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    Isn't the pop thing (morale bonus?) more of an attack reduction rather than a defense boost?

    yes, morale thing is a malus for attacker, not a bonus for defender.

    according to simulator.

    any village has 10 def strength minimum and can have about 1600~2000 maximum (depends on tribe).

    which can kill Level 20 Equites Caesaris too.

    destroy those buildings before farming.

    I like it, because it's speed and I like peace at night.

    I don't raid usually

    But speed makes the gap between TT and clubs bigger.

    Currently early bird Gauls (who sends raids at 08:00 AM) can empty all farms before anyone.

    I don't know about road map, but we had some updates here too.

    I think the most significant change in past year was the "Menhir" update, that shows Kingdoms development isn't stopped. but it's slow :D

    Every time I want make another topic about wishes, I feel like I'm spamming :D

    no one reads these except some active forum members that have no power like me.

    Admins please make some rules and conditions that if an idea passed them, it will reviewed by developers, we all know they are busy so conditions can be hard.

    rules like: idea should not be about free gold, conditions like idea should have 333 likes, I don't know but you know what is needed.

    anyway I try again here is my sorted wish list in 2019

    (some of them has been said before)

    1. ability to input how many golds we want transfer to game world from lobby.
    2. show the current level and strength of troops in village overview and rally point. (example image attached)
    3. no default selected troop in barracks stable workshop.
    4. (not important) "I know everything" see through 50K scouts, achievement for successfully spying a village that have 50K+ scouts. which is usually WW.
    5. simple mobile site, I think we don't need everything on the go, a simple web app without animations, map, chat and other features.
    6. reduce mobile app permissions. like the other top games in market.
    7. ability to play the game with keyboard
    8. add magic to game (artifacts were magical we miss them)

    pretty sure number 5 not gonna happen :D

    I'll update this list later.


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    Personally I never had problems with level 15, it's only one time payment, if you can't pay that, how you can make TK army.

    Each tribe has specific features, Teutons advantage is infantry Roman advantage is cavalry.

    first day Teutons can make Clubswingers that is faster than Legionnaires and cheaper in both time and resource.

    you think Romans are OP, and there is another topic someone else thinks Teutons are OP. FYI

    it's perfectly balanced as all the things should be.

    after all I think it might be better they bring EC to level 10 academy, it makes more sense to me :D

    - What do you like about our TK community?
    Community Manager :D

    I mean he is good, answers quickly, understands players, helps them...

    Players like Curtain Be2-e4 and others that share their knowledge and making good content

    and what do you feel is missing?

    Designers and Developers in test board, they post about things that they are doing very rarly

    "trash talk, drama, and rumors about what was going on back then." as leo said :thumbup:

    - What would you implement or change if you could?


    it's good that we have wiki, but we don't use it. one good step was that from someday anyone could edit wiki, we need another step, someone with English skills and TK knowledge and time.

    maybe with some prize or badge we could fix that cheap :D


    reports are always part of forums and community. but we need a trusted and official one

    I wish we could share report from game in forums. easy, no bitmap, no cheat

    with exact date and server on it.

    - What activities would you like to see and participate in?
    I like activities that we done in game. like the dragonbender

    but make them more challenging, giving prize to everyone or sharing report even if you failed :D no no

    - What do you think about the community in general?


    Cool, we all like new content

    but I think there is no use for this, having only one powerful unit (or one per village) without any special ability is just like you don't have it

    even the main hero after you got a good amount of troops, his/her "Fighting strength" doesn't matter much.

    there should a logical/interesting way that you could train/find more of these champs or some special ability

    Where is the fun if we earn easy no risk resources? ?(

    Communities in almost every game always want make things easier, no challenges, no risks... and they don't realize easier games are more boring.

    you can only sell your items for "average price" you can't make "auction" or "public sale" any more.
    even if someone bids 100K silver for your item later.

    in past (T4) people could do that, cheat and manipulate the market, but not in kingdoms :)

    Hi guys
    sometimes it can take a while before the prestige points and level(if there is to be any change) are updated in the lobby after a game world ends, however they should be recalculated soonish. Since the TEST game world just ended, I assume any difference will be corrected soon.Please let us know if that is not the case by tomorrow and I'll ask our tech support to take another look.

    Kind regards

    This is for previous test, I was in n1 kingdom and top10 defenders.
    I don't remember exact number of prestige but I'm sure it was more than 80.

    and 5 for
    1. ending a server
    2. winning a server
    3. teamwork
    4. alpha veteran
    5. beta veteran

    these are all of 12 "special" achievements until v0.89