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    Just to also explain a bit on the purpose of why people chief active players: is mainly used to remove hammer/anvils during endgame stages. It's a lot easier to completely wipe out an original army with a bunch of fakes and 2 attacks (3-3 senators) than say send a bunch of fakes and insta-cata a city (with 20 to 21 waves, assuming the goal is to wipe out a very large original army.)

    Also with senators, if the distance is a large enough distance they will land on the same second, versus catapult waves which will break into smaller sections and you may need a seperate hammer for each second.

    Conquering inactives isn't really for the "resource value" as well, it's for those players who do not want to waste time "field clicking" the first 162 building levels of resources, and just be bothered with those 18x level 9 -> level 10 upgrades. Also main building, warehouse, trade route management. It gets messy once you reach 15+ villas and have done it time and time again.

    I'm against this idea of creating more easier conquerable targets, unless they turned to natars and have more defense than 15cropper natars, maybe something proportionate to the population size. (a 1k pop city would have 5x the amount of troops a normall 199pop natar would)

    I hate to say it, but smart cheaters with proxy and such create such an issue.
    Perhaps an IP needs to be verified or locked in somehow to prevent such multi?

    Financially I don't see an issue, most people using proxies to hide their identity could be into identity theft and cause lawsuits in the long run (with fraudulent credit cards and such.)
    This may cut down on short term goals, but Travian games last for 6 months anyways, so what exactly is short term gain for Travian as a business?

    I think your suggestion has a question, but the context of it isn't a question. The question seems to be less than 1/6th of your context =P.
    By the way, I don't remember that as an option.

    Hi, since this is an open forum I wish to ask, isn't sleipnir related to Norse Mythology? I hate to say it, but I would be mighty upset if someone misunderstood my buddhist swastika for "racism." Of course it's all context, if he talks like a racist that might support your claim.

    Hey VVV,

    Thanks for the considerate reply and breakdown. To start off though, nothing has more contradictions and verbosity then American Law. I can imagine the malicious intent of players to get someone banned (because they are being beaten in the physical game, or it's another way to look at "political" battles inside this strategy game.) To be honest, on most servers it does seem to be a war based on language, excuse my time in America as I've adopted the American entitlement culture, but I don't see how you can have Turkish, Italian, French, German, Czech, Russian, Polish and a Dutch speaking servers, but not an English speaking server.

    From my understanding, it's also globally understood that Americans generate the highest revenue for online gaming (one example here:…untries-by-game-revenues/ ) , so creating this language obstacle only seems detrimental to TK. Overall this game is indeed going downhill in sales, good thing is that they are using the test servers to see if they can create a different use for gold to keep the Active Users high, while also generating an appropriate revenue (to pay everyones bills, and hopefully expand more.)

    Overall, I agree with you on their issue with gaming regulations and the workload, as right now they are experiencing a bunch of issues (including my 230 robber treasures that decided to completely disappear one day, a bit vital), and perhaps "adding" new servers is not the best of idea. Which is why I am strongly suggesting to mitigate their servers, combine them into a lesser quantity (but more dedicated playerbase), and then include the option of English server for players that are shunned from the idea of bumping into someone who is impossible to communicate with.

    Sorry for me being a hypocrite about verbosity, you can only imagine if you had to work with me. =)
    - Arcolithe

    What are your conclusions? Is it worth rushing to the second village or not?

    haven't done that yet, still playing around with other diminishing returns, will post the troop return rate on quests though (for each race.)

    it really depends how much you raid though, trying to find those critical values of (how much you need to raid per day) to evaluate the worth of troops, as well as the crop consumption.
    However, being midgame i'm looking more on to calculate accrued crop consumption from building a hammer after X days (a lot of people default clubswingers because they aren't that much more costly, and they are the best Offensive Point production per day; however if you plan on building 50k clubswingers versus 32.7k Axemen (equivelant resource value) no one calculated the crop consumption that accrues until you reach that target goal... not sure if I am making it understandable, or making it more confusing.

    Everything is better seen on a graph. =P

    P.S. getting swamped with IRL work, was doing this on my downtime on lunchbreaks

    If creating new servers is an issue, it's reasonable to reduce two normal speed servers from COM, and add them as a US or UK server (or AUS, I don't care, something that states English as the language.)
    The issue with COM server is there are a lot of Non-English ENFORCED chat in the alliance, where if you speak English they would completely ignore you, or just in turn raid you. What an awful start and introduction to a game for English speaker I think, even if it is just that unlucky start.

    There will always be non-native speakers, even in the german server you see russian players, however over there it is well known that German is the server language. In COM it's just a debatable topic and an unnecessary obstacle. Another cure might be integrating an auto-translate system into the game ; however that's probably more pressure on the developers than to mitigate the servers properly.
    Two servers half a year apart is enough to keep the server thoroughly busy ; perhaps a third server to come in the future.

    very nice and I agree, the UI offered through github is very clean. I will see if I can send you some diminishing return excel sheets (and let you know exactly what they mean, or the best decision because of it.)
    However the binary options to load different calculation (like if time is an issue, and final gold cost from all the finish time if used) might be a bit harder to calculate in.

    One of the most noteable things overlooked is the accrued cost of crop for troop hammer calculators, that is the total crop consumption after X troops are produced.

    Hello Developers, Community Manager and to Whom It May Concern,

    In the old servers there were US servers, or to clarify, generally English speaking servers. However amongst the multitude of different nationality for servers, there is no specific English speaking server, even though it's a widely known language (second language for me, even if I have been speaking it for 25+ years now.) I know you will protest and point at the international server, COM servers, however there are plenty of non-English speakers that join the server and become a rather large minority there.

    The major issue is warfare simply because of the unwillingness to communicate, and a lot of my old travian buddies refuse to play on COM because of the chance that non-English speakers would simply dominate a single server, and by random chance they chose that server. I hope this suggestion gets taken seriously, and we can have at least one (or two in rotation) English only servers.


    I can't see any ads on travian even when i disable adblocker, are you sure you do not have some sort of adware virus on your computer?

    Cmon dude, everyone is free to express their opinions on the forum even if you don't like the person :)

    I can't see any ads as well, no adblocker.

    the shift to Kingdoms is probably to compensate for the shift in population (400x400 game world space would hurt the 2000 players we have.)
    I'm complete for paying for travian, but not when it gives an absolute advantage over non-paying players. Perhaps gold should be limited to remove ads, build que and delayed attacks (so you don't need to be at your computer to set those multiple attacks from different cities.) I would write a suggestion, but I feel like it's become a dead horse topic by now.

    Do realize all games from 5 years ago are dealing with the population shift as well, the only ones surviving are the ones that are able to make more then $10 per player, per month. Pretty sure the DAU/MAU ARPP in this game isn't appetizing.

    Good P.S., must be a bad experience to send chief by themself and lose it against moral xD.

    Also, do realize Residence can be instantly built in defence (insta build under 5 minutes is free.)

    can you chief without a palace? I know having not enough CP doesn't even let you lower the enemy loyalty (if you are helping an ally chief) but wondering if having the residence/palace is a requirement as well.

    It's a perception thing, ChillingEffect. You cannot know how many times I have said on these forums that as a rather heavy gold user, the auctions do diddly squat for me. It's production bonus, plus account and NPC that is the game changer. But everyone is convinced that the auction items (or the card game) are the biggest game changers, when they're not much more than background noise.

    It's true, a dual and a few allies is way more effective than gold.