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    Got a list with all the culture points of all building levels in the top of your head?

    Link in post 2 is exactly what you need.

    note that this is for x1, you have to multiply it by server speed yourself.

    eg Townhall level 20, on x3 generates 576cp per day.

    btw, wiki is up and running again.


    1000 Clubswingers attacking, level20, no brewery, no hero.


    2000 Paladins defending, level20, hero level 100+, all attributes full (20% defense bonus), + T3 Paladin hammer, No Residence, No Wall, No Water Ditch.

    Nothing has changed, except once hero and paladins have same home village (coming from same village)

    In other report paladins and hero are from different villages.

    Exact same result shows 20% defense bonus is applied in both cases.

    This is tested on BBash1 (v0.104)

    How Hero's defense bonus work?

    This bonus applies to All units from same account that are standing with hero in same village.

    If a player send troops + hero from one village to a target and send more troops from another village to same target, as long as they are with each other this bonus will boost all of them. Any other troop outside this target village gets no bonus.

    In this image, All units from Kitty have full defense bonus from their Hero, Because they are in same village, no need to come from same village.

    Next post, I will post proofs and battle reports from fixed and controlled environment.

    No, They didn't change this yet.

    This information is wrong.

    I agreed with LovëGood, I don't think Travian change such thing without Informing players or listing it in Change Log / Patch note.

    Check this, I tested this today (For 2nd time this year, cause someone seriously claims we are wrong.)



    Before I begin, I would like to comment a few notes from fellow players.

    There are separate topics for each of these requests. If you have questions, ask them in their own topic.

    Here In this topic I only wrote my top3 wishes I like to see in game.

    If you want any change you can ask. otherwise I don't think it's necessary to question others here.

    This would mean that quicksettle is impossible. Or, at least, it will take longer. And what are the benefits of such an idea?

    FYI Speed settling is older than Menhir era.

    Limit Menhir only from 6-444 to 6-444, and keep all the fields. (No resource to farm)

    Harsher punishments for multi accounts. (Remove them from server, They can start fresh.)

    Robbers: Stolen goods can be taken only with hero attack. (Just like treasures.)

    I have speed settled numerous times without a pre-made... While some of this might be true, it is very easy just to ask a king for a Menhir and then leave their kingdom afterwards. There are so many kings at the start all wanting as many players as possible. I don't think I have ever had a king say no..

    I think the start you are referring is a little different, Speed settling I am talking about is the one that lets you get 150%~100% 15 Croppers. This is a race in first 3 hours, losing 5 minutes can cost you settler bounce.

    My experience is completely different, asking to join usually I get these:

    "Green Check" as they read and no answer.

    You are not in our ss/discord.


    I'm only menhirking/taxi/bus/delivery, ask X. (asking X gets one of the three from above)

    And after trying 10-15 kings finally I get my first menhir. don't forget mean while doing this we are losing settler training time.

    Can settle fast, without steroids.

    Something is so true in your post.

    Independent players without pre-made cannot do speed settling on steroids.

    No one invites a random player to cash the fields. you either need a premade with some player sacrifice for others or simply a multi.

    As I seen so far most big kingdoms (not every kingdom) are using multi to do menhiring part for cash back and get closer to their chosen locations.

    Just watch first day of any competitive server, you will find many low prestige kings appear, and disappear just for this purpose.

    Romans are a tribe that has a rough start

    I disagree with this. Researching Imperatoris at academy and stable level 5 is easy enough to start account for any direction. Off Def etc

    Legion is cheaper than phalanx with almost same stats + attack abilities.

    The thing that makes Legion bad is train time, which is not very important in early game.

    Plus this

    dual building (which in itself generates them more CPs faster, so they kinda already have it

    A club gets 30% more offense, 45% more inf def, and 140% more cav def.

    A druid gets 42% more offense, only 26% more inf def, and 38% more cav def.

    Legati has 0 attack point, level 20 Legati has ~13 attack points.

    It got infinite% more off? :D

    The formula is more complicated than that.

    It adds a little raw value per level, also has some relation with upkeep cost.

    It's same formula for every unit.

    This formula matches with in-game stats (smithy and combat simulator), wiki and kirilloid

    it works for all stats off and def

    base + (base + (300 * upkeep / 7)) * ((1.007^level) - 1)

    Credits to RandomDude on forums

    What was the reasoning behind this?

    Idk exactly, It's Travian's secret. but I think it's more fair upgrade over just 35% boost on everything.

    Hidden Treasury level 1 gives 7 Culture Points per day.

    I think you checked CP while the building was under construction, This building gives 6 before finishing level 1. (Maybe we can say level 0)

    Check your CP before adding it to building queue and after it finished.