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    First let me start off by saying that Travian is NOT pay to one person can..."pay to win"....its a team game...sure having gold helps you with your acct....gets you top quality gear...perhaps even 1000's of animals for protection, but none of that will help you win the WILL need the help of your kingdom. Secondly...I have played this game with gold and without....and as long as your within kingdom borders helping your kingdom....playing without gold works just fine. In my opinion the most important thing about this game is being active...having sitters and/or duals to keep your acct raiding/building.

    There is a Grey area between Pay to Win and otherwise and Travian is indeed sitting in that area for far too long. There are numerous things which can make a big difference to 2 players having same time commitment and having similar kingdom, for example - Daily resource boots cards, artworks, scrolls, buckets.

    Then features like cages, bandages and armor and weapons etc split the gap even further.

    Also, the world works on exploitation, unfortunately, but if someone can exploit, they will. If players like yourself, don't do that, that's great, but I hope you do realize how many others still do it.

    Having a registration fee is a terrible idea for attracting new players...

    You are absolutely right, and that's why Travian should have free servers as well, as they have now, where new players can test/ experience the game, and if they think that they want a more evenly matched game they can play on "No-Gold servers".

    Or even if they go with subscription based model, let new players play for free for first month or two. That's gonna attract them for sure.

    All fair points made in this post, but a little misleading. This is by no means to close COM server to rest of the world, and even now just to buy gold, everyone in the world has to pay the same rates, which is more unbalancing then to pay a fixed amount at the start of the game. It's a challenge to find a sweet price spot which suit most countries in the world, but many have done that so it's not something impossible.

    For ex: People in your country probably buy IPhones too, like rest of the world, but Apple is not going to have different prices for different counties in the world.

    If you look from a different perspective, this helps players who don't/ can't spend a lot of gold, more than the heavy gold spenders.

    Yeah, every-time you attack someone, and when the troops are at their doorstep, they get an option to choose between "Trick or Treat".

    Following are the outcomes depending on what choices they make :

    Trick - If they choose "Trick" , your attack will randomly land on any of their villages. However, the algorithm is programmed in a way that higher the population of a village, higher the probability of it being attacked.

    Treat - If they choose "Treat", your attack will land on their village with maximum resources and minimum defense.

    In case the opponent does not choose any of those 2 options, the attacks will land as usual, but they will receive a "Black Cat" in return which will bring them bad luck - i.e. their production will be halved for a period of 24 hours or unless the black Cat is killed.

    Killing Black cat - To stop players from misusing the feature and asking allies to kill the Black Cat for them, the Black Cat can only be killed by a player from different kingdom.

    Also, sometimes, people have a valid point that they don't enjoy playing the server till end if they didn't had a great start or any other reason. It is perfectly understandable. In in that case people might resist the idea of server registration fee. To tackle this problem why not have a subscription based service.

    For example :

    For 10€ you can play on any 1 server.

    For 25€ you can play on any 3 servers.

    For 35€ on unlimited servers.

    This fee can be charged for 6 months , so people can get a full server within one payment if they want to. Just some food for thought.

    Hello Everyone,

    This might sound like bragging but I'm a heavy spender of Gold(probably in top 1%) and playing Travian since good few years now. However, the game has become so much "pay-to-win" now, and also, yes I'm a part of the problem, but let's focus on the root cause of it.

    Why don't we just have a server where there is a registration fee of let's say 10-20€ for a server where you cannot buy gold.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I see it as a win-win scenario for everyone.

    -Travian get enough money to keep the server running and make a profit.

    -Players gets a well balanced world.

    -It eliminates the use of multi-accounts greatly.

    -Increases player's commitment for playing till end.

    -New players get less bullied by experienced players who usually gold stuffs up for a headstart.

    Maybe few other points which will improve the playing experience. It also seems fairly doable as Travian is doing the similar stuffs in Test servers since long ago, so why not try it on one of the new COM servers. I'd like to know the opinion of other players about this and also the opinion from the administration team.

    Georgi  BridgetB : Let's be realistic, we know that Travian is a business which needs money to pay salaries and keep infrastructure running. Would any of you be up for elaborating upon the idea if it's feasible to have a gold free server with just registration fees.

    _Best Regards