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    leo#EN(19) has already pointed very good advice about your early game, here on the forums are some guides for new players (here is the link), also the proteccion do not goes off without warning, on your timer for BP is your mouse over you will see a text that said how many time is left of BP and if that you reach 200 pop the proteccion goes off.

    And if you don't think this is enough or mobile is not the same (I play in browser mostly) then please start a thread commenting on that.

    There's many ways to not get killed. Zoo, dodge attacks, gaul traps...learn the game.

    I feel like this is overly aggressive way to help a new person. We want to be supportive and enable new people to play so the game grows, not aggressive.

    Like how do you expect your dwindling playerbase to stick around if this is every new players experience?

    I wouldn't say that the players attacking you are paying to win. This game rewards activity more than anything. There are a few steps you can take to help get out of beginner's protection safely. And they'll help you grow as a player.

    1) Follow the quests. They help steer people in the right direction. One of the keys early on is building a small set of troops. Most people will avoid attacking people with any troops. But most importantly build scouts either before you hit 200 population or right after.

    2) Join a kingdom. This is very important and often overlooked by new players. You can now relocate to join any kingdom, no matter how far they are. This means that by the end of beginner's protection you should have a kingdom. This will also often deter farmers. Not all, but most.

    3) Watch your population. As you said, there isn't any warning once you hit 200. You have to be very careful to not go over 200 population until you're ready. Some players will actually stop and build nothing but troops while they wait an extra day in beginner's protection. I'm not sure how effect this really is but it is something to consider. I also wouldn't jump to 200 right before bed, for example.

    4) Utilize the forum. The forum has some pretty decent guides plus you can ask questions. I would be sure to read over guides to understand some of the dynamics of the game and ask as many questions as possible. If you struggle with being active, ask on the forum for a dual. That's someone who will play with you to cover times when you cannot play.

    5) Join a new world. Be sure when you start a game the world isn't too old. It's best to start a world in the first 3 days because nobody else has many troops either. Once mid game hits, you'll have little to no chance of starting a new account without being farmed.

    6) Don't give up. There are ways to be annoying to farmers. Dodging by building crannies and spending down, killing troops by defending with your hero and some troops, traps for gaul players, etc. You can also try to talk to the person attacking. Sometimes, if you are reasonable, they will understand that you're new and stop. This is also a great chance to ask them questions to learn more.

    Don't hesitate to ask more questions!

    what to do first village ?

    You have options. You could destroy it and build a "first" village closer to your second. This is ideal because you have less distance and trade times between your first two villages.

    Regardless, you'll want to focus on economy as Be2 mentioned. This means building resource fields, crannies if needed to protect your resources, and troops to do raiding/defend. There's no magic formula for this process, that's why writing a guide is more difficult.

    Many people get a cropper with their second and focus on building wheat fields and npcing. This is beneficial because wheat fields are cheaper and build a larger bonus with a 50% crop bonus. If you are active, while doing this, keep horses building to send on raids.

    if you are not buying gold, there is no reason to speed settle. You should not be concerned with getting a nice cropper. Instead, focus on building your first village's economy, follow the quests, and settle close to your first. You can use menhir to join a kingdom.

    There's also the population defense. When there's a large difference in population there is a defense bonus.

    It's worth noting that you can scout to see these defenses then use the combat simulator to know how many troops to send.

    So, you are suggesting to combine night truce and speed rounds in one game round?

    @all: What do you think about this idea? Would you want to play on it? What do you think would be the advantages? What has to be balanced out?

    If the night truce trend is going to continue, would it make more sense to divide servers not by language but by timezones? Having "Americas", "Europe/Africa", and "Asia/Australia" timezones grouped together so that everyone actually benefits from the truces?

    1) Keep stable running 24/7.

    2) Add new farms constantly.

    3) Sending farmlist out as much as possible.

    4) Get a dual/sitters to cover when you are away.

    5) Once you reach 1000 outbound raid limit, start building in a second village.

    Number 1 is the most important and overlooked way. Troop training is expensive but the horses pay for themselves fairly quickly. Not an expert but these are what I've learned farming.

    It seems we're both citing anecdotal evidence here. In my experience, "smaller" and average players aren't raiding greys or anything. Not even part time. You were able to build a HoF account because you are an elite player. Do you think a new player can do that? In my mind, and I'm not HoF level so correct me if wrong, to get there you have to have one of the following:

    A) be a top raider

    B) be a king/duke of a top kingdom

    C) have a great capitol that's able to produce the resources

    plus the ability and knowledge to pull an account together to build the troops. Being elite means knowing and executing on this. Average and new players can't do this. I agree activity makes a huge difference, but I just don't see how you can build 100k troops without one of these three. You need 75k resources/hr as Be2-e4 points out below. With 3k per village, you'd need 25 villages. I'm not counting wheat because feeding troops or a cropper because we're assuming new or average player.

    One crucial difference in our arguments is that you assume average players raid grey villages but, again, that has not been the case in my experience.

    1) "Good capitol" assumes experience and knowledge that most players don't have, in my experience. I clarify because maybe I'm just playing with the wrong new people.

    2) I have a hard time convincing these players that you don't have to build even troops for each type and that you need more than 100. "30k clubs" is a huge difference between new/average and the top. Early in my current round, I was scared to build that many troops because feeding them seemed impossible. I asked a player on the forum dm how to do it and how to raid because after years I was tired of getting stuck. I agree they should have this many but there are plenty of people who wouldn't believe that other people have that many troops and are in awe when it politely visits their village with a destroyed village.

    3) New/average players don't know this. I literally asked a question (that I believe you answered) about building a capitol here. My 150% cropper only got to 60k and I've been playing since T3.5 (I've never been able to get to the "elite" level). Maybe it would be best to collect data through a poll on where people's production is at the end of a round. I don't think many people would have it close to how you describe.

    4) Farmlist assumes people know how to raid, that it's worth it, and that they pay for plus.

    I understand that in principle this is doable. I'm saying that people don't know how or that it's worth it. New players CAN do it. They don't. It takes a lot of time to learn this and their aren't any guides on raiding or building a capitol. There are "quick start" guides but nothing that says you should have a certain level of production mid game or that 30k clubs is expected. Even if it was, rarely do new players visit the forums. It typically involves joining the right kingdom and learning from them, which again takes luck and knowledge of the game. One of my biggest struggles is that I've always stuck with smaller kingdoms that are always destroyed. It took learning the lesson that top players are MUCH better before I could even get remotely close to learning how to raid and build a suitable offense.

    Now, the argument that keeping greys incentivizes players to raid those instead of smaller/newer players is valid. I just don't know the best way to encourage new/average players to follow all of this advice that you've laid out. Do you include raiding greys in the tutorial at the beginning of the game? Do you describe building a solid economy and typical troop counts in a guide? I think we can agree that by answering these questions we solve the larger issue in closing the gap.

    Not really many farms a lot and still have shitty troops cause their account doesn't allow to have more than a certain amount of troops due to feeding so raiding allows them to have more troops but they won't ever have the troops a good account will have. Also raiding is easier for a new player rather than having a good capital or learning/understanding long term investment vs short term investment in terms of economy and troops.

    @Bukka: If continuous spiking would happen, the server will end up with good players still having large hammers (100k+) and new/average players with small hammers

    What are you basing this on? I think your out of touch with non-elite players. I and others in kingdoms I've played in have had to ask specifically how to farm, how build large armies, etc. Average players have no idea how to take the next step to becoming great because raiding makes all the difference. You can't just decide mid to late game to start raiding. You have to start early because the only way to raid a significant amount of resources to build a strong hammer (ie run a GB/GS) is to raid millions (be a top 30 raiding), which requires having a large number of raiding troops to begin with. Building a strong economy provides marginal resources compared to raiding, which requires an investment in a large number of horses that most people do not realize is worth it.

    Large hammers only exist because of raiding at least 5 M resources per week. And if you don't believe that we can start getting into the math. Nobody but the top players raid that many resources per week because it isn't easy and requires a large time investment. All of this I've learned in the server I'm on now because I still am a good/average player but not great. See my post history if you need evidence of that.

    tl;dr - I disagree spiking has a negative effect on new/average players. It reduces raiding which large accounts rely on, not small ones.

    If I recall correctly, the maximum "storage" of an oasis is 50 * number of animals and their production depends on their type (for instance, 25% crop oasis produces more crop). Don't quote me on that though.

    The reason I say not always is because there are times people clear an oasis for hero experience or cages but don't send troops to take resources.

    Yes. If you have scouts it's easy to send a scout to see how many resources have built up in an oasis. Usually the more resources, the more animals but that isn't always true. It depends on how long it has been since it has been raided.

    Hm, unpopular opinion, which I mentioned somewhere else once: One needs some sort of way to balance gray farming. If spikers couldn't exist, it would be a riskfree and costless way of gaining resources, which looks rather overpowered. Spiking however sucks as a way of balancing, that's out of question.

    I'm really tired of people complaining about spiking. I've never done it but I think it's perfectly valid. If you want to raid resources so badly, raid active villages. If you can't raid, build an economy. This game doesn't need to be scripted and allow only one strategy of raiding+paying to the top. If raiding were significantly hampered on a server then people who adapt would be benefited most. This is supposed to be a strategy game so people need to stop complaining about a tactic and beat it or adjust.

    Is there any way to turn notifications off for a certain server?

    I think the community used to be better back in the T3.5-ish era. The reason I say that is their was a lot more server analyses, trash talk, drama, and rumors about what was going on back then. For the com servers at least, there is nothing. The com2 forum reminds me of that a little but even that is just one thread. No weekly updates and there is no reason for there to be. The game has changed in a way that there are 5 kingdoms far away from each other that are building around a wonder, sometimes attacking to steal treasure. The game is predictable and doesn't really require a community to play. There isn't really a political dimension anymore. And the community seems basically dead. People clearly read because the crossword puzzle thread was popular. But participation is very much lacking.

    I think that there are game mechanic changes that are needed to support a community-based gaming experience but I'll stick to the forum feedback as you asked. Gold based on popular posts sounds like a great idea. Even if it is a low amount and tiered. 1 gold for 10 liked, 3 for 25, 5 for 50. Or you could make it so that you can "gift" gold based on quality content similar to reddit. Buying gold for your avatar instead of a server would enable this easily and would provide a positive feedback loop for people posting.

    I personally used to love people posting server analysis. I didn't have to be competitive enough in game because I could learn about what was going on in the large alliances/kingdoms even without being in one. And I could get involved in the "politics" drama. I would run a small alliance but use that information to my advantage. But again, that was a different game. If we could get server analysis posted in some way that would be really fun. Even if it were auto-generated data that was only posted on the forum that provided insights into what's going on and stir up drama. I'm not sure what data could help with this but doing this weekly would certainly increase my engagement.

    Edit: Another thing that might help is more intertwining the community and game. If you rewarded people for posting certain achievement. For example, if the first person to 2nd village got a pop-up saying that if they celebrated on the forum they would get 5 gold or something. First person with 10 villages, first person with 10k troops, 100k, etc. I know people are secret about army sizes but my point is to get people trash talking more and creating more content based on what's going on in game.

    I'm not an expert. My advice is to build legos early on for robbers and basic defense. Get your second village. Start building EIs and raiding as much as you can. Keep building those while also building out your villages and focusing on getting next village. The game has an exponential nature. So the raiding, troops, and culture points that you earn earlier pay exponential dividends later on. Make sure you have a kingdom where people are helping with defense if you decide to focus on offense.

    I wouldn't worry about imps until you start building a hammer. Legos do a good enough job defending+taking care of robbers and EIs are great at raiding if you choose to do that.

    Your choice of second village really depends on your activity and goals.

    Thanks both of you for the helpful information. I would love to see a guide written on this (cropper and hammer/anvil development) and one on raiding. Both of these are things that seem to be the biggest gap between average or even good players and the top players.

    Thanks! I lucked out and my cropper doubled to 150% after the map expansion so I'm trying to learn to take full advantage. I've played 10 years but never with an off cropper cap. I noticed there weren't any guides either so learning on the fly. I started becoming "addicted" to my 15k-20k hourly production and was prioritizing those fields any time troops started getting my production too low so wanted to check if that was the right strategy. Sounds like no, so I'm glad I asked.