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    So then if I’m understanding correctly it wouldn’t matter if I sent a hammer at a treasury village with my hero on 1% health because the army would still get the bonuses from the weapon and hero attack bonus?

    Yes. That's corrcet. The army will get full bonus. But it's not all, specially on treasury village.

    In order to steal treasures you need an alive hero.

    For example you attack a treasury and you lose only 30% of your army, 70% of your army returns home.

    Now if your hero had more than 31% health, he would survive the battle and bring home treasures. and if he had 30% or less he would die in battle and no treasure gets stolen, even tho you won the battle.

    Another question, does dismounting and mounting the horse work the attributes the same was when defending as it does attacking?

    So for example if I support a village with my hero and then dismount him off his horse does his fighting strength count as infantry defence instead of horse defence?

    Nope, No differense here.


    Does the same apply to hero vs hero?

    For example if an enemy hero attacks my village with 100% health and 2000 fighting strength but my hero has 1% health and 3000 fighting strength do I win or does the attacker?

    Yes it is same.

    You (Defender) kinda win but both heros die. (both of you get a red report because everyone is dead).

    Attacker gets 100% damage and dies.

    Your hero gets less damage (20%~60%) but you only need -1% to die. then your hero dies too.

    In most games matchmaker puts us to play with someone like ourselves, same rank or skill level.

    New players see top 10 and lose their hope. they have almost no chance to compete, old kingdoms don't accept them easily and more problems.

    I think new players need a server to play with just other new players.

    Of cource couple nolifers will create new accounts and go there to dominate server and ruin everything. =O There is no control over this.

    Then it won't help keep new players in game. :/

    But we can have servers that new players aren't allowed to play on! Yes! this might help keep old players in game, out of multi cheaters. ^^

    And how would you like us to fix it?

    limit it to one time. if a player lost it, then it's his problem to settle manually like old times.

    and only for accounts under 2 weeks or 15 days old. (5 days on x3, 3 days on x5).

    no need for pop or troops limit.

    this is simple and effective at same time and fixes couple issues.

    It works with same attack.

    If loyalty is low and your target is active it's better to separate hammer and chief for last attack. when you conquer a village your attacking troops stay there as reinforcement. your enemy can send an attack on that time and kill your hammer.

    Yes. It is possible.

    Many players doing it as defense strategy.

    When they can't defend the target, it's one of the best options to protect the village.

    I agree tying it to hero isn't best idea. it was a quick suggestion.

    Good to see most comments want to change robber camps too, but they just don't like the hero part.

    Anyway I think that's the goal of this topic, to find a better solution for robber camps.

    Yet another raw suggestion is limit one outgoing attack per village on camps.

    not limited to hero.

    If you have 3 armies in 3 villages, you can send 3 attacks at same time.

    from 3 different village to 3 different robber camp, wait till they hit. you can send again.

    - you have two and one with hero is going to op?

    you still can attack camps :)

    - you have one army and you are on op?

    you can't get any currently, so nothing is changed for this play style.

    one by one attacking doesn't reduce the amount of goods that an active player can get too much.

    remember everyone is limited, so if you are active camps are there for you.

    if you can't wait them to return and send to another camp. you are not a constant active. you were just lucky in that moment you were active.

    What you think about this?

    Communication and management inside kingdom doesn't work, The subject isn't that important to remove the member from team while it's very frustrating for other members.

    also there is no control over it, no logs, no trace.

    no one can find who is breaking the internal rules. who cuts the attacks, who raids the last wave etc...

    Kingdoms before patch 0.46

    There was a similar problem in kingdoms, some players where always raiding with minimum units, stealing the goods and leaving a little resource for next person.

    If internal rules could solve this issue, community wouldn't ask for change.

    As requested by members of the community, a robber camp wave will be cleared as soon as all the stolen goods are taken from the wave. Remaining troops and resources will be added to the next wave. The last wave will be cleared as soon as all the stolen goods and resources have been taken.

    I am once again asking for your support. <3

    I don't say it's good as is, of course I like to use them for adventures.

    Surely increasing the limit for such special server is good idea.

    I was saying it to guys who are mad about it, chill a little about some free stuff that we never had.

    Bunch of players shedding tears because i took 200 + stolen goods as a def player , while they were offline. So now they want to implement change, which means that you will need 10 hours to clear all robber camps.

    It's not about you.

    I promise this won't take more than 2h for a 137 member kingdom to clean 35 robber camps one by one. even if half of them are offline.

    if you are super active, you can attack many of them.

    not just being active the moment they spawned and send 20 attacks at once.

    It's not about being offline, afk, inactive or not putting effort in it.

    It's just unfair, in speed server 35 camps disappear in less than 30 minutes, a pretty active player gets nothing if he check game only 10-15 mins late.

    Other than this teutons have nothing to compete with Gauls TT, or Romans EI.

    Fastest Teutons attack unit (TK) has less than half of TT speed (9 vs 19)

    In the time Travian were balancing units and gave them this attributes there were no robber camps and horse racing like this.

    Another solution is limit players to attack multiple robbers to 2-3 robbers at once. like the way we can't attack a robber 2 times and it says something...

    Anyway it's just a suggestion, not the best solution.

    Hope we see a change about this, any change to make this fair for everyone.