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    Vamos a ver si arreglamos el estado de los servidores que desde hace 3 días se ha vuelto imposible jugar con normalidad en este servidor. Hoy directamente ya es hasta imposible entrar.

    Desde que comenzaron los servidores de Halloween, este se ha ido a tomar viento.

    A ver si Unknow o moderación de este servidor eleva una queja porque es un desastre.


    Confirmo, es imposible acceder al servidor desde hace 3 días

    X5 server it's a lot better get rid of Wonders, i like the idea of kingdom with more treasures wins, but we all know there are a lot of ways to hide treasures, or protect treasuries, so.... maybe:

    1. Off points are added to the total VP at the end. Killing own troops, allys, robbers, oasis or from the same kingdom wont add to the Off points (this could be hard to implement, i'm not a programmer so idk)
    2. Deff points are subtracted from the total VP at the end. This is to prevent kingdoms to only turtle all the server, maybe they can hide and protect in a god-like manner, but if the stay only on the deffensive and hoard treasures all the server this will not guaranteed their victory, they will need to go on the offensive as well. Of course this needs more tought, since there's a lot of ways to make a kingdom get deff points by going and killing troops there.

    So TL:DR
    Kingdom with more VP Wins, VP are granted by treasures and kingdom total off points vs a negative mod that's kingom total deff points, this to make the server more war-like and less turtle till the end and win.

    Edit 1: typo.

    Thanks very much to the dedicated team who was on the bug fix! The fun of playing the game has been returned. Not being able to commincate, build or fight was an extreme disadvantage.

    Yeah, but it's a lil to late, this server only last for 30 days, losing time because of lag, or failing to deff someone beacuse of chat issues it's a very big deal on a x5 :/

    El mayor problema que enfrenta la comunidad ES-PT del TK es el numero de jugadores, servidor tras servidor se ven los mismos reinos, las mismas rivalidades y se pelean las mismas batallas.
    Cambiaría la unión de reinos, desde que se anuncio opine que mataría el ritmo a los servidores pequeños permitiendo que un reino ocupe la mitad del mapa sin resistencia alguna y pueda ocupar 2 o mas maravillas, lo que lo hace el virtual ganador del servidor desde el mid-game.

    La falta de actividad en el foro creo que va relacionada con el punto anterior, ya no nos emociona subir reportes cuando sabemos que reinos están peleando los servidores, si se hace es tal vez en forma de burla con algún mensaje sin mucha profundidad. Un contraste a esto es cuando se abrió el servidor x3 al cual no toda la comunidad pudo participar por andar de lleno en otros servidores, (pero es es otro tema) sin embargo la actividad en los foros del x3 fue mayor que la de muchos ES pasados, trajo jugadores nuevos, algunos se quedaron otros no, pero le dio una chispa de vida a la comunidad en general.

    Sin duda hace falta mucha mas promoción al travian kingdoms en general, veo anuncios del TL por todos lados, incluso su pagina de facebook es mucho mas activa que la del TK, realmente siento que el problema es la falta de visibilidad ante la comunidad de los MMOBW y la falta de un juego con mas dinámicas que solo juntar y proteger tesoros durante 6 meses y salvar las offs para las maravillas.

    Y la idea de Knife de tener las notificaciones del foro en la embajada In-game es genial.

    Saludos a todos y buen travian.

    leo#EN(19) has already pointed very good advice about your early game, here on the forums are some guides for new players (here is the link), also the proteccion do not goes off without warning, on your timer for BP if you mouse over it you will see a text that said how many time is left of BP and if that you reach 200 pop the proteccion goes off.

    While we're at it, can we add a search function to the inbound/outbound troops?
    I've got 900+ outgoing attacks from farmlists pretty much at all times and sometimes I need to cancel one of my actual outgoing attacks but can't find it in time through all the farmlist attacks.
    Technically having the option to filter out farmlist raids would also pretty much solve my situation but I think just making a search function is better.

    We need this, like right now, or let us scroll down all the way to the last atack insted of jumping from page to page :D

    3 kings on the same alliance has the same effect of the kingdom union, so there's no point in that, what we really need is a new type of rules that the ones on the new event on TL for example, new type of objectives like relics, map control, or stuff like that. While i do have a problem with the Kingdoms union, i'm ok with the Menhir mechanic, sure, it has cons and pros but it's no that bad since everyone can do and use the same strats etc.

    Have you guys seen the new special world for TL? (link here)i think they can use something like that on TK, with some tweaks here and there, but i have to agree since the kingdoms unions a lot of people drop tthe game and about the menhir, i think it's okish, sure it makes easier for meta kingdoms to move all of their players, but this also give a chance to new players to join a kingdom and learn the game. Back in the day i started on some server on a spot where no kingdom will never reach me and if you are new the game it's hard to stay interested when everyone wants to farm you.

    So yes we need some new contend, the mid-game is just so... boring, hoard treasures, farm, farm, farm, feed hamers, and the ocassional war for treasures, but those are soo rare too.