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    it's just about ecnomonics. If significant segment of players wants to use bots and scripts and they PAY, dev-team just allows them to have game they want to have. Because they pay and thats what matters. Because they already lost some money. But yes, that is for sure a different topic. It has got nothing to do with the fact, that they already pissed off a significant majority of core players

    Most of us who were active during 2018 learned that the game was abandoned, at some point, during that year and this was probably the main reason why. At the same time, most of travian oldtimers bailed, leaving only cheating squads around with a few decent players here and there. And cheating squads pay, sometimes large sums, just to get their ego's satisfied, so naturally, nothing will be done to prevent them sticking around. And well, there is noone to piss off anymore, since most of core players are gone for good and the remaining few ain't paying enough to be worth listening to.

    The only time I got banned in TK was when I named my villages in a provocative manner towards a kingdom we fought (known for various malpractices). About two weeks later, my account was locked for a full week, no notice or communication of any kind, and after ban expired, all my buildings/fields/mines got slashed -1 levels. Naturally, that was the end (not just that round, but overall TK career, Treat seasonal being exception).

    So.. if you expect some kind of timely response or similar, Diamond.. gl ;)

    The punishment for cheating should be to delete the account. If you want to continue, create a new account and start from sscratch. Stop.

    Every decent travian player stands here with you, however what you are proposing will never happen, actually it is not possible to happen.

    You forget TK is only still available for play because income from gold sales still covers the operating costs and garners a bit of profit on top. Therefore, TG will never, ever remove a potential gold buyer from the game, even if they brought an apocalypse upon it. The only solutions that 'can' or 'might' be considered are the ones that keep that player in the game, for the full duration of the round (so that player in question is in position to be 'tempted' to purchase gold as much as possible). Meaning, 10% pop punishment, -1 level of all buildings, removal of marketplace priviledges for a day, 10% less mines/crop production for a day/few days and similar. Proposing account deletion or anything as severe (while being proper) will never happen, and also require a professional to be hired on a hunter position, because account removals/deletions are not a small thing and you need someone experienced to spend hours investigating every trail leading to the occurance of cheating. Are you going to pay that individuals salary? TG certainly won't, as we witnessed for years now.

    Limit your expectations.

    Sadly, won't happen. Full, permanent expulsion of an account from the server means one less potential gold buyer, and that is not something they will do in a game that is only active because the income from gold sales is still in positive vs costs of upkeep/management. And if you want someone to actually hunt cheaters/bots, you have to pay them, which is obviously not an option as we can see for more then two years now.

    On a properly supported game with an active development team, this would have been done automatically. Here, however....

    Hello. I've never made a post like this, and never will again, so I'll try to keep it brief.

    --- Capstone/Seasonal/Threshold/Theme events like the Halloween Hunt in travian are, in most respective games, used to display the best one game has to offer, and on top of that, give players a new temporary flavor of the month to enjoy, be it through mutual interaction, gameplay, gfx, or literally anything else potentially interesting to the playerbase. Travians theme event certainly does that by introducing new "doom and gloom" looks, new achievements and many other small changes, making the whole thing quite something. A big +1 for that.

    --- Before going further, I would like to present something that occurred to me just recently... After logging in today, after a lengthy real life night spent in good company, I began engaging my surroundings, as I always do. The day before, I successfully raided (and wiped out some) a lot of villages, effectively pushing me rather high on Top Robbers and providing my allies with many new farms. So, after giving my prey a breather, the first task was to re-establish dominance over forementioned players. Before I began, I was informed by a friend that there is a 'problem' and that I should thread carefully. So naturally, with my eyebrow in heightened state of curiosity, I engaged my comrades to began scouting. And boy o' boy, I don't think I've ever felt a more devastating pain around my heart then the one the very moment I've seen those first reports. Out of eight reports, four players had hundred or more spiders and/or bats stationed in their villas, one less, others none, while they've built either none or almost no units to actually protect their homes. With the significantly buffed state of those animals, even someone with a respectable army as myself incurs massive losses and makes any attempt of valuable interaction between players (ok, ok, raiding and pillaging :saint:) almost.. pointless. And then I remembered yesterday and the state of AH.. usually the most popular items like culture helms, clubs, etc had only a few bids, while cages had ten times more, and for crazy prices.

    TL;DR of this story.. If you engage in a 'valuable' interaction with another player, or get engaged by them, and don't like the outcome, all you have to do is amass enough gold, buy some cages and be safe for a few days/a week, or even more if enough is spent. Granted, some gold is given by the event, which then can be used to purchase Halloween package for an instant of 200 cages! But those won't last very long as armies grow stronger.

    --- How have we came to this point? From building and recruiting troops for defense, asking your friends and allies to help you, asking your kingdom to support you.... To simply buying them with gold? Lets not forget, this is an UNLIMITED source (animals constantly respawn), you can literally make the largest anvil travian has EVER seen by simply.. spending enough. Without ever having to engage with another player, without ever having to even look at another players village, without even bothering to.. communicate. And in a Theme event generally used to display the best of what the game has to offer, and more.

    My personal opinion:

    - The most important aspect of travian, and any game out there, the gameplay itself, has been seriously hampered and largely neutered by thoughtless decisions to centralize the whole event around gold.

    You all know the reason. Katana explained it best, per se:

    Speed players will start com1x3 on 22, some of these will play the x5 too. So, they have lots of choice, one x3 and 2 x5.

    Considering competitive speed server players, in general, are required to purchase more gold then normal speed ones, this is a good amount of income for TG cramped up in a small timeframe. And the best of all, some of normal speed players will try these special servers (out of boredoom or just curious), some might even buy gold, it's just win-win for TG. And despite being pushed back, you all 'angry' folks will still wait for that normal speed com and going to start on it, be it a month from now, or two. Why? Because there is no other browser game like Travian, despite the poor state it is in now.

    This schedule is doing of a clever manager who knows how to pull out the most $ out of a product. While highly unpopular, it is a good business decision to keep the game afloat and still make some profit out of it.

    And lets not bash on Georgi.. He's pretty much the last person glued to TK and is trying his best to put out all the flames (and whatever else needed) which are only getting worse by the day since TG abandoned TK some time ago. Am not defending anyone, but he probably helped most of you in some way, be it through help center or direct contact, same as he did for me, most people probably don't even know it. Last two years have been nothing but constant bombardment and flame hazards here on forums, takes a lot of a person to remain their 'cool' for so long.

    Ofc it won't, there is no point actively working/developing a game with such a small playerbase like travian kingdoms. What you have is what you'll be playing until current miniscule profits are no longer deemed 'sufficient' for continuation of the game.

    It's just business.

    I still vividly remember summer test round a few years back... We fought a russian kingdom next to us under a well-known name, some known players in there. At one point, we started wondering what the hell is going on, considering we had more experienced/known players, better armies, well positioned croppers and over all, more active members. Yet, most of our attacks ran into ten foot brick walls, ending in many losses.

    It took us a while.. that is, until a disgruntled player from the other side came our way with an explanation. Leaders of the enemy kingdom had a simple 'requirement', every member is to provide full, unfettered access to their accounts, aka provide full login info. Disgruntled player in question fed us with transcripts of leadership/player conversations, lists of account names, passwords to all those accounts, screenshots of some private chats and so on. Instead of creating a full-blown ruckus in their kingdom with all the info, the decision was made for it to be passed to the support staff in order to have this kingdom removed from the game.

    It didn't take long, almost every single account listed in those convos, including whole leadership, got banned... for the whole few days, after which they were all unbanned at the same time followed by attacks on us (if memory servers me well). Keep in mind, these were capital offenses like account sharing among numerous different users and similar, all backed up with proof who's giving their acc info to who, when, passwords, and similar. For example, the king + several aids were capable of logging into any account within the kingdom, at any given time, and use them for whatever goals they chose to.

    So, to conclude.. TK is long dead now, all anyone can do is kick a dead corpse around until their foot starts hurting. Or simply... let it rot in peace.

    I am surprised you are even bringing this up considering active development for Travian Kingdoms ceased almost three years ago, and since then the game is in maintenance mode with necessary support for as long as it brings in sufficient amount of income to pay for itself. From a business perspective (as games are a business first, everything else second), there is no financial potential or perspective to continue working on a project with a fairly small playerbase continually bleeding further and further. Even if you released a significant expansion right now, spent a lot on marketing and PR for it to get noticed, it would still not bring in sufficient amount of fresh eyes/income for it to be viable in the long run, mostly due to the 'slowly fading away' course taken over the past several years.

    The team is probably working on something new, something attractive, probably an iteration or an entire new universe, as that would be a prudent business move in an ever expanding browser game market. Remains to be seen.

    Sorry Georgi, but this time your 'asking for discussion' is as offensive as the players abusing mentioned mechanic. If you wanted to do something, you would have instantly stopped relocations after 10 days into a speed world, 30 into normal one, and that would be it. From that point, people would have to normally colonize 2nd village within a kingdom they want to become a part of, like we used to do for a decade now.

    And after the abuse has been temporarily prevented, then 'asking for discussion' on how to make it better would have made sense and players would participate. Instead, you are just adding fuel onto the fire and frankly, deserve to be burnt.

    But hey, we all already know that development for TK has been brought down to a bare 'skeleton crew' minimum, just enough for servers to stay up. Otherwise, the game would already have new tribes implemented and so much more.

    No questions, instead I'll just say it's nice to see an actual player who, you know, plays the game and truly enjoys it. Not many such players are left in Travian, you can sometimes count them on the fingers of one hand per world, so big props to him for holding the banners high!

    Have to agree with almost everything written in here.

    Since lately I only come about for a test round or two (the only place where everyone is on equal footing, where dedication and effort take precedence over everything else), I can provide an example there about a portion of what is wrong with TK atm.

    Kingdom North, largest on test... King - inactive tribute gatherer... All Dukes but one pretty much inactive tribute gatherers, last one is valiantly trying to hold the banners high but not getting much support... 90-95% of kingdoms playerbase is inactive with a few attackers and a dozen deffers (these deserve all the fame as they are the only ones keeping the kingdom alive and running), communication within the kingdom = almost non-existant. Rest of the test realm, pretty much the same, including large russian kingdoms and so on.

    If there was just one, single well positioned, organized and rather active kingdom on test, they would be able to topple North and pretty much any other kingdom in the matter of days (some russian kingdoms would take longer because of rabid multi-accounting). However, there are none, since all of the playerbase are happy with this "inactivity" meta as that requires only logging once/few times a day, spending res/picking up tributes and then logging off.

    This is the final direction TK is moving towards, whole realms full of inactive players without any desire to really play the game. And when a faction wins a realm like the one previously described, it's like when someone goes to take a dump, an event they most certainly won't remember half hour down the road anymore.

    For as long as TK's status is dwindling between stagnating and deteriorating, in both gaming incentives/content and playerbase, I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Honorary mentions to the abysmal phone app, bringing the whole thing even further down.