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    at level 0 no, they are all same.

    but when we upgrade them in smithy, cavalry scouts gain a little more.

    off spying (lvl. 0)
    off spying (lvl. 20)
    def spying (lvl. 0) def spying (lvl. 20)
    Equites Legati 35 53 20 35.7
    Pathfinder 35 53 20 35.7
    Scout 35 46.6 20 29.4

    Info from

    first send a scout! it takes a while to animals produce resource. some times there is less than 50 resource per animal, then use simulator!

    I have to send my hero accompanied by e.g 10 paladins to get all of the resource in that one hit, I cannot take any resource after?

    Yes, but one or 2 paladin may die, so don't forget to use combat simulator.

    btw I don't recommend jungling in early days, robber hideouts are the main source.

    Yes it's oasis raiding but what you said doesn't work.

    each animal can hold 50 resource, if you catch them or kill them using hero alone, you can't get resource in next (raiding) attack.

    you have to kill and raid at same time in single attack/raid.

    check this out, this image saved after WW went down from 99 to 95.

    also losses on Natars and other tiny hammers :D


    All credits to best player I have seen ( Grim Grimlocke ), I hope he don't be mad at me for sharing this. (names are themed)

    301k Praetorians. (at least)

    Governor account. (governor entire round)

    I have seen 600K Phalanxes by a king too, but I don't have the shots and his/her name :D

    1: idc

    2: no just why!? anyone should max it asap

    3: no I want this be part of the game, thinking about things I build, troops I train and more. also it make a difference between players who think and who just spend like crazy.

    4: yes but with ability to deny info, like how we do with tributes. also it should show the sum of troops including parked and troops that are on the ways. otherwise it's just USELESS with wrong info.

    5: yes even checkboxes works too (checking one resource for 100%, checking 2 for 50% each etc...)

    6: yes

    maybe because we not get confuse when someone links a person or village in conversation to attack or reinforcements :/


    This game looks so different, would I be better off playing the Travian Legends game?

    this is depend on you, but if you ask me, Kingdoms is better in almost everything. I like it.

    What are the major differences between Travian Kingdoms and Legends?

    this needs a long answer

    TK: travian kingdoms, VP: victory point

    Main goal in TK is get more victory points to win, building world wonder helps with boosting VP , but it isn't main goal like legends.

    There are NPC villages in TK (robber hideout, robber camp), they spawn everyday, you can kill them get treasures, you sell these treasures to your king for crop, then kings can generate VP each day with those treasures. also there are other mechanics to steal treasures and VP...

    There is no Artifact in TK.

    Oasis doesn't belong to 1, multiple players can use same oasis with some limitations

    All troops are a bit cheaper, and no need for crop to train.

    There is a new attack type: "Siege", that gives more power to attacker, but with a travel time penalty.

    In TK we can upgrade villages to Cities, that removes some limitations of village.

    Achievements, Lobby, Plus Account, Secret societies, awesome map, Natar Croppers, Menhir and many more changes.

    ...I can figure out which one suits me?

    just dive in ^_^

    I guess the limits are potentials of 2, so it should be 32,000 64,000 128,000 256,000

    But that somehow does not work: 32k reach until 7k crop, 64k until 8k crop, 128k until 9k crop and 256k should then go to 10k crop. But Renuo said 200k treasure make fo 12400 crop. So maybe the limits are less sparse for higher numbers? Such as 32k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k, 200k? Because then it works!


    after 32K treasures there is no change in slope, my samples from game just fits in 5th formula

    so I guess from 32k to infinity (at least 205k), you will get extra 50 crop per 1600 treasures.