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    Bence Elwing olmalı, üstün oyun zekası ve öngörüsüyle savunma ve saldırı koordinasyonununda çok önemli rol almakla kalmadı, bireysel olarak da şahane bir performans gösterdi.

    Bence de Elwing belki en parlak oyuncu degil ama caner50 den daha basarili olduguna inaniyorum

    Guess I'll take the liberty of sharing some server stats:

    These are important, because at the end after everybody attacks each other's ww, these defance points will not stay like that. And people might not realize who played more actively.

    Attack points are also pointless since so many governors just get it from robbers, which allows crowded kingdoms to get a lot more points even though they are not actively fighting others.

    When we win, it won't be fair to say it was an easy win, it will be a well earned one.

    A better idea for com: make 2 hours peace and 2 hours normal and repeat 6 times a day, so that it is balanced for everyone. You have to work even harder for attack planning this way! This was the purpose of night truce right? (if it hasnt changed, you couldnt receive AND send attacks while in the truce)

    Getting 22,6k deff points just 3 hours after midnight on Monday requires some grey villages deffending skills. Btw top attacker has 4,5k points so it wasnt any coordinated deff just in case somebody thought he was hit hard.

    Think again :)

    Also from yesterday:

    It increased all day, and i think he finished as second at top 10. if you don't believe i have more pictures.

    We could talk about other awards for this game and one of this awards go to zuck,dizzyest,kachnicky,ilak,rafal92f,playeR. Why did you lose too many soldiers, why you guys couldn't manage to delete those villages from your list in time. Congratulations to whose characteristic not enough to evaluate others. Dear cheaters.

    It seems smart thing is defending greys and raiding multis at the same time like ayyildiz. You don't lose anything and harm enemies.(if they have any enemies left :D)

    You should be able to collect tributes with mobile. It's just quite difficult

    Crown from top left corner -> Kingdom -> "treasure pot" icon and you can get them from there.

    For me it lags very badly and app crashes, i cannot collect any tributes. It was even like this when i had only a few villages in my area.

    I open browser on mobile to collect tributes, but it lags a lot too.

    You guys are a bit ridiculous writing, first a thing then the opposite, always excuses, justifications,... Just play, this morning you showed us you can play with a good defense, don't ruin your image with stupid comments or funny lies.. Just a tip ;)

    Indeed, i feel stupid after these replies. There is no point arguing with you since you seem to be living in a different reality. We are fine with your playstyle, we have seen a lot of it before. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.

    Oh yes! The message where the brave ZLF (lords of destructions and dominators of the seven seas :D) asked to KNights ,with sweets words and good proposals, to merge kingdoms and gift their WW ..
    The same ZLF that now are calling us "bunch of cowards" only because we sent defenses on KNights villages during ZLF off operations

    Every big kingdom except you have fought with someone, but you are in peace with all your neighbours, didn't even attack VOSTOK when they were at 22 45 next to you. Now after we destroyed VOSTOK you reinforced Knights because... you are clever and every other kingdom is stupid? Or are you just peaceful? There is some cowardice here I have to say :D

    Btw, here is the message i sent to Knights' king for those who are wondering:

    Glorfindel11.12. | 20:47

    Hello. Nice defance :) As management, we have decided to talk with you for the first and the last time about diplomacy. As you can see, we are settled near 22 45 ww, and it is the only option for us. That's why we need to use every army if necessary, until one of us is defeated. If we continue to fight each other from this close we will both lose lots of time, troops and energy, meanwhile other kingdoms are happily simming at the corners. (as it has always been in Travian)

    Therefore, we have a proposition. Would you like to join ZLF kingdom? I don't mean as an ally or with a truce, but directly join us. We will cover around the ww with treasuries. There can be a side kingdom(Zülfikar) there until we have enough treasures in our main kingdom(ZLF), then you can join our main kingdom. This way, we can build the ww safely together.


    1. A lot of multi-accounts, clearly cheating with relocation and chiefing method.

    I wasn't going to write anything, but this bothers me a lot. I assume you mean ZLF kingdom, yes, we always liked to have croppers traditionally in TR servers in the past, and cover a large area(but never be a meta, we always had bigger or equal in size opponents in the past servers). Therefore lots of our members chose to try relocating including kings and dukes, some were successful, for some it took a lot of time and they couldn't settle their 2nd village as well as not increase their pop for easier relocation. (which might have seemed like they were low effort multi accounts, but there were certainly not)

    However, there were 2-3 players that wanted a cropper and used a multi account to do that. We had no control over those accounts as management, just as you claim not to have control over cheating of Reddog or Fishkiller(that we know of, both were kings/dukes).

    The main issue is, people in this thread know very little of this, and assume we have lots of multi accounts. The opposite is true. We tried to not even take anyone into our kingdoms unless they were in our premade group at the beginning(later we accepted surviving long term players), unlike EMC who became a meta in a short time. We beat you fairly. The map seemed like you had 5x more players in the area that we fought on. But we had in communication with most of our players whereas you had not (as you mentioned in your post)

    Btw, right now some previous emc players have joined our kingdom. But still we have lower numbers than top kingdoms. Please respect that.

    These are current player counts in the kingdoms(including side kingdoms) (might have missed a few)

    ayyildiz 179

    PL 172

    italians 129

    bohemia 87

    zlf 82

    hypora 57

    knights 49


    Bohemia went wild Chiefing and erasing croppers of EMC after the kingdom disbanded. if this continues game will lose balance.

    poles were better to be friends with EMC.. they strengthened Bohemia and ZLF too much by what they did and ZLF won't show them mercy in future i'm sure

    PL is the only kingdom we ever had NAP. We will not break it unless one of us betrays the other or unless we speak and decide to break the NAP. Not to mention they are twice our size :)

    There is no need for speculations and mind games. We prefer to just play the game (Travian Kingdoms) itself. However, we will be more transparent in the future. You can check our kingdom page to see the kingdoms we have any agreement.

    Mate - it's the entire fucking Turkish alliance doing it on Com3, not individual players - with just a quick look at them before deleting there's at least 5 multi accounts they are using that they aren't even bothering to hide and several more that are incredibly suspicious

    I just saw the threat so answering now: Stop crying and blaming others without having any clue. If you coudn't find a cropper, it is not on us. You could do the same.

    From the ones tried relocating most of us succesfully found a good spot in the first week, but some was not lucky and waited for it. Now you see the ones trying to still relocate and they are MA's ??? The accounts you mentioned tried to relocate for nearly 30 days and couldn't settle a new village while you could build 4-5 villages. It was a win-lose situation for them.

    Although it changes the game mechanics a lot, and imo it should be removed in the future updates(as it will be) It is not simply cheating, and certainly have nothing to do with MA's. There is and there will be always MA's in this game. But you cannot say ZLF uses multis. On the opposite, we didn't even recruit new players, because we value strength in communication and coordination more than creating meta's and brute force; unlike you.

    Even the Zlf teams on com3 are still pretty useless despite the extent of their cheating and I doubt they will prove to be anything more than an irritation for the rest of the players who decide to stick around. I'm not even going to bother suiciding my troops against them - I'll target a real player instead.

    Yes, here are some fresh reports from this morning of our useless defnces that you didn't bother to suicide. And top 10 defenders to show that they are not MA's as you insolantly claim.


    It's obvious to me now that they don't care much - That particular account (dizzyest) looked suspicious to me a while ago and had been reported to multihunter and if they'd even bothered to check it would have been obvious what he was doing - so, for me at least, that alone is enough confirmation that multihunter isn't even trying to do their job on this server (at least when it comes to Zlf)

    In what way it looked suspicious? Because he is a good player? If you check his account he both trains def and off(i shared a picture), and raids active players(with sometimes casualties) (another picture) and greys. If he was using multi's he wouldnt need to train def or attack active players right?

    I still remain wholly unconvinced that the accounts like Sancak, Gestapo, Etingu, Wooah, etc that are being used to get yourself croppers aren't multi's being run by one (or more) of your players but sure, there's maybe a 5% chance they aren't and you've managed to find half a dozen losers willing to run novelty accounts for your benefit.

    They are more real than you, but I cannot be bothered to prove that. They are playing with zlf for 2-3 years. And the real losers are choosing to settle inside someones border without any croppers, and be a source for good tributes with a very limited crop production. We have seen a lot of this playsyle and it never works well, because it is selfish.

    Yes, it is not cool. I will make sure that account will be deleted.

    For cheating accusations(for any team), you have to realize there are ways to cheat that is impossible to detect, and completely game breaking. There is no point of thowing shit at each other. The real issue is Multihunters don't get paid enough (I guess) or they are not inspected and dont care much.

    The Zlf Turks are cheating - and not even really bothering to hide it. And the Multihunter for whatever reason is either unable or unwilling to do anything about them

    Maybe because the Multihunter is busy with banning EMC accounts that are using program for raiding and also as said above deleting/ changing accounts, chiefing each others villages etc. after they are defeated by those "average" players you have mentioned. :)
    Also we are didnt recruit almost any new players, meanwhile EMC is inviting whoever they can find and expanding their meta. Thats why you think we are average? If you last a few more months we shall see who is going to be major players ;)

    While it is not the same to ruin a whole village, it is still insanely damaging.

    Taking out a bunch of level 18s alone can be enough to completely diminish the effect of a key enemy for the end game.

    except lylai