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    I am King of The Ship Kingdom. Anyone who wants to play next com3x3 and looking for team can write to me.

    It is also I, Captain SOS. We are looking for fun active players who want to be part of our ever-growing joyous community.

    For the rest, we will see you on the battlefield. The Ship is armed and ready. Have fun all!

    I'm just saying it would be nice to be able to play the game together without people painting a group of people on only one spectrum it seems a bit ignorant tbh.

    I suppose there isn't much mentioned about this from the team as it is a touchy subject within the game but I didn't think everyone would be so toxic about it, I suppose I have to spend 3k on a decent laptop and then we can play side by side without being banned lol..

    Oof, that sucks.

    The only other thing I can think of is Thor browser, but I'm not sure how it works or if it will help. Haven't used it but heard people use it for some stuff.

    Haha yeah if you mean tor browser I've definitely been down into that web a few times but I wouldn't consider it for Kingdoms :P

    There is no way to determine if a player is multiabusing or there is actually 2 people playing from the same PC. And with the current MA abuse situation in the game, it is much more likely that you are multiabusing.

    It's a shame that with the state of the game that people cannot enjoy this game as a couple in a small kingdom without being insta banned for having logged in on the same pc.. maybe not many people have partners who are avid gamers and like to do things with them but we certainly enjoy gaming and we just can't play this together.. it really sucks I've played here since I was a kid :/

    You can play on different browsers.

    For example, you play on google chrome, while your partner plays on Opera which has a built in VPN option, so it won't show you are playing from the same IP.

    In case you're banned, just tell support that you and your partner are playing from the same laptop and show some evidence or something, and hope everything goes right.

    Yeah I literally tried this on com2nx3 and we both got banned. I made a ticket questioning it and also the measures I should do to avoid any unnecessary confusion so we can game in peace but the ticket got removed and they didn't respond either hence I had to come to the forum for community members to help rather than the actual games support team lol..

    I saw there was a thread years ago about this topic but it seems outdated.

    Is there a way to go about sharing the Kingdoms experience with my partner, using same laptop but different mobile phones or can I just not play the game with her without getting banned?

    It is an interesting notion that we have discussed several times already, for example one that comes to mind is this one:

    Thank you for bringing forward ideas. It is really appreciated.

    oh i didn't see this was idea was already made lol feel free to close thread :D

    I think this would be functionally a really good idea. We have farm list which is great but all the good raiders tend to scout many people every day to see where they're at resource/troop wise and it takes a lot of time to get all the scouting sent out and sometimes forget who to scout too with there being a lot. So I think maybe a list just like the farm list where we assign scout amounts and send it all out quickly whenever we need to.

    I'd love to hear peoples opinions on this

    so in my server I have a 9c 75% which I am using as a big raiding village (we're day 10 I think), in a couple of days I can take a Natar 15c 125% but it's right on the edge of the map and away from all the action and hours of difference late game.

    There is also a 15c 75% natar in a more tactical but aggressive position.
    I am just puzzled and want to see what would be a good course of action (I'm 2 days off CP). Should I continue take 125% 15c and maybe use a trade route to feed my 9c which is in optimal position, or do I move to the edge of the map and build a really good hammer but I will be too far away for fun battles until end game I feel. Or maybe take the 15c 75%. I haven't used a great cropper to feed before, is it easy done I just ignore the village and trade route does the work or it's more optimal to just create hammer in a better crop producing village.

    I agree with this. If chat was accessible from in game chat with people from friends list it would be very convenient for general comms with friends considering a lot don't visit forum very regularly so you must wait a few days before replies even which isn't very good.

    Also on the note of messages I still think there should be an option like original travian to hide messages from sitters, it is intrusive for important server information and talking with IRL friends too, I trust people to sit my account and don't really have anything to hide but it's just weird.

    Could I get some clarification here please?
    Are you saying you fear storing some plaintext info about a user's account because of storage costs...
    ...but then your suggested workaround is to post images instead that you are apparently willing to store?

    If so, you should probably consult with TK's development "team" about the storage requirements of both these solutions

    I don't think it's as much cost but maybe making the site a bit more laggy, we have seen already at times it struggles to move due to the movement of enormous amount of pages and data needed for servers.

    That's why I stated favourites perhaps be saved or something just as you might have 5-10 reports you liked not just getting a machine to guess it for you. The things I mentioned were some of the ideas on the top of my head so they we're just roughies about the general idea of keep more info about prior experiences in your travian 'career'.

    And I mean achievements are good and all, but after a while you begin to realise that unless you are new you are usually going to have most of the achievements maxed out anyway so are they really that special (I like them a lot but most experienced people have most of them)

    As much as it's a bit more messy and effortful to maintain and find it all in that way I also suspected that it would take a bit of data depending on how many pages and how big you would do it etc

    I suppose Bigheadeds method or just saving it all manually yourself is only options for now

    Thanks for input everyone

    It's cool we have a hall of fame to see servers we played on but it is very limited to individual stats, it just shows top 3 for everyone on server etc.

    I think it would be great to be able to look back on old servers and see stats such as:

    -largest army in village you had at 1 time

    -favourite reports saved are still viewable in hall of fame for selected server so you can look back on large battles rather than saving them to snapchat memories LOL

    -how many attacking/defending/population points you as an individual received all server

    These are all just quick examples off the top of my head but there could be much more.

    I just think it's a shame we semi forget about a server once it's done unless we try take lots of photos of the screen when it's over of stuff you want to remember and then you have to find them lol.

    Thanks all for response it is good to see the probable ideas but shame that we don't actually have a definite answer as I believe it can be pretty important to base strategy around them (reduce hammer losses when clearing hideouts per tribe or population, etc)

    Captures of wonder natars there are many.

    The quality of the robbers depends on how many treasures you sold / obtained there

    The race has nothing to do with it, it depends on the amount of treasures you sell, the robbers will increase their strength.

    Thanks, I was misinformed about robbers, I had no idea it slowly scaled depending on however many treasures you have sold!

    If anyone has screencap of a WW take on speed server I'm sure it would help many players for a rough idea of armies to capture one (there has been another thread about WW on normal speed server but they say troop count differs on speed)

    I haven't seen any actual information on this except what I have been told.

    Do robber hideouts spawn from capital village Offence + Defence points divided by a certain amount and that is how they spawn? E.g Teuton clubswingers TK would spawn less than what a roman hammer with EC Imps would spawn.

    Also another quick question: I have seen normal Natars at WW but not in a speed server, does anyone have screenshots as a rough idea?