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    I don't believe my opinion is as educated as the veterans on this forum.. but I think it would be cool if somehow, small offense armies were able to "outplay" a larger defensive army. Maybe this is too "non-travian", but in my opinion a large negative from the casual gamer player base is that those who start later on in the server can often times feel useless just because those who were early have had so much more time to build their strength, and an all-out offensive attempt from someone who was 2 weeks late to a server may only leave a dent in someone's defense who had started the day the server begun.

    This just popped out of my head but I understand that a popular way of "outplaying" larger opponents with smaller armies is through fake attacks. If there were an integrated system that allowed its players to coordinate multiple attacks with a timer set (obviously with certain limitations) with the GOAL, introduced by travian, rather than its player base, to defeat troops of a player using fake attacks.

    I'm super sleepy so this may not even make any sense at all. How ever if you have any feedback please let me know :)

    Now, I must start this post by saying that this is simply my opinion, and anyone else's could differ from mine. However I will explain my perspective. This is also based on the assumption that most players view yellow as lesser in value than that of green, often seen in traffic lights, where green represents go, yellow represents slow, and red represents stop.

    Currently, the color of an attack/scouting that won with no losses appears green.
    An attack/scouting that was successful, but with losses appears yellow.
    An attack/scouting that was unsuccessful appears red.

    I believe they should be colored differently because this color-coding confuses new players into thinking that the best possible outcome often perceived as green, is an battle without any losses. This is important because in the later stages of the game, a won battle is a good thing! Travian should enforce the idea that a won battle, with or without losses, is a good thing, and that the value of a successful battle is not in having a 100% troop survivability rating, but in beating the enemy who attacked/defended against you. This is what I propose:

    An attack/scouting that won with no losses appears blue.
    An attack/scouting that was successful, but with losses appears green.
    An attack/scouting that was unsuccessful appears red.

    A raid that won with no losses appears blue.
    A raid that was successful, but with losses appears yellow.
    A raid that was unsuccessful appears red.


    Again this is simply my opinion, but I'd definitely like to hear feedback (from anyone really) just to see if other people have felt the same (or if they haven't). Thanks for your time!

    With the ability to create trade routes between villages I believe there should also be an option to turn off the notifications from trade route resources sent/received. I set up my feeder villages to deliver their resource production hourly to my cropper, and I get around 3-5 notifications every half hour or so, and around 40-60 reports simply over night, all of which are telling me that village 1 sent this amount to village 2.

    As I create this post I've come to realize that this may be really great for ALL notifications found in the bottom right. The goal of notifications are to signal to the player of something they believe to be important, and often times trade route notifs. and also oasis change notifs. can cloud this effect by simply cluttering the screen with more information than necessary.

    I also click the culture points notification before reading the note that appears when you hover your mouse over it, saying something like "you are 3 days away from a new culture point slot." Since when you click on the notification for that, it simply disappears, it can cause a lot of confusion to the player. Perhaps pulling up the culture points tab from your Residence or Palace after clicking on it may give a better indication.


    -ability to turn off certain notifications. (like marketplace [trade routes] and oasis change)
    -culture points notifications, when clicked on, lead to nothing. it should redirect you to your residence/palace.

    I feel like it would be cool to see the bag of loot icon show (accurately) how much of that attack or raid had yielded. Right now there are only 3 images that show:

    1) an empty bag if there were no resources yielded
    2) a half-full bag if there were any resources yielded without being completely 100% full
    3) a full bag if the trip yielded 100% of your troops capacity in resources

    Because it can be misleading to see a half-full bag and then click on the report and see that it only yielded maybe 7 wood/clay/iron/wheat total. I propose that if you yield around 5% of your troops' capacity, the bag should show that 5%, not just a half full bag. Like wise, if you got a 90% capacity raid, it should show a 90% full bag, not just a half full bag again.