10, water ditch and great baracks and stables?

    How do unit kills affect hero xpp gain?
    I heard for each unit that the hero (with or without army) kills gives the hero 1 xp and that in defending the xp is equally distributed to all heroes.
    Is this correct?
    How do animal kills give xp? Does 1 killed animal give 1xp? Do higher tear units/animals give more xp? :?:

    What affects how much tributes you generate for your king?
    Do only your resource production affect your tributes or does a part of stolen resources go to the king aswell? :?:
    If not that would be a pretty good feature. ;)