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    I highly doubt that travian can have some sort of spill mechanism because it misleads players if they choose a quadrant and don't land in it. And I don't see any disclaimer either from travian saying that it might happen.

    But strange quite from Georgi, BridgetB and game designer Sheila In clarifying a very simple query is making me a bit of suspicious, but than again I might be paranoid.

    So we made several tests and following is the data collected from that.

    -38,-38 was created before we started this topic so it's very much probable that it might be wrong. But as per the chart below, it seems like Travian does uses quadrants most probably. Which will imply :

    (-22,45) - North

    (22,45) - East

    (22,-45) - South

    (-22,-45) - West

    (50,0) - East or South

    (-50,0) - North Or West


    Robbel How do you explain than spawning near -50,0 after selecting North and never near 22,45 ?

    Be2-e4 I spawned at -38,-38 using North In a game world few days ago. That shouldn't be possible as per your theory.

    BridgetB  Georgi  Sheila some insight from you guys could help us save much time and efforts.

    In the start of the sever when you are asked to select a Cardinal Direction, players are essentially selecting a quadrant on the whole map. However, as per lengthy discussion with some other players it seems like despite selecting a quadrant you could land up anywhere in half of the map or 2 quadrants. My question is if this is right ?

    If so, then Travian Starting Cardinal direction where you select a quadrant is kinda misleading. Why?

    @admins Georgi  BridgetB  Sheila

    Can you guys please confirm how does this system works in travian and why is it misleading or not.

    Everyone else please feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

    True, this affects players harshly specially with fast settling and the new menhir system which no matter how good you play you cannot compete with another player playing gaul or even roman.

    Your settlers are guaranteed to return if another gaul player is eyeing for the same cropper as you. Kinda unfair for no good reason.

    A valid analogy can be made for duals to unsung heroes. Many of them give so much to an account but do not get any prestige or achievement in return. This is an ongoing request from the community so this topic might not be about if we need to implement this, it could rather be about if it should be implemented as top priority or if it can wait .

    There are players here who are much more experienced than me and could have better ideas on how to implement this so I'd urge them to please present their opinions. The only downside I see is that duals do not have anywhere to showcase their medals and prestige, but I do believe that this is something which can be solved in game design by incorporating dual's avatar (even if smaller in size) on the main account, with their name, and the main account can be allowed to showcase any of medals from duals and the overall account can show the highest prestige from either account owner / dual.

    It'll also be need to addressed how account owner can remove duals at any time, which should not be the case and it could be something more on the lines of kingdom union, i.e. once you dual an account for 1 server you cannot remove duals or delete account without mutual agreement.

    There are many other factors which are hard to cover in one post by one person so please feel free to enlighten us all in the chat below on what you all thing.

    Sheila Could we please have some thoughts on this from the perspective of game designing. I reckon you're the best person to bring this issue to.

    _Best Regards

    Well, you can maybe dual someone who plays from PC.

    Playing from phone solely can be never wrecking. It's not impossible, and I know players doing it, but not so many of them were able to play "better" per se.

    Georgi Thanks for that, but was it not generally the case when server which finishes first starts first too ?

    COM6 finish date - 31st of December 2018

    COM2 finish date - 21st of January 2019

    COM2 restart date - 26th of February 2019 (around a month to restart)

    COM6 restart date - ? (assuming it won't start in end of Funerary, already 2 months )

    Please clarify, if possible.

    I reckon yeah, well depends on if they stop COM5 too after current round. An official answer would still be great so that if they are planning to open COM6 again, let's say in early March, some players might be willing to wait for it.


    Just wondering whatever happened to COM6 server and if we could have some official statement on it from Admins BridgetB , Georgi .

    Usually in the past, the world which finishes first start first too, just wondering if it's in pipeline or should we divert our attention to other servers instead if COM6 is not coming back ?

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