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    If you mean same second, the order is determined by travel time. There is no milisecond calculation in travian, you land in the order that the attacks are queued for that second. For example, if one player has travel time of 10 hours and the other one 8 hours, 10 hour one will land first because it is sent first(2 hours before the other one).

    This is also why you send def to 1 second before in order to snipe attacks at a certain second.

    Are you aware that Legends recently tried victory point system in special servers, very much similar to Kingdoms? (Instead of treasures producing VP, population of villages in certain areas produce VP.) Surely if they wanted to fully differentiate the games and take different directions, they wouldn't do that. Or maybe they are aware that 2 games already have distinct player bases.Trying some new win conditions for some special servers will not change that.

    Travian Kingdoms players likely won't return to Legends beacuse of graphics and interface. While Legends players don't like to learn complicated stuff in Kingdoms and find it too different than what they know as the original Travian.

    Similarly, getting the 2 new tribe stats from the Legends wouldn't change that either. 3 tribes already share the same stats, I cannot imagine you are not allowed to use them for the new tribes?(As far as I am aware Legends and Kingdoms still belong to the same company)

    I do not believe creating different tribes from scratch is feasible at this point since Kingdoms playerbase is so small. Kingdoms team wont bother creating new ideas, designs and spend time on balancing the new tribes. It would be so much easier to bring Egyptians and Huns though...

    like the one whit Hun and Egyptian race, do it at test server, collect data, balance. repeat until ready for non test servers.

    Those two races are already in legends, cant u guys just use their files for the races whit some tweeks to fit more into kingdoms?

    Agreed. Travian Kingdoms started at 2015, and veteran players such as myself are bored doing the same things for 5 years. There has been some special game worlds such as Halloween, which I appreciate the effort. Art work for it such as zombies and night view looked refreshing, but gameplay-wise there was nothing important.

    Adding 2 new tribes on the other hand, brings more variaty and more strategies to the game. I know a lot of friends who would return to the game just to try them out.

    2 new tribes (Huns and Egyptians) are already established in Legends, they are more or less balanced now. Travian Legends and Travian Kingdoms units share the exact same stats of attack, defance, speed, carry capacity and training time. Only difference is unit costs, Kingdoms units cost no crop and slightly less overall. Therefore it is easy to implement them in Kingdoms with some cost adjustments. For example, maceman is proportionally not as cheap compared to other infantry because game worlds finish earlier in Kingdoms, feeding troops is therefore easier which is the disadventage of maceman. Similarly, slave militia cost can be adjusted such that it is not as cheap as it is in Legends. Most other Hun and Egytian unit costs would be fine as they are, if they are scaled down similar to other tribes.

    As a summary, bringing 2 new tribes to life is a lot easier than it sounds.(I am assuming adding code for the new tribes is trivial and bugs can be fixed in future.) It mainly requires 2 things:

    1. Unit costs should be scaled down easily as explained, which can be balanced in later patches if necessary.

    2. New art work for the new tribes.(Buildings, units) Seing what Travian Kingdoms team did with Halloween game worlds, I am confident that they can do this with similar effort. No need to be very creative, as the designs are already there in Legends. They are only needed to be slightly redesigned to fit into Kingdoms art direction.

    I am not hopeful new tribes will arrive before the game is dead, but in my humble opinion this would be worth the investment for the future of the game.

    Bence Elwing olmalı, üstün oyun zekası ve öngörüsüyle savunma ve saldırı koordinasyonununda çok önemli rol almakla kalmadı, bireysel olarak da şahane bir performans gösterdi.

    Bence de Elwing belki en parlak oyuncu degil ama caner50 den daha basarili olduguna inaniyorum

    While it is not the same to ruin a whole village, it is still insanely damaging.

    Taking out a bunch of level 18s alone can be enough to completely diminish the effect of a key enemy for the end game.

    except lylai

    Hello @Lylai

    thank for returning this discussion to the actual topic. Yes, we do care about this and we have already taken actions to prevent this behaviour. We will do even more in the future.

    Thank you all for caring about a fair game and sharing your concerns. We appreciate this.

    The way I see it, either you find an automated solution as I suggested, or multihunters check every single banned account before they decide to ban them. I don't see any other action to prevent this COMPLETELY (which is the point, or you should allow it for everyone. It SHOULD NOT be about luck )

    It does help us when players report this kind of behaviour, even if it is just a suspicion.

    Do we need to check the whole map every day for banned accounts and report them? How would that help? Any account can be used for this abuse without any suspicion.

    aksu saks"yu bırak amk bi brak

    Seviyeyi düşürmeyelim lütfen.

    Zlf den birinin ahi yi örnek vermesi trajikomik

    Arkadaş sadece ahiyi örnek vermemiş ZLF'den de bahsetmiş. Ancak Ahi ile bir farkımız var. Biz en azından kendi bölgemize yerleşip tek başımıza oynuyoruz, başka bölgelerle ittifak yapmıyoruz. Ahinin sayıca diğer birliklere üstün olduğu halde başka birliklerle birleştiğini defalarca gördük.

    150 kişi oynamaya gelince, son tr3te başlarda -yeni açılan ve bölgemize düşen / bize katılmak isteyen yeni hesaplar dahil- sayımızın 100ü geçtiği doğrudur. Bir noktadan sonra aradığımız rekabetin olmayacağını anlayınca(önceki 3 serverımızın hiçbirinde bu kadar az oyuncu olmamıştı) yeni oyuncu alımını durdurduk. Ancak rakip birliklere göre sayımız hiçbir zaman fazla olmadı, hep aynı düzeyde seyretti. Serverin geri kalanı organize olup güçlü krallık kuramıyorsa bizim yapabileceğimiz bir şey yok. Oyuncu kalitesindeki ve sayısındaki düşüşe bakılırsa da artık ekip olarak başlayanlara karşı yeni oluşumların başarılı olması çok zor.

    Bunun için bu yıl TR yerine COM3te oynamaya karar verdik, umarım bu sefer aradığımız rekabeti buluruz.

    There is a way to feed unlimited troops without needing any crop. I have been playing Travian Kingdoms for more than 3 years now, and this is by far the worst abuse that you can think of.

    The way it works, you make an account get reported and get banned for an arbitrary reason such as multi acounting or swearing. And you send troops to any of their villages before they are banned. When the account is banned these things happen:

    1. They can no longer receive attacks or reinforcements after they are banned. This makes the troops you sent invincible
    2. Troop starvation is disabled. Meaning the reinforcements in the villages will freely get fed.

    Moderators say that an account doesn't stay banned for long, either deleted or the ban is lifted very soon, but this does not fix the problem. I have seen banned accounts stay banned for several weeks or even months. And even the ban were to lifted in a day, feeding troops freely for even a day can be considerably helpful for the abuser.

    Here is an easy fix for this, make the banned account similar to a natarian village or an oasis with animals present, where any reinforcement arriving will be sent back immediately.

    Please fix this. although very few people knows this, This is a game breaking adventage without any repercussions.

    I have opened this thread at test section but a wise friend suggested that this topic should also be here.

    Perhaps some people might recall, in some earlier versions it was possible to change tribute setting of kingdoms. In the low tribute option kings would get %15 production of governors and in turn governers would get %10 self production increase(for the villages inside the borders). I don't think kings tributes should be lowered however I believe governors lack the motivation to settle inside the borders, so if %10 production increase is reintroduced it might result in a much healtier kingdom structure.Yes, if one settles outside, attacks to those villages will not appear on kingdom screen and also you cannot sell stolen goods. But these things don't matter for many players and having a village with slightly better oasis bonus might seem more important even though the village will be outside the borders. Therefore, if a governor doesn't want to sacrifice some of his/her own production for a larger production bonus for king(tributes), there is no reason to settle inside, which contradicts the idea of "Kingdoms".

    I haven't played the last round but I can imagine the difficulty. And I believe a good hammer trained there wouldnt be appreciated enough, therefore it would be too much efford for me. Similarly, a big issue is, some people keep sharing their speed server hammer reports and boasting, but many people don't realize it is not possible to train the same army in a normal server. Not even close.

    Therefore, what I recommend first is there should be 3 different symbols somewhere in the report for each type of server (speed, normal, dry season) so that the difficulty of the server is obvious, when comparing numbers and keeping records.

    unfortunately, those hammers don't mean much, some of them were on abused servers and some of them were on local servers that have much less players than com servers which means less action in whole game round.

    Although this is not the point of this thread, I agree. For example the report I shared is quite meaningless since at that point the server was already over, ww was at level 99. Our king waited for 2 more weeks just to spend remaining armies in our kingdom.
    Nevertheless, numbers are still numbers and I have shared it because it is the biggest hammer I have ever seen on kingdoms.

    It is not my report, it belonged to our king and ww owner(Meaning infinite resource income with tributes + no chance of starving troops on ww). It is by far the biggest army I have seen on a normal server. (It is pointless to compare it with speed server armies since it is far easier to train and feed an army there). He also had a second ram army with about 100k consumption.


    Tam olarak anlatamamış olabiliriz, tekrar okuyunca farkettim :) Aslında durum şu;

    Önceki durumda herkes kimden vergi alıyorsa, birleştikten sonra da ondan vergi almaya devam edecek.

    Yanlış bilgi, krallar kendi alanlarındaki vergileri kendileri almaya devam ediyor ancak 4 derebeyinin alanlarındaki vergiler iki kralın hazine sayfasında birikiyor, önce hangi kral toplarsa vergiler o krala gidiyor. Vergi ekranında en son kimin kaç saat önce topladığı da yazıyor.