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    Pretty simple and straight forward

    Change robber hideouts to be natars instead, with natar troops

    This would give value to natar hero weapons in early game
    This would help generate more money from people buying these items
    This would help players take them out more easily with less losses. Deff players can have less offense and offensive players can have less losses.

    I can't think of a down side to this?

    I guess you could say I frequent the 'Auctions' page. I'm also in a large kingdom and can't be arsed to remember everyone's name. And sometimes I like to particularly bid against enemy kingdoms ;)
    I'm constantly having to switch to another page/tab to get to player list, look them up and find what kingdom they are from before I can bid.

    My suggestion: make the player's name clickable

    How to accomplish:

    • Raise the pop-up menu closer to the mouse pointer
    • on mouse up (hover) : the player pop-up menu does not disappear
    • attach hyperlink to player's profile on the player's name

    Below is a screen shot of how it currently looks when hovering over the player's name:

    I suppose if you wanted you could expand further and show some more info in the pop-up as well, but at least this very small change would add some convenience for me.

    This is still a problem.
    0 prestige (assumed multi accounts) are fast settling croppers, deleting spawn village, and then coincidentally relocating near a top player, and then deleting, bringing a nice cropper to their doorstep.

    How about only allowing relocation of matching tiles?
    15c can only relocate to another 15c
    9c -> 9c

    You can even go as far to make sure the relocation has matching oasis bonus %'s so no benefit for multi-account.