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    3 kings on the same alliance has the same effect of the kingdom union, so there's no point in that, what we really need is a new type of rules that the ones on the new event on TL for example, new type of objectives like relics, map control, or stuff like that. While i do have a problem with the Kingdoms union, i'm ok with the Menhir mechanic, sure, it has cons and pros but it's no that bad since everyone can do and use the same strats etc.

    Have you guys seen the new special world for TL? (link here)i think they can use something like that on TK, with some tweaks here and there, but i have to agree since the kingdoms unions a lot of people drop tthe game and about the menhir, i think it's okish, sure it makes easier for meta kingdoms to move all of their players, but this also give a chance to new players to join a kingdom and learn the game. Back in the day i started on some server on a spot where no kingdom will never reach me and if you are new the game it's hard to stay interested when everyone wants to farm you.

    So yes we need some new contend, the mid-game is just so... boring, hoard treasures, farm, farm, farm, feed hamers, and the ocassional war for treasures, but those are soo rare too.


    As any other online game where you play with a team, you can have all the fun you want as long as you do not affect others, just dont go around saying that you have a big hammer when it's a legio one... maybe it's big on size, but not in damage, it's just not an effective way to play, i rather keep the legos for deff that losing them to an enemy wall :P

    Ammanurt Thank you for the link. I have read all of it, there's some interesting bits about TG en general, but i found an answer from blackblade when asking about merging TK and TL interesting.


    Given how much money they have sunk into Kingdoms and the fact it is one of the larger games in terms of company revenue I don't see that happening.


    So there it seems that TK is financially strong, wich is good to hear, anyways i hope that we will get some updates soon

    If the night truce trend is going to continue, would it make more sense to divide servers not by language but by timezones? Having "Americas", "Europe/Africa", and "Asia/Australia" timezones grouped together so that everyone actually benefits from the truces?

    This has to be a thing if they plan to continue the night truce servers, i dont play them since they only work if you live in europe, so it's just a waste of time if you live outside europe time zones

    Hola, Menhir es el nombre que le dieron a la mecánica de re-posicionamiento de aldeas.
    ¿Como funciona? Es simple, un rey puede invitarte a su reino apartando una casilla con una piedra que es el Menhir, mientras la piedra este ahí nadie puede ocupar esa casilla.
    Tu lo que veras sera una invitación en tu embajada para re-ubicarte al reino del rey que te aparto una casilla usando el Menhir, si aceptas tu aldea se moverá ahí y pasaras a formar automáticamente parte del reino.
    Al moverte todos tus campos de recursos serán destruidos a 0, pero a cambio de darán un % de las materias usadas en cajas que encontraras en el inventario del heroe, solamente puede usarse el Menhir con jugadores que solo tenga una aldea, así que al momento de fundar tu segunda aldea ya ningún rey puede invitarte a re-ubicarte. y si tu eres rey lo único que tienes que hacer es dar click en una casilla vacía, darle click al icono de coronita en el menú y puedes apartar la casilla con un Menhir a quien quieras.

    Te dejo el link aquí si quieres saber mas detalles un poco más a fondo, solo que esta en inglés :p

    Saludos y buen travian!

    This, if you follow this tips i'm 100% you can also farm 3-4m weekly on the earlygame, maybe some cheats? Yes, there's always one, but in my experiencie you can achieve this numbers by just learning how to raid :)

    I always wonder, what people intend to achieve with comments like that. It's not like anyone would say "yeah, we don't care, jokes on you lul", the only answer - if you get one at all - will be "of course we still care".

    But yes, I wonder what happened to this idea, too. xD

    It's just to spice things up, hits the nerver of some people, but the main topic still is.... Any updates?

    Personally, I have full faith in the devs. Even if they have decided not to go with this idea I'm sure that whatever they're doing is in the best interest of the community. Perhaps if this idea became too much work or was simply overshadowed by more important priorities then what should have been done is to release a test server of this idea with minimal changes from the base game. Once it's over, after receiving feedback and (undoubtedly numerous) complaints and suggestions, then the game can be decided whether it's worth it to improve upon or be scrapped.

    I'm still playing because still have fate in this version of travian, but i just feel that we have left in the dark for a very long time and i'm was wondering what's the dev team up to?

    We are almost a year in after the start of this thread, with no news, no updates, nothing it really feels like the devs are letting TK to die a slow dead. You also asked the comunnity for feedback about 15c Here's the link, but we have cero info about it. So are you guys planning to do any of this things yet? or it's true that the devs dont care about it anymore?

    ye kings could set taxes to low normal or high, but now everyone and every kingdom has zero option to set priorities by game mechanics itself.

    Yeah, we need more options, laws can be a really good option, maybe you need to reach X number of treasures, gobs, points, etc to be able to legislate new laws? as a replacement for the relics from legends for example.