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    Most of the weak players who cannot cope and cannot collect stolen goods from camps ;) And as we know, weak players are the vast majority of travian kingdoms.

    If the above statement is true - wouldn't it make sense for Travian to appeal to the majority of their player base?

    I do think Robber Camps are a root problem in many kingdoms internally between others. Personally, I would hope to see a huge overhaul of Robber Camps as there are many other problems with them as well.

    I agree that this very simple change of only allowing hero to pick up the stolen goods could help reduce some of these problems.

    Neoflex I'm not sure that a safeguard would be needed. Allow players to send without Heroes - they can clear the troops and take the resources, then some other player can take the stolen goods to finish the wave off after them.

    Great idea!

    Good Afternoon,

    Problem: It is difficult to sit for players who use a different UI Language than myself

    Idea: Allow sitter to choose the language of the UI for themselves.

    Proposed Implementation Route:

    • Remove "Language" option from "Game" > "Settings" > Game World
    • Add setting for "UI Language" to "Lobby" > "Account" Gameworld sitter page in Lobby (see image)
    • Adjust code to use players individual "UI Language" setting to build UI

    I hope my proposed implementation route makes it easier to come up with a solution to this. Although any solution to the problem statement would be acceptable!

    I look forward to hearing any feedback


    Updated to add better setting placement idea with image



    I personally am very happy to finally see a Night Truce time zone that is close to mine, instead of the complete opposite.

    I think there are more players who would enjoy this time zone then it might appear on surface.

    With that being said, every single person I have mentioned this to has no idea this server is happening.

    This is the first of it's kind, right? This is a big deal on the scale of things. I'd hate to see this server not succeed simply because people didn't know.

    Unknown as a Community Manager, what are you plans to ensure that this server is properly communicated?

    Can we at the very least update the Announcement thread to include this Time Zone information?

    I personally think it boils down to a culture difference. Turks are just like Russians when it comes to their regard for rules and fair play, and playing with dignity.

    From what I've seen, winning is all that matters in their culture. The most common defense from these players who break the rules is that they don't understand why everyone else isn't doing it also.

    In my culture, and many others I've seen, it's about taking pride in how you play. I'd rather lose knowing that I played fairly and with dignity then to win and know I bend the rules.

    But that is just my opinion from many years of playing this game. I don't mean to offend. But this is why Turks and Russians should play against Turks and Russians lol.

    Thank you for bringing the case to my attention. I am going to try and get some feedback for you as soon as is possible. :)

    In the mean time, you know that if you mouseover the number underneath the hammer you get the name of the highest bidder, right?

    Thank you for your response and I look forward to hearing the feedback.

    Yes, I am aware that you can mouseover the number of bids to see the highest bidder. Currently, I have to look up each individual to see what Kingdom they belong to.

    As you can imagine with some very unique player names this can sometimes be a bit more difficult

    Due to the time constraints of having to look up each person: it's directly limiting the amount of money I am able to spend on the auctions.

    Well if the oasis is outside of the kingdom borders then troops would make no difference.

    And this banned player, may have a city 1 square away from this oasis, now this player must settle village(s) closer to the oasis just to compete with a banned player.

    I do not like Wahlberg's gameplay ethics, personally. But I believe he is very smart, and, has proven to be correct in the past.

    With that being said, I really wish I fully understood your post.

    Sorry, can you or some else explain further?

    Sorry guys but none of those answers satisfy the question. I am searching for something more exact other than the usual "there are two per day" since their appearance rate reduces as the account ages in game world. Maybe Georgi can help ^^

    Their appearance rate does not reduce other than the slight increase you get during the first couple days.

    2 per day for governors, they spawn at random times - this is the most exact answer you will find. official answers are hard to find, this is my belief, but I could be wrong.

    Robber Hideouts spawn a bit more frequently for the first few days but then after that they normalize. For governors on 1x server you get 2 Robber Hideouts a day. As long as you clear them before the day resets it will not affect your 2 for the next day.

    You can clear 2 Robber Hideouts end of day -> day change -> and get 2 new Robber Hideouts start of day, with a bit of luck.

    But this can also go the other way; you can clear your 2 Robber Hideouts at the beginning of the day -> day change -> get 2 new Robbers at the end of day, this would put almost 48h between robber spawns.

    AFAIK The specific spawn times are random.

    Dukes get half of this, 1 Robber Hideout a day.

    Each expansion slot will unlock the ability for you to train: up to 3 settlers - or - up to 1 chief.

    You need 3 settlers to settle a new village on an abandoned valley tile.


    I reported this bug to support but they still have not fixed this. So I am going to share this HUGE bug with the community so hopefully this will gain some traction.

    This is only possible (as far as I know) when you Menhir your village.

    It's very easy to duplicate.

    Please don't abuse this bug.