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    Briefly and clearly said: the more rules Travian team impose to this game the worse this game become. What You should think about is - how to manage and prevent that trick - build the second village in 24hours..., not changing the cropper functions.

    Many players now use tactics of second village in 24h just to get cropper and that is the MAIN PROBLEM!. Players with a lot of gold will gold-up their builds, use NPC and you get typical pay to win scheme which is - disgusting. In some cases, I saw players who just do that in order to prevent some other kingdoms / players to grab that cropper,,,, even if they stop developing or playing it for real until the end.

    We have Natars, ( pretty much inactive) we have robbers... now changing the game for 9 and 15c... I guess I would stop playing this game if the upgrades keep going this way ..