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    Yes. Only Gold you buy and gold from voucher will move to lobby at end of server.

    If you bought n gold and finish server with m gold you will get back: min(m, n) gold

    Suppose that i end up the server with 100 gold, knowing that I only bought 50 gold , how much gold did i get back?


    in the other hand suppose that i bought 100 gold knowing that i end up the server with only 50 gold , what will i get ?


    Does wining the server or being in 3 first places has an affect on how much gold u get back ?


    In this cases I can only ask that you report them, as it will be investigated and dealt with based on the information the CSR gets in her investigations.


    quoting this from somewhere else, I think here is better place to discuss

    2 more problems,

    First: Player X creates 20 accounts and feeds himself and more 3 people, after investigation if we were lucky enough only X is the guy who violated rules, and gets a short ban. while the other 3 are enjoying!

    Second: the punishment is so small, after 1 day, and a 10% punishment or 1 level building drop, the cheater is still too powerful.

    Changing CSR doesn't change these, anyone on this job will do the same unless TG change their rules.

    I suggest never unban the player who is banned for MA for second time in their life, and please remove them sooner from map. sometimes banned players blocking tiles, oasis, ... for no real reason.

    All other problems like the Menhir topic are made of MAs, if you solve the MA, Menhir abuse solves too.

    I'm starting to think that I either have rly bad memory or dyslexia.

    probably my explain in first post isn't clear :)

    as result of previous rules there (number 3), only spawn village allowed to relocate so it's always 6444.

    Kings are not allowed to put Menhir on 9c or 15c.

    So that moving 15c/9c tiles to 150% Oasis is not possible.

    1. Each account can jump only once.

    2. Accounts older than X days can't use Menhir.

    3. Only account with spawn village can use Menhir, so having only 1 village isn't enough anymore.

    4.Like old relocation system, The village (Tile) moves completely with all the fields in it.


    1. Menhir purpose is to allow players join their friends easily. nothing more. one ticket is enough for most players.

    2. to prevent relocating massive armies!
    I think X equal to Beginners Protection time is good which is already based on server speed. 7 days on normal and 4 days on speed.

    3. to prevent moving good tiles :)

    4. to prevent cashing fields. As we can't put Menhir on Croppers and the result of rule 3 there should be no map balance issue here.

    Removing troops or getting nothing after relocation is not good idea because it will slow down real players.

    (base attack + weapon) * hero bonus * siege * brewery.

    weapon add to base attack (at first) then bonuses multiply on top of each other.

    a level 20 clubswinger with morning star and 20% hero and level 20 brewery and siege :

    (52+5)*1.20*1.33*1.20 = 109

    in your example:

    (52+4)*1.2*1.2*1.33 = 107

    1.2*1.2*1.33 = 1.9152 ~ 92% is the magic number of maximum teuton bonus which wikis are talking about.

    I don't play for bronze medal I play for Gold...10M are more than 150k phalanx that Is a good goal but of you want to do also Attack achi you have to live only for Travian this month

    I thought the same. Actually every player does.


    A single level 0 phalanx gives 90 points (40+50) for Anvil. level 20 Imperian has 87 (52+35) def points. I know this is not correct but it's how Anvil works.

    This achievements are cheap. a fake attack triggers the system to calculate anvil.

    I mean if you have an average hammer, you can ask a friend to send you a fake and get your golden anvil. 2 birds 1 stone.

    Anyway, I didn't know this I decided to get anvil first, and hammer later. maybe next year...

    No, this is another topic if enough people pay 200k for CP helmet, when you get one from adventure you can sell it for 200k. they bring the average price up by paying high price.

    Here situation is different, there are thousands cages in auctions and inventories. it is pretty cheap now. more cages in world makes it even cheaper. now by chance if you get cages from adventure it is low number to prevent cages getting more cheap...

    Of course TG never talks about these like any formula. it's all my guesses based on what's happening right now.