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    Makes no difference. you can literally write the code for them and it wont matter. Kingdoms has no developers left who would know what to do with it. Just a bunch of CSR's with configurable options for servers.

    Wow! Some interesting theories here that I have never heard before. ^^

    Travian keeps the specific formula a secret. But as mentioned by Qwr, it is well known that the troops in the Robber Hideouts will scale based on your army size.

    From my recollection, the reason for removing the points was to stop awarding the spikers with Top Defender medals. Just stop and think about that for a moment - clearly there is some belief that it was not an intended playstyle.

    The idea of spiking really takes away from the purpose a Farm List. What's the point in paying for a Farm List if I can not use it?

    I can't even spy with my farm list, you expect me to manually spy 300 villages? But anyways, these spikers find greys with the hero + chicken boots and scouts at home anyways. I can't believe you are suggesting to scout every target before attacking.

    I'm not sure if anyone here who is defending a spiker has ever built a WW hammer before - but Time is something you can not get back in Travian

    Why should some casual player who trained 500 phalanx overnight get an advantage over me, a big spender, who has Golded my villages from day 1 to get Great Stable/Barracks running early paired with 24/7 active raiding? I cleared that village and made that player quit 1 month ago.

    Day after Day- I am ensuring my barracks, stables, and workshop never run empty. Ensuring my massive insanely negative crop production does not starve my units. Doing calculations to ensure my losses are not significant and timely.... As you can see the theme is here is time and work - there is no reasonable amount of effort I can make to counter a spiker even if I wanted to in the current state.

    Don't sit on the fence - give them defense points back to make them identifiable if you agree with spiking, or, find some other way to deter spikers.

    What is the age of the server? And how much are you raiding currently? How do you compare to the rank 10 raider?

    If you look at some record hammers on 1x servers , you can calculate that even the best players are not able to start running their workshop level 20 until day 15-21. Great barracks and Great stables generally don't kick in until a fair bit later.

    If you're a Teuton looking to make a WW Rammer, if you build with clubs you can actually start pretty late and still build a very respectable army. Just make sure to start that workshop early

    Thank you PaultheGaul let me ask to make sure I understand it correctly.

    What you want is that clicking Enter, it saves automatically, right?

    So when you add a message, not to have to click another button, but just an Enter. Right?

    Correct! Currently, once that form is open: you have to click inside the text field , type your text, then click on the save button.

    With this small change you could start typing as soon as the form opens and just press "enter" key to act as the "save" button

    Unfortunately every game has it's "trolls"

    Try not to let them bother you, adjust your strategy if you must.

    But don't waste your time with talking to them - it will only encourage the behavior.

    They will never accomplish anything respectable with their strategy and they probably only do it because they can't compete with the others.


    I often use the "Mark Field" button on villages to bring up the "Field Marker" form. On this form I will makes notes about this village (sometimes just simply it's population to track it), and then I will save the form with the rest on default settings for only me to see.

    It would be very handy and save me a lot of time if the "Field Marker" form opened with focus set to the "fieldMessageText" control.

    Also, if I could press "Enter" key to Save the note with the default settings put in this would allow me to complete this form quickly with my keyboard only.




    It does work this way. It's simple math.

    You think I don't know about 100% training time bonus from vacation mode?

    Vacation mode doesn't change the max amount of troops you can make in a time period - it simply allows you catch up. Since for the time you're in vacation mode your training is paused.

    Using vacation mode or not, 90k clubs in just over 14 days is possible.

    Tier 1 helmet max 12% + 5% (gems) = 17%

    with 17% helmet you can train 1,067 (rounded up) clubswingers per day x 2 (greats) = 2,134 clubswingers per day (1x server)

    2,134 x 3 (3x speed server I assume you are referencing) = 6,402 clubswingers per day

    6402 x 13 days = 83,226 max clubswingers

    I have not seen the screenshot, but by my math, it would take just over 14 days to create 90k clubs, and this would only be possible with an insane amount of boosting and golding.


    Not sure if this is a new idea or a bug report.

    Currently, when you share a report with another player [using the "Share report" button on a report and using the form to share with a individual player (image below)] this report becomes visible to the player when they go to that specific village's reports (image below). This is a very nice feature that makes it easy to find relevant reports when searching the map or accessing villages reports from other reports.

    For some reason - this feature is missing when sharing report with Kingdom or Secret Society using the exact same method below.

    Any reports shared directly with a Kingdom or Secret Society using this method will NOT be visible on that villages reports. (image below)

    This issue encourages kingdoms to create messy chats that are not easy to find specific reports in.

    This simple fix/improvement will allow kingdoms to take advantage of a built in feature to easily organize reports.

    There is little to none developmental costs here. Surely any junior programmer on your team copy and paste the code from that event into this one.

    Small Quality-of-Life updates like this go a long way in player satisfaction!

    pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.png



    Most of the weak players who cannot cope and cannot collect stolen goods from camps ;) And as we know, weak players are the vast majority of travian kingdoms.

    If the above statement is true - wouldn't it make sense for Travian to appeal to the majority of their player base?

    I do think Robber Camps are a root problem in many kingdoms internally between others. Personally, I would hope to see a huge overhaul of Robber Camps as there are many other problems with them as well.

    I agree that this very simple change of only allowing hero to pick up the stolen goods could help reduce some of these problems.

    Neoflex I'm not sure that a safeguard would be needed. Allow players to send without Heroes - they can clear the troops and take the resources, then some other player can take the stolen goods to finish the wave off after them.

    Great idea!

    Good Afternoon,

    Problem: It is difficult to sit for players who use a different UI Language than myself

    Idea: Allow sitter to choose the language of the UI for themselves.

    Proposed Implementation Route:

    • Remove "Language" option from "Game" > "Settings" > Game World
    • Add setting for "UI Language" to "Lobby" > "Account" Gameworld sitter page in Lobby (see image)
    • Adjust code to use players individual "UI Language" setting to build UI

    I hope my proposed implementation route makes it easier to come up with a solution to this. Although any solution to the problem statement would be acceptable!

    I look forward to hearing any feedback


    Updated to add better setting placement idea with image