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    Good Analyses Scorox .

    I agree with all the points , I still have my doubts about deciding the fate of these "less active", "less experiences" players, but then again there are numerous other games to play and if they have less activity/ experience , they need to accept the positions in 2nd-3rd tier kingdoms too and it's fair enough.

    However, I don't see travian admins to be opening up to such ideas, so I wonder, if we as players community soft enforce this on next server we play and see the results and submit our experiences/ findings to Travian. I'd be up for it and I'm sure I can help convincing few other kingdoms for the same.

    Thoughts everyone ?

    Once upon a time in a land far far away their was a kingdom called Stars, famously known for erecting Menhir to mark the onset of each winter. All the governors in the kingdoms used to indulge in fishing all during the winter in cold freezing lakes to take a rest from hard and exhausting battles fought over summer. This allows them to recover them emotionally and physically to prepare for the next round of conquest next summer and also enjoy some nice time with their families.

    There was a little Picasso who used to make the paintings for the kingdom's members in exchange for food and goods and was loved and appreciated by all due to his outstanding works. On one cold quite night he was sleeping in his hut when a spider crawled down the wall and went into his opened mouth.

    Next morning, the kingdom was raided by an evil neighbor kingdom, they tied down all governors and the evil king was walking and examining all governors to see who all will serve as a slave to him, when he approached little Picasso, the little Picasso sneezed and sent the spider flying over the evil king's face who because of some childhood trauma was afraid of spiders. He started panicking and started running in circles making his troops red of shame making them leave.

    The evil king was left behind alone and once governors got rid of spiders from him, little Picasso came to him and said - "Don't cry! You'll find new friends!". In a kingdom where no one likes spider, this incident changed everything and they started putting Spider shaped Menhir.

    Starx - Com6

    Right now, there are maybe 40 active players for each kingdom. The rest just plays along, profits from the defense a kingdom gives. Putting limits on the kingdom members will ensure those smaller players (who play just for fun and when they have time) will no longer have a place in a kingdom.

    Kingdoms is all about the idea that every player, even the small ones, can play their role in a kingdom and get protection

    If you limit the amount of players that can join a kingdom, it means that the smaller weaker players will remain without kingdom, since Kingdoms is based on your location of the map.

    Neoflex you are right in many ways. it's kinda true that not everyone will ever be equal and we need bad players to make good players good. If everyone is good then no one is good.

    Also who are we to decide who plays and who not, we cannot be travian gods.

    But on the other hand , now when we have 150-200 players in a kingdom, there are numerous unheard voices, and usually metas play with same core leaders all rounds and maybe just 1-2 promotions every round, which is very small percentage of 200 players. If we have a limit on kingdoms size, these players will just play in different kingdoms and hopefully will be more proactive and involved with the true nature of game. The coal only becomes diamond under pressure and playing with a big meta kingdom, many players will never have this pressure.

    Also, wings are not really a solution, you might have few loyal players running a wing but players will always have a voice to say no if they get no prestige out of it.

    Because there is another side to the ledge where you put in the expenses... so it doesn't matter if they lose 1 unit of revenue and save 2 units of expenses.

    It's not as black and white mate. There are times when players want to play with each other and form a link, even a single player can cause a chain reaction sometimes, also there are many polish players playing COM servers which Travian probably didn't counted.
    I have read someone's message above urging all polish players to quit from both PL and COM servers, extremist sure but still cannot blame them.

    But what you seem to not understand is, that keeping up a domain costs a lot of money - and apparently more money than the players spent on that domain.

    I understand that but that's the technicality which comes running a company, you should not expect an average person to use so much brain for these things, they are just playing a game they enjoy not buying shares, It's great that players like you understand the inner workings of a business but it is a fact that most of the average players playing travian as fun or hobbies can't care less about how server works and how they are setup.

    Can you please elaborate on how upsetting and frustrating playery of EVERY domain is a better approach than upsetting only those of four domains? That just doesn't make sense to me at all. Btw, localization costs money, too, if they merged everything, they'd probably still drop polish support.

    I don't think it'll be more upsetting if they are told that every other server is being merged into COM servers rather than pointing on few servers, whatever the reasons might be. There are many more countries than there are domains in travian, and all those players usually play COM servers.

    These localized servers were started from Travian anyway to dig some more money from players so it's fair enough for players to be outraged on this action. Also localization costs a lot less money than running few servers on domains, so in all fairness that's still a good deal to make said players happy and paying off for localization from the money they spent.

    I do not know if they were't making enough money of Polish servers, because reading the messages here I believe players have spent money , plus they haven't covered themselves and not released any report showing so called Red numbers justifying the action.

    Furthermore, Players don't see it that way and also there are much better ways to solve the problem. For instance, merging all servers into COM and adding flag/ translation features and just covering themselves by saying that we are gonna use global game world approach to make games more competitive instead of killing few domains.

    Deacon Believe it or not I was actually starting a thread about it right now after I posted the another thread for teams starting in new year. :D

    I completely agree, something needs to be done about it. I'd say limiting governor's count to around 50 would be a great start.

    Hello Everyone,

    Due to recent closure of few domains in Kingdom and many players taking break over the Christmas/ New Year period, we should see more active servers in 2019 hopefully.

    I was speaking with few players and just curious to know who all will be joining the COM server which starts in around February. So far I have some kind of confirmations from following kingdoms:

    • STARS
    • Phoenix - As told by Valin.
    • The Order (Or whatever name they decide to go with ) - As told by Snorri .

    Please feel free to update the list if you or your team are gonna be joining the game around that time. Maybe we will see few teams from closed servers joining COM servers too.

    _Best Regards

    Some domains are profitable, some aren't, they get rid of red numbers, because they can't afford them, not to make players unhappy. And they keep the other domains, because they make profit with them, and therefore have no reason to cancel them (and because canceling domains makes their players unhappy, as you see).

    Surely, but how do you explain a handful of players quitting the game make any better revenue for Travian, it's a very subjective topic and everyone got their own opinion.

    They could have just taken a more smarter approach and maybe merge all domains in COMs , added translations to all and encourages players to play COM worlds together for better competitions and bigger crowd , instead of just handpicking few domains. They are a company and it's inevitable that they needed to do that but I still believe there is more smarter approach that could have been taken without hurting feelings.

    I play COM server, and if we reverse roles here and in a very hypothetical scenario if Travian tells me tomorrow that we're closing COM servers and that everyone will need to play on RU server, i might feel the same, just because I am used to COM not because I dislike Russians.

    That's a bit of a harsh move from admins, I mean keeping some languages/ countries open while closing other ones , even if it is for less revenues is kinda biased and very money oriented approach.

    If they had closed all languages and just used 1 global server, it would have made more sense, but handpicking languages, well I do not know who gave them that right. Before someone get me wrong, I have nothing to do with any of the closed server languages, and it does not affects me, as I just play com in English, but not a good feeling to see such a discrimination.

    Also, to all Polish players who are understandably upset due to this, I'd like to say that most players in travian do not share same mindset as admins and we all love to play with people from all over the world, and I'm sure you guys have proved your potential in multiple servers over and over again so if you love the game and accept this decision , I'm pretty sure the global community will be more than happy to welcome all the poles in COM servers.

    ODOAKER#RU I understand your frustration, but unfortunately Travian is just a business and it does where it sees most profit, probably not many Ukrainian players playing the game? Hence , they never bothered to input the flag and support for it. But I'm sure many players and kingdoms will welcome you and play you with open heart no matter where you're from or what language you use. I'd request you to give it a try , game can be equally or much more fun with people from all over the globe.

    Renuo#EN Kinda disrespectful thing to say to a Ukrainian that they would be using a Russian Flag now, I'm not a believer of countries but many people take pride in their nations and we all need to respect that.


    Thanks for that update. By the sound of it, it looks like it will still take few months to be implemented, please correct me if I'm wrong.
    However, if we're starting a new game world and as much as we don't like the exploitation, it's kinda forcing our hands to be a part of the crowd just so the other kingdoms don't have an upper hand on us.
    Any chance this can be accelerated to block it in any upcoming servers to have a fair game and not see our planned croppers disappearing from map.

    _Best Regards