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    Time, money, friends...all wasted, tactics and expansion strats being dumped and villages wasted. We all planned ahead because of the damn merge and now all that time and effort is wasted. Things are about to blow, if the com2x3 finish without a merge, people is going to be very very mad xD

    It does feels, slow, boring, people leave beacuse there no kings, you cant plan ahead to much sinde we dont know when the merge is going active... we are 64 days in on my server, we are now at mid game so we hope the merge is up soon

    Creo que el numero de tropas aumenta conforme aumenta la media de tropas del server, la aldea que conquiste tenia 4k de tropas defendiendo. Ademas tienen el muro al 10 y la resi al 20. Así que si tu idea es conquistar la aldea, sera mejor que vayas con una buena off :) oh y el cuerno de natar ayuda bastante :)

    Espias, las listas de vaca no regresan, hay heroes atrapados por migración al parecer al querer regresar a sus aldeas, y eso no les sucede a todos. Como dicen mas arriba es mejor suspender el acceso temporalmente, están generando ventajas a algunos y atrasos a muchos otros.

    Saludos y buen Travian. :D:thumbup:

    Pregunta: ¿Es posible que posteen los datos generales del server? Población de jugadores activos, fecha de inicio/fin, en que fecha se activaron las WW, % de jugadores de cada tribu, etc. Pregunto por que vi el post del COM7-2 y trae ese tipo de estadísticas y me parece que es información interesante. Si no se puede no hay problema :thumbsup:

    Creo que termino ayer o antier, pronto pondran el salón de la fama del ES2 y podremos ver las estadísticas :D

    @Titan Chip I'm in for long posts, but break it on paragraphs please, it's easier to read a dont give the feeling of a TLDR kind of post, just a friendly advice :D

    OT now, i also play with a gruop of friends and we all agree that building big empires full of coas and naps are the one thing killing the fun from the game. It's a war game after all, having smaller kingdoms has forced some early skirmishes for treasures.

    On our past server there was only one big kingdom which consisted of 60-70% players of the server, of course all the other smaller kingdoms united to fight the big bad, but just by sheer numbers we were unable to deal any real damage, now they are just playing sim while waiting for the WW.

    The problem we have now with the new system is that the game feels a lot slower than before, x1 speed feels like 0.5x now, we are almost 3months into the server and we are finally reaching the 10k mark to open a new treasury. Lots of people have deleted or abandoned just cuase there are not enough kings and the existing kingdoms cant reach 'em fast enough plus the merge feature is not active yet.

    I think the TK dev team is on the right path, they just need to polish the system and a few tweaks like softing the 10k target to 8k for exmaple (two full treasuries), allow a king to abdicate after the merge because sometimes things happen in RL and people have to stop playing, so having the option promote a duke to king or vice king once per server after the merge sounds fair to me. :thumbup: