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    This game looks so different, would I be better off playing the Travian Legends game?

    this is depend on you, but if you ask me, Kingdoms is better in almost everything. I like it.

    What are the major differences between Travian Kingdoms and Legends?

    this needs a long answer

    TK: travian kingdoms, VP: victory point

    Main goal in TK is get more victory points to win, building world wonder helps with boosting VP , but it isn't main goal like legends.

    There are NPC villages in TK (robber hideout, robber camp), they spawn everyday, you can kill them get treasures, you sell these treasures to your king for crop, then kings can generate VP each day with those treasures. also there are other mechanics to steal treasures and VP...

    There is no Artifact in TK.

    Oasis doesn't belong to 1, multiple players can use same oasis with some limitations

    All troops are a bit cheaper, and no need for crop to train.

    There is a new attack type: "Siege", that gives more power to attacker, but with a travel time penalty.

    In TK we can upgrade villages to Cities, that removes some limitations of village.

    Achievements, Lobby, Plus Account, Secret societies, awesome map, Natar Croppers, Menhir and many more changes.

    ...I can figure out which one suits me?

    just dive in ^_^

    I guess the limits are potentials of 2, so it should be 32,000 64,000 128,000 256,000

    But that somehow does not work: 32k reach until 7k crop, 64k until 8k crop, 128k until 9k crop and 256k should then go to 10k crop. But Renuo said 200k treasure make fo 12400 crop. So maybe the limits are less sparse for higher numbers? Such as 32k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k, 200k? Because then it works!


    after 32K treasures there is no change in slope, my samples from game just fits in 5th formula

    so I guess from 32k to infinity (at least 205k), you will get extra 50 crop per 1600 treasures.

    it is 50 crop off. 8o you can click on graph and move to see the crop amounts.

    my biggest sample was "160k treasures : 11k crop", so beyond 160k I'm not sure how it behaves.

    governors don't have easy resource that kings have.

    kings don't have easy point that governors have.

    it's balanced imo.

    I checked my current server, some kings and vice kings have attack medals, even rank 1-2

    So you asking this change to make 3% king players happier, remove other 97% players from top10?

    first I thought you want make it harder and more challenging

    now seems you want make it easier and less challenging for kings.

    I hope they never change this.

    actually no one knows how it works except Travian Games.

    yea if you have less troops you will get weaker robbers.

    but how you are good aggressive player, and you don't have good hammer?

    who actually know how to play and decided to follow a more aggressive strategy.

    if you are loosing your troops everyday from your main hammer, it's not strategy, it's kamikaze.

    if you are too good at this game make two armies.

    For example, the defender ranking is much more balanced and only the best players stand out.

    yea spikers in top 10 def are best players.

    I know the only reason for this request is make it easier to find heroes during operation.

    sending waves of single scout to multiple villages with minimum effort.
    I don't like it.

    after this people would ask for cata list to zero others with no effort, attack list to send fakes etc...

    everyone has robbers to kill, everyone is equal in robbers system

    and everyone is killing the robbers.

    it just gives everyone same amount of attack point, who was rank 1 is still rank 1.

    where is the problem?

    rank:1 points:200

    rank:2 points:100

    rank:3 points: 50


    rank:1 points:10200

    rank:2 points:10100

    rank:3 points:10050

    I've never seen someone with just killing robbers pop in top10.

    Isn't the pop thing (morale bonus?) more of an attack reduction rather than a defense boost?

    yes, morale thing is a malus for attacker, not a bonus for defender.

    according to simulator.

    any village has 10 def strength minimum and can have about 1600~2000 maximum (depends on tribe).

    which can kill Level 20 Equites Caesaris too.

    destroy those buildings before farming.

    I like it, because it's speed and I like peace at night.

    I don't raid usually

    But speed makes the gap between TT and clubs bigger.

    Currently early bird Gauls (who sends raids at 08:00 AM) can empty all farms before anyone.

    I don't know about road map, but we had some updates here too.

    I think the most significant change in past year was the "Menhir" update, that shows Kingdoms development isn't stopped. but it's slow :D