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    Easiest way to have good amount of resources is obtaining a 15cropper with %75-150 bonus,going vacation mode,completely upgrading them and out of the vacation training troops 24/7.
    With a 15c you secure constant and secured flow of resources,in case farms disappear or get overrun by other farmers.
    Along with that 5-6 more supply villages should be enough for a teuton to run everything together.
    + You must consider farming from some other village rather than your main hammer village, 10-20k cs should be enough to do so,
    Good luck.

    I agree this is an excellent method but it's not really ideal without a whole server labelling you as a cheater and exploiter

    How can you get more gold without purchasing it ?

    You can luck out in the card game, change silver to gold from adventures and also inviting friends is a great way to earn a little extra gold.
    From the top of my head I believe these are the main ways.

    EDIT: The new Halloween rounds were a great incentive for community goals to earn gold.

    I had to do the process, basically you can just abdicate king and then leave kingdom and then deactivate treasury (or whichever order you would like if i remember correctly), all of your treasures will be inactive in your village if you have space so make sure you have defence or you might have 1k treasure stolen in the first couple of weeks of the server like I did lol.

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something like on the option list or whatever but I find it silly that sitters can read private messages, say you aren't using a discord or whatever and you're king and you don't want someone helping your account to read your messages it can be quiet intrusive and make you second think having a sitter or who you pick.

    Sorry if there is an option for this but I haven't seen one :)

    Thank you for the history lesson however what I'm referring to is the contrast of how the game has developed in this new version of Travian esp. since the menhir era has come about. Obviously the menhir feature is awesome and gives the game a different play style which we have all adapted to but what I'm getting to is this mixed with cheaters (not off/def bonus) has somewhat changed how the game functions for attackers/defenders and a reevaluation of what is happening over multiple servers would be nice with the various opinions that support this idea.

    I feel that it would be nice to have, and yes, cheaters from recent experience on a server I am on, many of the big kingdoms feel the same way towards certain players, it's not just me feeling this way :)

    It can all be said that its fair and equal with offence and defence per stats in this new meta, however, when correlating to versing rally point cheaters, etc it is very unsatisfying building a giant army to then make multiple siege attacks all strategically coordinated with your kingdom only to see a couple of hours after the attack is launched that the treasures have already been moved from the target village and/or a giant wall is presented which all your hard work only does a minor dent towards. It makes long time players feel great about the time/labor they put into an account only to see some cheaters ruined their game. That's just my view I have learnt recently.

    I agree with all of the Teuton ideas, with Menhir in place I struggle for motivation to play teuton because if I want to be a raider it's hard with the slow timing of clubs and the thought that if anyone is online they are notified and can kill my early raiding party (menhir is great for many aspects but it mainly helps a lot of new players and makes travian a little more sim city if you ask me). Too Gaul is such a great defender at any point of the game nobody even wants to attack them early game even with no troops due to traps making you lose 1/4 of your army regardless (I think this sucks) and to revert back to your thoughts on defences being grouped if they were to receive a small switcharoo and take a tiny defence and add it to offence I think this would be a good idea and playing with a nice big army which you sadly have to wait 90 days to use it would feel nicer knowing it's doing a bit more :D

    Sounds like a great idea, like a nightmode kind of option is intergrated into lots of modern tech and websites I’d be happy to see this as a click on and click off option as long as it doesn’t make the game require more processing power (I don’t know if an on off switch would do that)

    I know I have posted lots of ideas recently but I keep thinking of things I think would be cool to see in the game:
    We like having our own avatar that represents the account we play, why not add a few extra hairstyles/hair/face accessories (piercings, tattoos etc).

    It is adequate and fun with what is already here, but it seems very basic in the sense with the amount of choice provided and it is very easy to see people with similar avatars which takes away from having a unique representation :p

    There have been lots of ideas regarding gold so here is a little one I have. Maybe an extra amount of gold to start each server with just like how it was last month?

    I’m no psychologist but if I first time played Travian and had a tiny bit of gold and like the game a lot it would sure interest me but I wouldn’t completely understand it’s importance as I wouldn’t have a good enough amount to use it but if I really liked the game and had a week with gold and then didn’t have it I’d think that I must get it so that is good for business point of view if I am looking at it correct but more importantly it helps every player who let’s say can’t buy gold and for those who do buy a lot of gold like me it’s only like half or 1 day of gold usage anyway which wouldn’t be too bad for business maybe?

    Pretty random post but I thought it was useful and good idea for everyone with that little bit of extra gold last month :p

    all that I mean is analysis over data which has already occurred on your account nothing to change or find out secret information.

    I suppose this is the best that is out for now anyway, thanks!

    I know there was a post like this 4 years ago but I will ask in case anyone has come across any since. When I played t3/4 there was a tool where you could see analysis and graphs about your account e.g resource raided vs resource lost on units; where you spend resources and how much, in depth troops built on server + however many lost.
    I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any available tools like so just to better understand your account and how you play?


    Very favourable for the majority of kingdoms which comes from the EU, it’s unfair that players from other time zones can never participate in these game rounds. At least make the two servers at different time zones for the peace or one without :/

    I think night truce depends on where you are located in the world, I for one won’t participate as the truce occurs throughout my whole day and then I can get attacked all throughout the night

    Hi there I need to transfer from King of my Kingdom to a become a Duke of another Kingdom. My question is: How do I do the process step by step and keep all of my treasures too so they don't get lost or given away? I need to do this ASAP and don't want to stuff up the process.

    Main thing to confuse me is that it says: "Warning: If you convert the Treasury you will lose the influence generated by this village. Treasures will be relocated to other villages if they have free space." which makes me think all my governors get treasures??

    Thank you :)

    Not too sure why it was taken away but years ago when I played you could name your hero which gave your account a bit more flavour. It might be nice to see this again and some of the creative names people come up with. Thoughts?